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Once Bitten

Chapter 1: Words of the guardian

For most of my life I was always looking for another way to get high. I spent my life sitting on my ass, and watching tv. I go to school everyday and miss my family. I laugh at the antics of my friends and loved to see the pranks the kids of my time played on our professors.

My name is Lucas Gabels and I used to attend Hogwarts School Of Witch Craft and Wizardry. This was back in the early days before any head masters that you may have heard of. My head master was a man named James Harsk. He was a funny but serious man. He was always suspicious , but you knew that you could trust him. There was an air about him that pulled people in. He knew everyone’s secrets even the ones they didn’t think he knew, and he always thought of the well being of the students.

But all of this is besides the point. The real point is how his term came to an end and how I ended up dieing. Because once you know that you will know why I was chosen.

It was February 4th, and It was a dark and stormy day. One of those days when you could tell something bad was bound to happen. And sadly today they did……

Before most of the dark creatures went into hiding they walked the open streets looking for any type of pray that they could find. Most of them left the humans alone but the two you really had to worry about were the werewolves and the vampires.

Contrary to what you may think the vampires didn’t start with Dracula, nor is he a king of the vampires. In truth he is just a higher vamp that figured out how to fool people into thinking he was dead, And the thing with Drac is that he just got really lucky lots of times. And he is not the dark prince, more the magic vamp.

The real vampire in this story is a MAN by the name of Lyne. He was smart and generally had pretty good luck, but he was not so lucky to stay out of the path of the vampires and his life was changed forever. He is one of the chide of the original’s offspring and he was smart enough not to get killed in any wars that had happened so far. 

The next thing you need to know is that there once was a boy named Chris. And he was nothing or at least that was what people thought and told him every day. The thing is Chris was basically a farm boy and a street urchin, made to do all the grunt work in town and no one would really miss him seeing as he was an orphan. Chris had been mucking out the stalls in one of the local barns when it happened. The vampires that had stalked him and the village for the past few months had attacked. They didn’t devastate the town they just fed and burned a few houses. But one thing they made sure to do was grab Chris.

A little while later he was turned into one of the children of the night. He turned up off and on through history becoming sort of a myth in the vamp world….By the time I started Hogwarts the vampires and werewolves and other magical creatures were moved into the Forbidden Forest, Now my story starts…….


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