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The Point of No Return
Chapter One : Unforgivable Deeds
by real_life_sucks
Beta'd by stranger_than_fiction. Thanks Stephie!
Banner by brillantbeauty. Thanks millions Jean. The uncanon actors make it even better ^_^

With a muffled scream, the brown haired girl pushed herself as far into the corner as she could. They didn’t realize she was there yet, and she wasn’t about to let them find out. It was horrible enough having to watch them torture her parents, the prospect that her parents’ last image of her be in the horrible clutching hands of these…things was even worse. Wiping away her tears, she slowly maneuvered along the wall in an attempt to reach her wand. Anytime anyone looked her way, she was temporarily forced to stop and try to sit as still as possible. At least she had worn her black pajamas to bed, because they couldn’t see her amid all the smoke in the room. Finally, she managed to reach her baggage that was ready to leave later this day, if she ever got the chance to escape this hellish place that had once been her house. She managed to reach in and pull out her wand without anyone realizing it. Standing up slowly, she walked up to the person torturing her parents. With more strength than she felt, she said clearly, her voice reverberating throughout the room, words she should have never been able to say. “Avada Kedavra.” With those simple words, a green light shot out of her wand hitting the person in the back. All activities in the room came to a halt as they sought the person who had muttered the words.

No longer thinking of her actions, the girl raised her arm, and slowly every person in the room besides the two adults she was intent on saving were gone. Her parents eyes were wide in fear, no longer being able to recognize there daughter. The intent on which she murdered the people around her was a force they had never witnessed in her. At last, she walked to the person who had been torturing her parents, and pulled off his mask slowly, revealing long pale blonde hair that shimmered out from under his hood. She smirked happily, a deed well done. No longer would the ministry have to worry about this one, who had escaped Azkaban with help from his overlord. Standing there with her wand drawn, figures appeared all around her, yelling in unison one word. “Stupefy!” With that, the brown haired girl fell in a lump to the floor beside the immovable face of the blonde figure.

At the same time, in a forest far away, but close to Hogwarts, another blonde haired young man was trekking through the forest with a greasy black haired and hooked nosed adult. They had been on the run for months, and still had not been caught, to their delight. It wasn’t like anyone would believe the elder man’s story, on how he had been told by the former Headmaster to kill him if the situation had aroused like it did. It would be mockery, especially with such a mark engraved on his shoulder. After the silent trekking, they reached a clearing in the forest, and sat down for a rest, eating silently on the scant remains of food they had. Before long they would either have to hunt or steal again, neither very high on either’s priority list of what to do. Cupping his hands, the young blonde man took a drink deeply from the stream, and then clutched his arm in sudden pain. Looking up at the sky, he gasped silently.

The entire sky was filled with flying creatures, and there was a strange greenish tint thrown up upon the sky. Almost as if an incantation had been thrust into the sky then scattered about madly by all the flocking animals. “Something horrible is happening,” he said quietly, his voice carrying over to the older man. The older man said nothing, but sat there in silence, staring up at the sky, clutching his wand in lifeless fingers. Sighing, the blonde man realized he was not going to say anything to him. He conjured a sleeping bag beside the river, and slowly crawled inside it, giving himself up to another restless night of sleeping, constantly plagued by the memories of that terrible night.

With a startled gasp, the raven haired boy sat up in bed, rubbing at his forehead in pain. All around the house he was in shouts could be heard about something that was going terribly wrong. Rolling out of the bed, he quietly walked out into the hallway, in an attempt to find out what was going on. His visions weren’t helping him any, they were all so disjointed. Entering the hallway, he ran into his red haired friend, who motioned for him to be quiet before they continued padding down the hallway softly. Finally, they reached a door that was shut, and the noise seemed to be coming from. They placed their ears to the door in an attempt to hear what was going on. What they heard caused the red haired one to gasp in surprise, and the door was opened quickly, exposing the two before them.

Every person inside the room looked upon the two boys in pity, knowing that they wouldn’t be handling the news very well. No one was quiet sure what was going on at the house, so nothing could be said to the two to relive the sense of forbidding creeping up upon everyone. “Where’s Hermione?” The raven haired boy managed to choke out in the silence, and everyone looked around, not sure what to say. Finally, a tall lanky character with brown hair walked in front of him, and kneeled down, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder. He sighed before opening his mouth.

“No one knows, Harry.” With that, the two boys took off down the hallway, intent upon finding her. They stumbled into a room, scribbling hastily upon a piece of paper, and while pulling a white owl out of its cage they tied the letter hastily to its leg before sending it out through the window, watching as the white figure became smaller and smaller in the night sky.

In fear, a black haired, haggard character kneeled on two knees before a creature with red eyes and nostrils like a snake. She gulped silently, as she waited for him to say something. At the moment, he was pacing back and forth in front of her anxiously, awaiting news of something, anything. The mission should have been completed hours ago, and there was still no word from anyone. All of the sudden, a pop resounded throughout the cavernous room, and a character dressed in fine black robes appeared in front of him. He hastily kneeled in front of the character with red eyes as he waited for permission to speak. “Hurry up and speak damned fool.” The character roared at the man.

Sweating, the man rubbed his face hastily, not wanting to be the one to convey the news to the character in front of him. He opened his mouth several times, and finally noise omitted from it. “The mission failed my lord.” He squeaked. He cleared his throat and continued. “The girl had not left her house yet, and killed everyone there. Then the ministry appeared, that’s why I couldn’t come sooner, I had to be there to take care of things.” He twitched as his lord roared out, striking the wall in front of him. He whipped out his wand as if to punish the bearer of the news, but then decided better of it.

“Who died?” He hissed out, his eyes penetrating the character standing in front of him. He briefly looked to the side to look at the black haired women before his eyes rested again on the man in front of him. He tapped his foot impatiently as the man said nothing, sweating profusely from every poor. “Well?” He whispered quietly, lifting his wand once again.

“Lucius Malfoy!” The man squeaked out, before he screamed out in pain as a red light emitted from the wand pointed at him. For several minutes, he was tortured before the character decided he’d had enough. He dismissed the man, and he watched in disinterest as the man wobbled off in the distance. He finally turned to the women and faced her fully for the first time.

“You are to notify his wife and to find the wretched mud-blood who caused all of this.” He hissed, his eyes blazing. The women nodded slightly, and turned as she stood, striding out of the room. Her cloak billowed out behind her, and she couldn’t help but almost feel sorry for the pitiful girl who was bringing the destruction of everything she knew upon herself.

Author's Note: Well, this is deffinitly something different for me, merely becuase its not going to be a one-shot! I actually think I can finish this one, and if enough people encourage me to, I know I'll be compelled to. I had so much fun writing this first part of it though, I may have the next one done tonight! You never know. Well, I'd love comments, and if you have a suggestion for the story, don't be afraid to leave me one! I may hit blocks where I need help!! I'm deffinitly far from perfect when it comes to writing :) . As always, R&R!!

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my plot and love for Dramione :)

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