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After finishing packing Bianca headed downsatirs to find Liz telling the guys about the proper way to put the bags in the flying car.

"Come on put your backs into it" said Liz
"You wanna help us?" asked Seth
"No.....besides my grandmother could do it better than you 2" said Liz
"I seem to recall that she also had you clean her she still my role-model" said Logan
"I'd love that woman more if she always didn't feel the need to air out her toes"  said Liz as she shook with disguist
"Yeah I think you should carry your bags" said Seth as he turned to hand Liz her bags
"Why me? Come on Seth you're so much more stronger and just look at your muscles" said Liz as she put her hands on his arm
Seth smiled and said "Well you do have a good point there. Alright fine" he said as he went back to helping Logan with the bags
"Reverse psychology" said Bianca as she came up besides Liz
"Yup works everytime" said Liz
"The power we woman have is astonishing" said Bianca
"I knew I had it in me all the time" said Liz
The 2 began laughing

"So all the bags are in the car now all we need is to leave" said Logan
"I had better go get my mom" said Bianca 
"No need I'm right here and I've prepared for this trip by buying some classical music cd's" said Barbara as she came up to the group
"Ughhh" said everyone simultaneously
"Now those who don't want to walk to Hogwarts try that again" said Barbara
"Yeah" said everyone
"You know Mrs.Aqua this summer I finally got my license to drive so I'd be happy to drive us" suggested Logan
"Yeah mom that way you could enjoy your music far away from us where we're enjoying our music" said Bianca
"Oh alright, but you're going to miss out on some great instrument palying" said Barbara as the kids began to enter the car
"We'll manage" said Liz

"Thanks mom" said Bianca as she went to give her mom one last final hug
"Be good" said Barbara as she gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead
"Don't worry mom I'll be fine we knew this day would come" said Bianca
"Are you sure you don't want to go inside really quick and look at some baby pictures?" asked Barbara
"Mom you wanna try that again?" joked Bianca
"Alright get out of here we don't want you anymore" said Barbara
"Man I'm feeling un-wanted already" said Bianca as she got into the front with Logan
"Bye everyone" said Barbara as the car began to rise 
"Bye" they all waved and with that they were off

The 4 were enjoying the quietness of the ride when Seth broke the silence
"You know it just hit me..........." said Seth
"That you really suck at Wizard's Chess yeah I know" said Liz
"No and don't worry you can't be lucky as to win 14 in a row we'll just see who beats who soon" said Seth
"Oh sure I'm sure I could fit in a nice kick ass in my schedule it shoudln't take too long" said Liz
"Go on Seth, tell us what just hit you" said Bianca
"That this is our last year of our education after this we'll be headind out to find jobs, grow families....." said Seth
"Man you're making me feel like I'm 40" said Logan "I mean who could have this face and be 40?" he continued
"It feels like just yesterday I was digging holes in my backyard" said Seth
"Shouldn't that be a rodent's job" said Bianca
"You know I am starting to see a resemblence" said Liz
"I remember when Logan and I would try to bury ourselves in the sand to hide from the girls who were trying to kiss us" said Seth
"Wow you really missed your chance" said Liz
"No besides I have made out with this incredible kisser" said Seth winking at Liz which cause her to blush
"Why would you guys be hiding from us girls it's not like us who have the cooties" said Bianca
"Oh come on where in the world does it say we guys are the ones with cooties and besides you girls have always been needy" said
"What?" said Liz and Bianca
"How are we needy?" asked Bianca
"Yeah you guys are the ones who would always get a good pat on the back after you got a girlfriend" said Liz
"Well you girls were always making us this little bracelets of how we're gonna be together forever" said Logan
"That is not needy we were just planning for the future" said Bianca
"Oh please you girls were the ones who had all the friends make little circles around you" said Seth
"We were playing a game" said Liz
"Oh right" said Logan
"Hey anybody wanna hit Seth for staring this arguement?" asked Liz
"What?" said Seth "I think we should kiss and make up" he added
"I agree" said Logan
Both of the girls just rolled their eyes

"But you are right Seth time has just flown by" said Bianca
"What're everybody's plans for after Hogwarts?" asked Liz
"I want to work for the Ministry of Magic" said Seth
"Doing what?" asked Liz
"I don't know why do I need a little bracelet to help plan my future?" asked Seth
The 4 began laughing
"Well I want to work with Magical Creatures" said Bianca
"I want to become a Healer" said Liz
"I want to raise a family and become an Auror" said Logan nudding Bianca
Bianca just smiled

"Hey let's play some music" said Liz
"Oh right" said Bianca as she plugged her ipod into the car's radio
"How about this?" she said as she used the scroll on the ipod to pick a song

Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh

The four began to rock their heads to one of their favorite songs

A penny for your thoughts but a dollar for your insides 
Or a fortune for your disaster
I'm just a painter and I'm drawing a blank

We only want to sing you to sleep
In your bedroom speakers, woah
We need umbrellas on the inside
Get me just right

They say quitters never win
We walk the plank on a sinking ship
There's a world outside my front door
That gets off on being down

Oh Oh Oh

I could learn to pity fools as I'm the worst of all
And I can't stop feeling sorry for myself

We only want to sing you to sleep
In your bedroom speakers, woah
We need umbrellas on the inside
Get me just right

They say quitters never win
We walk the plank on a sinking ship
There's a world outside my front door
That gets off on being down

Oh Oh Oh

Broken down on memory lane
All together we're alone (Woah)
We're broken down on memory lane
All together, we're alone

We only want to sing you to sleep
In your bedroom speakers, woah
We need umbrellas on the inside
Get me just right

They say quitters never win
We walk the plank on a sinking ship
There's a world outside my front door
That gets off on being down

"I love that song" said Seth
"Hey look there it is Hogwarts" said Liz as the school came into sight
"Wow it's a big school" said Logan
"It's beautiful" said Bianca
"We are going to have such a good year" said Liz
"Yes we are hey let's make a promise that we'll all stick together" said Seth
"I hope you don't mean we can't meet new people?" said Bianca
"No let's just stay friends" said Seth
"Or possibly more than just friends" winked Logan
"Yes my good man you do have a point there" said Seth
"Hey let's all toast with a Rockstar drink" said Bianca as she took out the drinks and handed them to everyone
"To friendship" said Seth as they hit eachother's drinks

As Bianca drank her Rockstar she could help but wonder about the beauty of the moon's reflection on the school it was so drifferent from the reflection that the sun had on Harry's face that morning...............


Bianca could feel the warmth of the sun on her shoulders as it peered in through her windows. She blinked a couple of times and moved her hands to find that they were on a very soft body. Her head was also on a chest. She picked up her head to find Harry starring at her

"Good morning" he said
"Morning" said Bianca
"You've been starring at me. Don't tell me now that we've slept together you want to become an even better stalker" said Bianca
"No you just looked so beautiful and peaceful. I didn't want to wake you and you have got to get over the fact that I am un-intrested in entering the stalking business. I was just trying to meet you" said Harry
"Man what a dissapointment" said Bianca
"Any way I can make it up to you?" asked Harry
"There could be a few" she said as Harry bent down to kiss her on the lips at first very slowly then he gently asked her mouth for entrance and soon their tongues were greeting eachother.
"Mmmm" moaned Bianca
"You accept my apology?" asked Harry after they broke apart
"You drive a hard bargain" said Bianca as she moved to lean against her bed board so she was to the same height as Harry. Harry stroked her arm as the 2 enjoyed the quietness.

"I love you" he said
"I love you too and I love hearing you tell me and I love telling you" said Bianca
"You're just full of love aren't you" said Harry
"I'm a lover not a fighter" she said
"Was that your first time?" Harry asked
Bianca was quiet at first not sure how Harry would take her answer
"I don't want you to be afraid to tell me" said Harry sensing the hesitation
"No you weren't my first" said Bianca
"You weren't my first either" said Harry
"I wish you had been my first" said Bianca
"Me too" he said as he bent down to kiss her again
"You have a cute little birthmark" said Harry
"Harry you were spying on my birthmark? Man I feel so violated"she said
They both laughed
" Well I like yours too" she said as she kissed him behind his right shoulder
"Mind If I kiss yours?" he asked
"Sure" she said as Harry bent down to kiss her over her right breast
Bianca moaned as Harry kissed it and she could feel Harry's lips smiling on her breast.

Soon neither could take the sexual tension and Bianca pulled Harry off her breast.
Harry positioned himself under the covers, but on top of her and then went into her. Bianca did a little yelp but soon began to have her hips meet his as they were rocking harder and harder together. Bianca felt so loved and full of life when they were together like this. Harry bent down to kiss Bianca full on the lips while they were rocking together. This double blow was driving both of them. Finally they were done and Harry rolled off.

"Who needs coffee when you could have this?" said Bianca through her heavy breathing
Harry laughed and said "Are you hungry?"
"A little" she said
"I'll make you some breakfest" he said as he began to get out of bed
"I'll come with you" she said as she got out of bed and put on Harry's t-shirt
"How come I never looked that good in my shirt?" he asked as he put on hs boxers
"Maybe you should try growing your hair" she said as she headed out of her room
"Hey what time are your parents coming home" he asked
"At noon and it's only 10 o'clock so you should leave at 11:30" said Bianca
"Man already trying to kick me out after you've had your way with me is it?" he asked
"Or maybe you're trying to leave after you're finsihed with me?" she asked
"Never" said Harry
"Maybe" she said as she ran from Harry who was chasing her

Harry finally caught her in the kitchen and twirled her around to kiss her on the lips
"So what shall it be?" he asked
"Are you suggesting you're going to cook?" she asked
"Yeah it can't be too hard" he said
"In that case I would like some pancakes with sausage, eggs, bacon, and some toast" she said
"Sure" he said in a confident voice
Harry began looking around the house for the ingredients although he wasn't too sure what was made out of what and how to mix evrything together
"Uh where do you keep your butter" he asked
"For what?" she asked
"For the toast" he said
"I think you need bread first Harry" she said
"Oh well would you look at this cereal box with the Tiger on it or these 3 guys what're their names Snoop, Creak, and Pout?" Harry asked
"Try Snap. Crackle, and Pop" said Bianca
"I knew that. So how about some cereal in bed?" he suggested
"Sounds great" she said as she pulled out the milk, bowls, and spoons
"See now I can handle this" he said
"Are you sure you're ok with stirring everything. Do you need me to hold your hand" she asked
"No I'm a big boy" he said as he made the cereal and carried it on the tray to Bianca's room

The 2 were watching the Price is Right in her bedroom. They were guessing on the price of a magic 8 ball.
"What are those things anyways?" asked Harry
"You've never heard of the magic 8 ball?" asked Bianca in a shocked tone
"Nope" said Harry
"I am ashamed to call you my lover" said Bianca as she went over to her drawer to get her magic 8 ball. She climbed back into bed and handed it to Harry
"You ask it a question and shake it and it'll give you an answer" she said
"Any question?" he asked
"Any question" she said
Harry took a second to think of a question
"Will Dudley find true love?" said Harry to the magic 8 ball before shaking it. 
"Read what it says" she said
"It says yes" said Harry
"What?" said Bianca
"Here let me try" she said as Harry handed the 8 ball to Bianca
"Will it be with a woman?" she asked the ball and then shook it
"It says no" she said
"Will it be with a man?" asked Harry before Bianca shook the ball
"It says no" said Biaca
"Oh I got it will it be with his tv and his dinner plate?" she asked and then shook the ball
"It says yes" said Bianca
The 2 began laughing

"Ok let's ask it something else" said Harry as he took the magic 8 ball
"Will Bianca and I ever see eachother after Summer?" he asked
Harry shook the ball as he kept eye contact with Bianca. Both could tell that the other was quiet intrested in what the outcome would be. Finally Harry looked down at the magic 8 ball
"It says yes" he said sofly
They both starred into eachother's eyes when suddenly the sound of the front door opening was heard

"Bianca" yelled Estevan
Bianca's and Harry's eyes widened
"I thought you said they were coming home at noon" whispered Harry
"I thought so too" whispered Bianca
Harry began grabbing his clothes off the floor. Bianca pulled off Harry's t-shirt and threw it at him as she went to get her pajamas out of her drawer
"I'll be down in a minute" yelled Bianca
"How am I going to get out?" asked Harry
"Out the window" she said
"The ladder's right there" she said
Harry headed towards the window and began climbing down the ladder while Bianca ran downstairs
"Hey Mom..hey Dad" said Bianca 
"Well hey yourself" said Barbara
"Why are you so full of energy?" asked Estevan
"I was watching the Price is Right you know how that show gets your heart pumping" said Bianca
"Yeah it really can" said Estevan
"Ouch" said a voice outside of the kitchen window
"What was that?" asked Barbara
"Oh that stupid cat nex door has been chewing on the water hoes. I'll turn on the sprinklers to scare it off" she said as she turned the sprinklers on
"Aww" said another voice
"Well I guess we got it. I had better go make sure that the water is hitting the right places on the grass" said Bianca as she ran out the door

Outside by the side of the house stood Harry
"Are you ok?" she asked
"I'm fine I just hit foot and then the sprinklers came on" he said
"Yeah sorry about that" she said
"I had better go" he said
"Yeah" she said as Harry ran towards his house
"Bianca" said Estevan's voice as he came out of the house
Bianca grabbed a broom to pretend that she had been hitting the cat
"Wooo" said Bianca as she wiped sweat off her face
"Don't worry Dad I got it" she said as she headed into her house


Bianca smiled at the thought of that wonderful morning.
"Bianca are you o.k?" asked Logan 
"Yeah I'm fine" she said
"Well we're here" said Liz as Logan landed the car towards the back of the school
The 4 got out of the car and looked up at the Hogwarts Castle
"It's even bigger when you're up close" said Seth
The 4 began to get their bags out of the car and they rolled them into the school
Once in the hallway they were met by Professor McGonagall

"Welcome to Hogwarts" she said
"Hello and thank you Professor" they all said
"You may hand your bags to the House elves who would be happy to take your things to your room in the left tower. Everyone has already been sorted so just head straight towards the doors to the Great Hall and when you hear me announce you..... come in" she said
"Why thank you Professor" they all said
"The 2 boys first and then the ladies. I will be seeing you all soon" she said as she turned to leave
"Alright here we go" said Liz as the 4 began walking towards the Great Hall

***Ok so yes the next chapter they do re-meet. Thanks to all who have reviewed this very first fanfic of mine it truly means a lot to me. The song is called "Don't You Know Who I Think I Am" by Fall Out Boy*** 

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