Sands of Time 1 : Parental Obligations

Part One of Two


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Little-Black-Magic-Witch (a.k.a. Lightning-Mage-Betrayl... and plenty others..)


A Harry Potter

Time-travel Fanfiction


(Part Two : Sands of Time 2 : Lover's Duty )


Summary :

An 'accident' sends three Hogwarts students into the Marauder's seventh year.


C h a p t e r O n e - C r a c k i n g U n d e r P r e s s u r e

Costume Ball, October 31st, 1998

The Great Hall was decked in Halloween colors, celebrating the holiday in merriment. The myriad of students and teachers were dressed in costume, and not one person was dressed the same.

The war had yet to end, although Voldemort was dead, and hopefully for good. Many DeathEaters were still lose, ravaging and plundering all, but many had been captured as well.

The school that had closed early in the '96-'97 term, was back up and running after a year, although many restorations still had to be made. Former students had come back to teach many of the classes on a temporary basis, until such time a truly qualified teacher could. After Voldemort's defeat, the students that should have been finished with Hogwarts came back for their final year. The ones that had survived it all, in any case.

There were students who others had fought to keep out, like Malfoy and Goyle. The school had taken time to consider the facts in those cases, but many were let in. No one knew all the facts, all the sides, no one.

No one had known the details of what had occurred between many of the students either. No one could.

Tonight, however, everything would spin out of control. No one would be able to judge on past and family if no one could tell who was masqueraded as who.



Ginevra Weasley walked into the Great Hall, her hair falling across her face. In order to disguise herself, she'd cut her hair to reach her upper back and dyed it a deep, rich black. Her costume was created after a character in a Japanese muggle 'video game' she'd played at the end of the summer. The outside was shiny and white, and appeared to be made of plastic. The collar was stiff and upward, covering most of her neck, and hiding the pendant of a necklace that hung on her neck.

Sighing, she brushed her hair back with her right hand and waited by the door.



Draco Malfoy walked down the final set of steps outside the Great Hall, his long hair occasional hitting him in the cheeks. It was pulled back into a hair tie, with a few thin tendrils hanging down in front of him. While his hair remained its platinum blond color, his eyes were now a dark brown. His costume consisted of a loose tan shirt, (closed by a white denim tie at his chest and a satin lavender sash at his waist) and dark green pants, reminiscent of the old Japanese culture. His outfit was also modeled after a character, although few knew who that character was.

Taking it slowly, he walked into the Great Hall with a look of patience gracing his features.



Harry Potter stepped into the Great Hall, his eyes immediately darting to what appeared to be Draco Malfoy talking with a black haired girl in a strange costume. As he did so, his aged Hogwarts robes tore at the right cuff. His costume was simple, consisting of a Hogwarts robe from the 1970s, and a long haired version of a hairstyle Sirius had worn in 1978. His glasses, newly fixed, now held a strange blue tint in the light of the Great Hall.

Silently, he edged his way over to the table with drinks on it by Malfoy.



Ginny laughed as her companion finished his comment, covering her mouth with her right hand. Releasing her hand, she grasped his and pulled him closer to her.

“What'd you do that for?” her companion asked, a roughness in his voice. She smiled coyly at him.

“Because I can, blondie.” she whispered in his ear. He lifted her up into his arms and carried her out of the Great Hall, not seeing the dark-haired teenager following him.



Harry watched Malfoy out of the corner of his eye, intent on finding out who the girl with him was. A laugh left the girl's mouth, a laugh he all too well recognised. He turned his entire body in their direction, staring intensely at her.

He watched as she pulled him closer and whispered in his ear. As if, mocking him, Malfoy picked her up and raced out of the Great Hall.

Thinking quick, he raced after him.



Draco smiled down at the giggling girl in his arms, his legs becoming weak from running.

“Put me down, already!” she laughed as he stopped. He smirked and set her down, his eyes never leaving her face.

“We finally here?” she asked, standing up. He nodded. She looked at a large painting of a woman who looked mysteriously like she did now.

“She looks so much like me... How can she?” she asked him. Draco shook his head, but pointed to the date in the corner, written in faded, tiny script.

1978?” she rasped, her voice sounding hoarse. They stood together and stared at the picture, his arm around her as she leaned her head on his chest.



Ginny turned her head to the sound of quick footfalls, Draco's head turning with hers.

“Let go of her, Malfoy!” Harry's voice rang as his figure appeared near them, wand at the ready. Draco just stared at him.

“Harry, no!” Ginny yelled as Harry cast a spell. She pushed Draco to the floor, the spell barely missing him.

“What are you doing, Ginny! He's dangerous! He's killed dozens of people and you're helping him? What's wrong with you!” Harry yelled at her.

“That's what's wrong with me, Harry!” Ginny yelled pointing at the large portrait. Seconds later, Draco and Ginny turned their faces to it when Harry gasped. The picture was mutating, and two more faces were slowly appearing. Scared, the three raced to get away when someone stopped them.



I can't let you leave.” a familiar voice said, the body which it belonged to still hidden.

“Hermione? But... but... you're...” Harry tried to say. She stepped into the light produced by the single lit torch. Her face was pale and dirty, her hair riddled with blood and twigs. She wore a light blue nightgown, torn and bloody.

“I'm sorry, Harry.” Hermione spoke, not at the Harry in front of her, but to the portrait of the one that had appeared in the picture behind him. An older Harry, but one who looked a lot like the one she stood in front of.

“What's going on, Hermione? What the bloody hell is the picture? Why are we in it!” Ginny cried, holding Draco tightly.

“I can't tell you that, Ginny. I wish I could, but I can't.” Hermione answered, moving past the three to the picture that held portraits of an older version of themselves. She touched each of the faces before putting her hand across the date.

“What are you doing, Hermione?” Harry asked. Hermione moved behind them and ushered them closer to the painting. The three went up to it as Hermione motioned.

“I'm sorry... but one day you'll understand.” Hermione said, running towards them with her arms out as if to push them. They tried to move out of the way, but Hermione was too fast. Seconds later, they met the painting with a crack, and disappeared.


End of Chapter One.

The reason the section spacing is weird is because I'd had it color coded at one time.

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