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All gorgeous photos by ashlynn at TDA

Chapter Three:

Prongs-- you would not believe the towns here! All the girls are so well dressed and walk around in their flimsy dresses and bikinis. Its fantastic. I’m not even alone, I met this guy from Manchester that is here for his summer as well. He’s a muggle and shows me around all these parties near the shore at night. I’ve been smashed for three straight days.
padfoot Oh, I met the Rosier girl-- as horrible as I thought she'd be.


Summers on the coast were magnificent. Solene woke up with Regulus at her side each morning and kissed his neck until he stretched awake and took a shower. House elves prepared the two of them breakfast and they ate at the table as a married couple, polite and comfortable. Around ten the two of them strolled across their beach and laid out two towels, bronzing from the sun and dozing off beneath its rays. They lay in silence generally, sometimes Regulus would be interested enough to kiss Solene for a while if it was not too warm, but neither of them were especially infatuated, they were accustomed to each others presence.  “Pass the lemonade” was about the extent of the exchanged words.

After a week or so of such consistency, Solene was surprised when she sauntered into the kitchen one afternoon to pick up some lunch for her and Regulus lounging outside and saw Sirius, his eyes half closed, chewing numbly on cereal.

“Did you just wake?” she asked, and Sirius, still looking down, ignored her presence. Her tanned legs brushed by him and he rolled his eyes.

“Fine,” she snapped irritated and Sirius looked up amused to her jumping up in her red bikini to reach dishes in the top cupboards.

“Need help?” he finally asked and his wand flicked out a set of plates and cups. Solene huffed annoyed and took the hovering tableware defeated. She turned to him and snorted with laughter. His hair was sticking from every possible direction as if it were bewitched. He wore a faded gray shirt and his eyes had that puffed look of just waking up.

“How are you tired? It’s passed noon,” she said.

“I didn’t get much sleep,” he stated obviously.

“You are in your room all day.”

His eyes twinkled mischievously, “Not all night.”

It finally dawned on Solene that perhaps Sirius didn’t sit at home, locked in his room as she had expected. That it was possible for him to leave, that the confines of the chateau were not the confines of the world. Despite so, she would never dare leave the safety of the walls; outside was the muggle world.

She was strangely jealous to imagine Sirius weaving through the nightlife. Beach parties and bars and fairs, it was 1976 after all. She didn’t wish to join him of course, she just didn’t want him to have fun. She wanted him to sulk alone until he begged her for attention. Solene hated how uninterested he was in her and how intrigued she was by him. He yawned rudely and scowled a bit, signifying he wished for her to leave him alone.

A smile grew on her lips. The only reason she wanted to be near him was to learn how he was able to disappoint everyone that had loved him and cared for him as a child. How he had become such an ungrateful failure. She wanted to insult him, to pry open his heart, to take out her anger, break him as a compensation for every insecurity and doubt she hadn’t been brave enough to voice. She didn’t know that yet of course.

“And where are you all night?”

“Are you concerned?” he asked irritated.

“The house elves prepare dinner for you and it just goes to waste.”

“I am sure that just breaks your heart,” he chuckled, “I’ll tell them to stop doing that, satisfied?”

“Why don’t you just eat dinner with Regulus and me?” she questioned and the moment the words left her mouth her brow furrowed in confusion. She hadn’t meant to do that, it had just spilled out. Nevertheless, she couldn’t let him realize it was an accidental invitation. She forced a cruel, fake laugh, hoping to play if off as a joke and strolled out of the room.

Even as she left a trail of her scent lingered in the room. It was a wispy, barely retrievable aroma but Sirius had the sharp nose of a dog. When not masked by poisonous words and a bitter grimace, the smell of her was enchanting. Delicate cotton and ocean and limes. She would have been so beautiful, as would Narcissia and Bellatrix, if she hadn’t been so absolutely proud, and arrogant and infuriating. So vain, merciless, bitter, harsh, unforgiving and pure.

She wasn’t his problem he knew, but he couldn’t ignore the pulls of frustration and loneliness that were following him through the days. At least at Grimmauld Place, Sirius had understood his place. The chateau was new and try as he did to fight them, he had allowed expectations to build. Maybe Solene had grown up like him, maybe she hadn’t changed from the friendly, inquisitive nature she had when they were children? Maybe if he hadn’t left her alone with Regulus and his pureblood fanatic friends each summer, she would have been different like him.


“Chéri, I saw your brother again today,” Solene said and tucked herself in Regulus lap as he read a letter. She made sure he knew she wasn’t sneaking a look at the parchment, not that he would ever feel threatened by her, and ran her lips down his neck. Regulus, who had had the corners of his mouth pulling in a slight scoff, smiled gently and pulled her closer.

“He’s a right arse isn’t he,” he asked placing the parchment on the table and Solene nodded running her fingers down his shirt, unbuttoning it quickly.

“He was rather rude towards me,” she sulked and Regulus kissed her lips playfully, “Should I hex him?”

“Yes,” she smiled sadistically and brought her lips to his chest, “and you should tell your mother that he has been going around the muggle towns.”

“My mother is too preoccupied with my father’s illness to be pestered with his offenses,” he said sternly and Solene apologized.

“I didn’t think,” she said politely and Regulus pushed her down on the sofa and muttered something along the lines of  “It’s alright” before pressing his lips against hers ardently. Her hands fluttered down his body, comfortably caressing the familiar territories. She loved these moments with Regulus. He was familiar and secure normally, but made feverish by sex. He trembled and kissed her harder than normal, breathing heavily against her neck and always attentive to each part of her as if he was seeing her in a new light. His hands knew exactly where to travel, exactly what made her squirm and whimper at his mercy. She wouldn’t say he was dominant, if anyone initiated the act it would be her, but he was not his usual passive character, bored by her, bored by himself. He was fervent and appreciative in bed- it was after that annoyed her, how but mere seconds after they climaxed, he would pull away from her. How he didn’t want to lose control, he never wanted to admit the lengths of the effects of her naked body. He couldn’t confess how vulnerable sex made him; he was Regulus Black and she was his toy. 

Pulling away from her on the sofa, still drenched in his sweat, Regulus yanked his shirt back across his shoulders, slipped back into his shorts immediately and began to write a reply to his correspondent. Solene wasn’t concerned, she was beyond used to it and didn’t budge from her position, lounging on her back unclothed, her legs now in his lap, her toes playfully rubbing against his thighs.

“Solene,” he groaned a few minutes later, unable to concentrate, “this is important,” and grabbed her feet in one hand to stop them from moving. 

“What’s more important than me?" she badgered pouting and wriggled her legs free from his grip. She sat up slowly and moved towards him slipping her hands on his shoulders. He brushed her off.

“Please. S’il te plait. You know how I hate it when you leave me wanting more,” she whispered and could feel him giving up before he felt it himself. She was Solene Rosier and he was her toy.

Regulus shoulders relaxed first, his arms fell from his intense scribbles and the quill was placed on the table. He tilted his head to the side in consideration and she saw the smiled that crossed his face as she wrapped an arm around him and let her nude body skim against his dressed one. He sighed defeated and kissed her collar bone.

“You are going to get me into trouble. I have to reply,” he murmured as she directed him beneath her and once again stripped him of his clothing.

“I’m sure if you explain they will understand,” she teased.

“It is not a joke,” he said pained as she kissed down his body.

“I am always serious,” she smiled and had him once again. He pulled away quickly afterwards of course, but it did not bother her this time, she had already proven her control over him to herself. She fell asleep naked on the couch, her feet in his lap, until the house elves called them for dinner.


Regulus and Solene were just about to begin their meal when a very smug looking Sirius wandered into the dining hall and took a seat beside the two. Regulus looked up annoyed but didn’t speak, his lips curled from resisting to dispute. They were very accustomed to ignoring each other. The room filled with tension and both boys began to eat in quiet. Solene, on the other hand, was not yet satisfied. Even the mere reminder of Sirius' existence stirred her into mischief. For no real reason, she wanted to start a fight.

“What are you doing?” she spat in the most uncouth tone she could muster.


“No I was referring to what you think you are doing in our presence.”


Solene’s mouth pulled into a bitter smirk.

“Well while you do so, I have lost my appetite. Regulus, do you not think it’s a bit selfish and rude of Sirius to impose himself upon people that are disgusted by his company?”

Regulus chuckled, amused at his girlfriends absolute bitchiness. There was no other way to describe her. He hated Sirius, really, he was completely horrified to be affiliated with such a deserter but he didn’t care to express it each time they were placed face to face. Out of utter repugnance, the brothers had built a wall of silence between each other, seeing no reason to brake it down no matter how fulfilling and cruel the words. Solene, however, added a flair to their estranged relationship; Regulus would have to speak to his brother if she told him to.

“It is very selfish,” he commented pleased.

“Well this is quite the predicament I am in,” Sirius smiled and spoke after a moment of thoughtful silence, clucking his tongue in disapproval towards Solene, “the only reason I have reluctantly entered your ‘presence’ is because I was far too polite to resist your invitation to dinner earlier today, you remember. And here I am, being reproved for it.”

Regulus turned to Solene confused and to her horror, her cheeks rouged.

“You know very well that was not a genuine invitation,” she snapped.

“How am I to differentiate your elaborate and sarcastic vocal tones, I’ve practically just met you,” he said coolly.

“Go now then,” she ordered.

“Well I’ve begun my meal and it would be quite discourteous to leave with my plate unfinished.”

Solene was never spoken back to and Sirius’ blatant dislike of her was almost refreshing. She wouldn’t let him know that of course. She didn’t know what he was trying to accomplish by intruding on their meal. In Solene’s opinion, he was probably just bored with his miserable existence, but she wouldn’t let him have his way. Sirius raised his eyebrows welcoming a challenge.

“Regulus make him leave,” she said finally and took her first bite of food. Her boyfriend’s face contorted with a pained expression, she had no idea how many other things were on his mind at that exact moment.

“Leave,” he stated flatly.

Sirius considered the command nonchalantly, “No thank you. And as a side note, little brother, you have no authority over me in this house, I can be where I like.”

“Actually I’m quite sure that mother constantly saying that you are going to have your name blasted off the tapestry one day has secured this house in my name. You are under my authority.”

Sirius snorted with laughter and continued to eat, Regulus stood up threateningly and Solene’s fingers curled in excitement. These boys were completely under her control.

“Regulus enough,” she snapped and he stared at her baffled.

“What do you mean, enough? You just told me to make him leave!”

“Well yes Chéri, but don’t cause a spectacle. Must you boys be so dramatic?”

Regulus sat down defeated, his mouth still gaping, confused as to what had just occurred and whether or not Solene was intentionally toying with him.

A loud knock at the door broke the uncomfortable silence.

“Who is that?” Solene asked but Regulus ignored her, still very annoyed at her antics, stood up and rushed down the corridor to the front door. He was gone for about a minute during which, Solene and Sirius ate in absolute silence.  Regulus walked back into the room with his robe on and kissed Solene’s cheek.

“Where are you going?” she asked as he turned back towards the door.

“Out for a while,” he stated vaguely.

“Where to?”

“I’ll be back by midnight,” he said and smiled at her.

“I don’t want you going anywhere,” she threatened. Regulus sighed and walked back to her.

“I’ll be back soon,” he said softly and brought his fingertips to her hair. Sirius face cringed, he had never seen Regulus so delicate. He made a gagging motion in the background and Solene tried very hard to take no notice of him.  She was, on the other hand, not charmed in the least by Regulus, and her eyes immediately narrowed into a hostile glare at being defied.

“Solene,” he groaned.

“Go then,” she spat and Regulus stood straight realizing there was nothing he could do once Solene was in one of her moods. He turned around and left. Solene huffed childishly and crossed her arms around her chest. Sirius was very amused.

It was strange to think that this was what the Black and Rosier family had wanted. Everyone knew that the original union was supposed to be between Sirius, the first son, and Solene. That was what started the sharing of the summer and winter homes, the family get-togethers. They wanted a merge of two of the most prominent houses. Let them be lovers they’ll marry their fortunes together. Luckily for the Blacks and Rosiers, when Sirius was discovered to be less than ideal, there was a second perfect son for the perfect daughter.

“Just you and me, darling,” Sirius smiled haughtily and Solene shot him a nasty look, pushed the chair back loudly and stormed out of the room.


It was very late. Probably almost three in the morning and Regulus still wasn’t home. Solene was sitting on the windowsill reading by candlelight. If there was one thing to be said about her character it was that she was determined, and if she had to be awake all night to know the exact time Regulus had returned home-- exactly how many minutes after what he had promised, it was fine by her. She was not one to be crossed.

She had adjusted her uncomfortable self and had called a house elf for some tea. She had wandered through the garden in the dark and had returned to lay in bed for a while. Passing time. This is was getting ridiculous, she thought staring out onto the beach.

And then she saw him. His figure by the ocean. What did he think he was doing? Was this what Regulus had so urgently left for?- a three hour midnight stroll on the beach.  She understood that everyone needed their space, she was certainly not a clingy girlfriend. She never pestered Regulus about whether or not he was with other girls at Hogwarts, she was never jealous when his eyes lingered on another girl for too long if he came to visit her at Beauxbaton, she only nagged him for attention when she needed to prove a point to herself. She would have understood if Regulus had just said he wanted to go on a walk alone, what would have made him think she would have wanted to come in the first place? He was probably just trying to be dark and mysterious, like Sirius, and not tell her. Worry her, irritate her and make her sit up all night.

“What are you doing?” Solene stormed out onto the shore and approached the boy.

“What are you doing?” he asked annoyed and turned to face her.

“I… sorry… I thought you were Regulus.”

Sirius smirked and stepped closer to her, “He’s not back yet?”

“Obviously not,” Solene snapped and crossed her arms over her chest. Stupid Sirius sodding Black.

Sirius moved even threateningly closer and placed his palms on her shoulders. “Should I tell you where he has gone?”

Solene stepped back nervously and Sirius followed, his hands still firmly planted on he frame. She was suddenly scared. Sirius was much taller than her, much broader than her, and his eyes stared down menacingly, his face dark and shadowed by his hair, his lips pulled into a malicious smirk. Solene suddenly felt very small and alone. Sirius hated her. He hated her family and he hated Regulus, there was no reason he would stop from hurting her. Regulus had warned her; Sirius was dangerous and Solene should stay away.

“He’s left you, love,” he said in a low voice, “There is someone else.”

“W-who?” Solene asked, trying to remain composed under his crushing fingers.

“Power,” Sirius whispered after a pause, “He is already gone. Even when he is with you he thinks of her. Nothing is more seductive than the power Voldemort can offer, not even you.”

“That is impossible. Regulus is fifteen,” Solene tried to pull away from Sirius but he wouldn’t let go.

“You first manipulate the young. Don’t think your father has been recruiting Regulus during those future-son-in-law chats?”

“My father is not a death eater.”

Sirius laughed wickedly and cocked his head to the side, “You don’t need to keep family secrets from me. I’m a Black.”

Solene was quiet and shuddered. If he had let go she would have ran. Back into the house and into the arms of her boyfriend, beg him to take her to London and vow never to see Sirius again, still thinking he was a madman. But Sirius didn’t let go-- maybe that was how it all started, when Sirius held on too long.

“You aren’t even a vile excuse for a Black,” she spat and Sirius pulled her even nearer.

“I’m not the brother that left you all alone at night with the enemy,” he said and moved his hands to her upper arms, pulling her heels off the ground and bringing her face dangerously close to his own.

Solene didn’t know why it happened. She had been both enraged and terrified but her heart didn’t start pounding viciously within the suddenly extremely constricting confines of her ribcage until he had pulled her up and locked his eyes with her own. She felt simultaneously paralyzed and as if every nerve in her body was fluttering. She was dizzy, breathless, in a trance, lost in him. She could feel his breath on her face and his chest fiercely pressed against her own. Somehow, other than itching with disgust, she wanted nothing but to be closer. To be encased by him. Was hate supposed to feel like this?

Solene shut her eyes tightly, she needed to get away.

“Open your eyes, Solene,” he demanded. She shook her head.

“Open your eyes,” he repeated darkly and for the first time in years, she listened to Sirius. Her dark lashes followed her eyes as they flickered open and she was allowed one more tantalizing moment in his overpowering proximity before Sirius burst into laughter.

He dropped her from his clasp and bent over, his arms wrapped around his stomach, his hands clutching his sides, barking uncontrollably.

“Oh! You should --see--yourself!” he laughed even harder. Solene was still thoroughly confused; he was insane. He hadn’t been…

“What did you think I was going to do?!” laughter broke his voice again, “Hex you? Kill you?!”

He couldn’t have been …

“I was joking! Merlin you are a piece of work. Oooh beware! Sirius Black: blood traitor and murder…”

Solene was going to explode. She had never been so furious. How dare he!

“…family disappointment, eligible bachelor and also likes to destroy pretty little pureblood girls?!” and was taken up by another fit of hysterics.

“You! You--” Solene was fuming with rage. She couldn’t even form a coherent sentence.

Sirius stood straight and wiped a tear from his eyelashes, “So sorry love. Really, my apologies.”

He didn’t look sorry at all, a ridiculous grin was still plastered across his face, his eyes crinkling with the strain of trying to resist displaying his amusement. Solene screamed in frustration and stormed back towards the house, sand being violently kicked up by her heels.

She screamed again and slammed the door behind her leaving a very smug Sirius to himself. He was the worst! The epitome of an insufferable git! Solene kicked a chair to the floor and raced up the stairs to her room. When Regulus found out-- Regulus. Where was he?? Stupid Black boys, tricking her, leaving her all alone.

She didn’t even care to stay up and scold Regulus any longer, she was far too frustrated. Solene threw off her clothes, took another look out of her window to the outline of Sirius seated by the ocean, and flung herself onto the bed. 

A/N: yay! long chapter. anyway, R&R please it motivates me :) thank you to all the readers and reviewers already though, you're amazing!!

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