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A/N: Hopefully, this will clear up a few of the missing holes... and please remember to review!!

.:Chapter Thirteen: The Long Lost Dreams: Part One:.

You burst into your room, sobs shaking your frame.

This can’t be happening!

You slammed the door and locked it with shaky fingers, your forehead leaning on the cool wood of the door as you did so. You stood still for a moment, breathing deeply as tears poured down your face.


You whipped around, “Leave me alone Tom!” Your tone was low and dangerous, but Tom’s smile was hard to hide.

“What’s wrong?”

“You know p-perfectly well what’s w-wrong!”

Tom watched you as you flung yourself onto your bed, crawling under the covers. A pressure on the side of the bed alerted you to Tom, but he said nothing.

“Everything is r-ruined,”

A hand rested on your back, “What do you mean?”

“I-I… it’s all your f-fault! Severus would n-never do anything like t-that!”

“It had to be done.”

You flung the covers off of you, “No it didn’t! I’ve lost my d-daughter because of y-you!”


“What? W-what could you say that could p-possibly make what you did any better?!”

“It’s better this way.” He said simply, sitting up straighter.

“How is it p-possibly-”

“Think about it, Charlie! You’re here with me now and everything is going to be alright…”

“How Tom? How?”

“Well…” He stood up and pretended to be in deep thought, “What happened today could have easily happened later. It’s good that it happened now, when there won’t be as many-”

“How dare you!” You shrieked at him, “How could you do this to me! She was my daughter! I thought you loved me!”

Tom was silent, and you took your chance to laugh at him.

“Oh, so it’s that, is it? You can’t be vulnerable, and apparently, neither can I. My happiness doesn’t matter. I belong to you, not a silly girl that has half of me in each and everyone one of her cells-”

“YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH ME!” Tom roared at you, making you flinch back in surprise. His eyes took a pinkish tinge again. You looked down.

“I am happy with you.” It came out as a whisper, “I love you… that’s the only thing you love about me. Is that I love you. It’s the only weakness I’m aloud to have. Because you know I’ll always be there for you… high or low water, I’m always available to come walking out of the grave, just for you.”

He smiled, but didn’t try to contradict you, “Now, Charlie. Don’t get all worked up now…” He sat back down next to you, “We are going to be together forever. Do you want to taint it with a silly fight?”

You sighed, “No, I don’t.”

He put his arm around your shoulder, and you let him. A calm fell over you, and you leaned into him, content.

“Now that’s more like it…”

The thought came to you that it was a spell, a trap… yours eyes sprung open… when were they closed?

“Now Charlie…” His fingers lifted your chin up, “Don’t fight it.”

“What did you do to me… this time?” You asked, dreams already tugging at the corners of your subconscious.

“Your just need to calm down, think things over in a non-stressful way…” You looked up at him, the drowsiness masking your angry face, “You’ll thank me later, believe me…”

“But Tom-”

He cut you off with a kiss, a searing, heart restoring and heart breaking kiss. It burned with passion, and you fell into it easily. His hand trailed up your back as he lowered you to the bed, his other hand playing with the hem of your shirt. You were too sleepy now to enjoy it, but you did your best when his tongue slipped easily into your mouth. It was bliss.

And then it was over. 


You turned your head- Myrtle and Rubeus Hagrid were bouncing towards you… well, Rubeus wasn’t. He was pounding towards you.

You smiled genuinely. “Hello guys.”

“I’m glad we caught you…” Myrtle said, sitting down next to you in the grass.

Rubeus followed, “Tom ain’t around is he?”

You shook your head, a tight laugh escaping your lips. But you knew, as well as everyone else, that Tom was much too protective for his own good.

“No, he had some homework he needed to finish. I just went for a walk.”

You looked back towards the lake as Myrtle spoke again, “Charlie… we are worried about you.”

You laughed again, your blank eyes never leaving their stare, “And why is that?”

“Well…” Rubeus started, “We aren’t worried for you… we’re scared for ya, Charlie.”

Your head snapped towards them both, a smile on your face that never reached your eyes, “Why?”

“It’s… it’s Tom, Charlie.”

“He’s… different.” Rubeus finished for Myrtle, solemnly.

“He’s very involved in his work-”

“That’s not what we meant, Charlie.” Myrtle sighed, her knees coming up to her chest, “He’s…. changed you. You’re a different-”

I am not,” you snapped, “A different person. I am the same person I ever was,”

“Were did your friends go then, hm?”

You stared back out resolutely towards the lake.

“That’s wha we thought,” Rubeus answered for you, a huge hand coming to rest on your shoulder. You shrugged it off as if it was on fire.

“Don’t you dare touch me, halfbreed!”

“You don’t mean tha, Charlie.”

“I do!” You stood up, screeching, “Don’t you get it? I hate you! I hate both of you!”

Tears started rolling down your cheeks, “Stupid Halfbreed and Mudblood, trying to comfort me, how sweet! I think I may puke!”

“Charlie-” Myrtle stood up, “What happened to you? What did he do to you?”

“Nothing! He did nothing to me! Don’t you see!? This is me, this is Charlie!”

“No it’s not…” Rubeus said, standing up behind Myrtle, “The Charlie we know loves us, the Charlie we know secretly misses her old, long lost friends… her family. Her parents. Us. Don’t ye see? He’s the one whose taken it all erway!”


Myrtle shook her head, “You know it’s true… but we came back.”

“Yer not lost, Charlie. We found you. We want to help ye get it all back. There‘s still time for ye, Charlie.”

Sobs wracked your body, your whole frame dangerously leaning back and forth. Myrtle was there first, but Rubeus was the one who really caught you. It was a hug among hugs… one that you would never forget.

The scene changed. 

“Oh dear Myrtle, I never thought that you would go as far as to ask him if he would go out with you. How pathetic!” Olive snorted at Myrtle as if she were the scum on the bottom of her shoe.

“I was trying,” She said back, defensively, bottom lip quivering, “To take the reins for once, Olive!”

“Ew, gross Myrtle. I don’t want to know that your into that kind of thing!”

Myrtle stomped her foot as you looked on, your face a stone… there was nothing you could do. Myrtle had learned to not get any help from you during a fight. It was the day after her and Hagrid had approached you, and you still felt awkward. You hadn’t given them an answer yet.

“I’m not! I’m not I’m not I’m not! I don’t DO that sort of thing!”

‘Please Myrtle… don’t get worked up… please…’

Everyone laughed at her.  The sound hurt your ears.

“Oh please, Myrtle. Like you would do anything with a boy! You’re a stupid, mudblood Hufflepuff, and you are going to die a virgin.”

Everyone was laughing again at Myrtle’s retreating figure as she ran down the hall, loud, sloppy tears coming out of her eyes like a river. She dashed down the corner and out of sight as the rest of the group turned back to the common room while you seemed glued to the spot, the corner where Myrtle turned seemingly drifting closer.

A hand snaked around your waist. “Where are you going?” Tom always seemed to pop out of nowhere.

You stopped in mid-stride, never realizing until then that you were moving. “Going to comfort Myrtle, poor dear… pathetic thing, really…” You leaned in to whisper the next part, “And Olive really crossed the line… that was a bad one.”

“Myrtle can handle herself.”

It was no secret to you that Tom hated the girl. She was needy, a mudblood and took you away from him constantly.

“Tom… you and I both know she can’t-”

He cut you off, his face in a deep frown. “Myrtle needs some tough discipline, Charlie. She’ll never learn if you keep babying her like this.”

You frowned, but knew he was right.

“Give her fifteen minutes, okay?”

You nodded, and the scene changed again.


The bathroom was oddly quiet. You took a step, and splashed in some shallow water. You lifted your shoe up, and looked around for any leaks. There weren’t any… odd. It didn’t seem to be coming anywhere, either.

You had managed to slip away from Tom when he was talking to a first year about how the passwords worked.


No sniffs, no sobs… wasn’t she always in here?

You stepped towards the stalls, your heels kicking up the water as you went. “Myrtle?”

Your eyes squinted. There was a foot on the floor coming from underneath a stall… Myrtle’s stall.

“…Myrtle?” It came out as a whisper. You opened the door... It swung open easily.

And then you screamed.



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