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"Siri can you come here please?" I said sweetly up the boy's staircase.

"What do you want?" He called back down.

"Just to see one of my best friends that's all..." I replied.

" want something..." He said hesitating to come down.

"Do not..." I said making a grab for him.

"Ah grabby aren't we?" He asked hovering a few inches away from me.

" peice of turd come here..." I said stepping away from here.




"Cause I want you and me to hang out."

"Why not Moony?"

"Cause he's getting sick again, and I don't want to catch his cold."

"Ah...he seemed fine to me..."

"Why what were you guys doing?"

"None ya..."

"None ya what?"

"None ya business..." Sirius said sticking his tongue out at me.

"Fine you weener..." I said walking off.

"Wait Wa I didn't mean it..."

"Leave me alone."

"Please Wa Wa?" He was actually believing my believable act. Wow...he is dense.

" hurt me for the last time..."


"Sirius you are such a prat."


"Cause you've stolen my carebears, you've been a jerk to me..."

"I didn't take your carebears...that was Peter..."

"Well you didn't stop him."

"I didn't know..."

"Are you sure?"


"Your still a prat..."

"Am not..."



"Cause your a weenie!" I sat down in front of the case that I had brought down.

"Please Wa Wa?"

"I want my pink boots..."

"Pink Boots?"

"You've forced me to get my pink boots."

"What pink boots?"

I started to stomp off with him behind asking what the bloody hell my pink boots were.

"DADDY DEAREST!" I cried as I entered his classroom running over to him.

"What the matter Wa?" He asked getting to my level.

"I need my pink boots..." I cried out.

"You mum said not to give them to you..."

"But I need them!"


"Sirius is a weenier..." I pouted.

"What did Mr. Black do?" His eyes flashed and there was a bit of bitter in his voice.

"He didn't stop Peter from stealing my carebears, and he didn't get them back for me, and he didn't come when I called..."

"How about I give you an orange lolly instead..."

"No this is a lot bigger then an orange lolly!" I cried out trying to figure out where he would put my shoes. Ah ha...that's where I saw a sign. WAKANDA'S STUFF...I reckon that's mine.

"Here's an orange lolly..." He said trying to find one.

I had started to walk towards the glowing sign.

"Wakanda...come here..." Daddy Dearest said to me. But it was to late, I had open the cabinet...and I swear around the pink boots it was glowing. They were calling for me.

"Come here pink boots..." I said trying to figure out a better name to call them.

"What are the pink boots?!" Sirius called out in frustration.

"My Precious..." I said stroking them, I remembered reading some muggle book...called Lord of the Ryes....or something like that.

"Give me the pink boots..." Daddy Dearest told me.

"" I said putting them on my feet.

"Why does she have pink boots?" Sirius asked him.

"Cause you upset her...and now she is all mad, so now she is going to stomp around till you make her happy..." Daddy Dearest said consulting the notes that my mum had given him.

"Who?" Sirius asked him.




I was stomping around.

"Does she always get like this?"

Daddy Dearest consulted his notes. "Yes." He said in a short answer.

"Is that the only thing the note says?" Sirius asked. "Like can it tell me how to make her happy?"

He read the note then looked up. "What did she have when she called you over?"

"A big box why?"

"Well it says big" He said smiling.

"Makeup?!" Sirius yelped out.

"Let her put makeup on you..." He said handing him the card.

"Oh no..." Sirius said.

I started to stomp louder and started to sing LALALALALALALALALALALA!

"Make her stop..." He said to him.

"No you make her stop, you're her daddy dearest."

"Well you're the one that has to wear makeup..."

"I KNOW!" I said jumping up and down raising my hand, they had to call on me.

They watched me for about three minutes before realizing that I was still jumping up and down with my hand raised, and not going to talk till they called on me.

"You think we should just leave her like this...I mean she is quite..." Sirius said to him.

"That is what I was thinking...but I don't reckon it will go over well once McGonagall comes...doing her nightly check around..." Daddy Dearest reply. "And knowing McGonagall she'll call on her..."

"Fine..." Sirius mumbled.

Daddy Dearest cleared him throat before calling on me in a teacher-like manner, putting on his glasses and all.

"How about I put makeup...on both of you!" I said cheerfully.

"Why did you call on her?" Sirius complained.

"Cause you weren't..." Daddy Dearest looked worried.

"Can't we just get her new Care Bears?"

"No her mum has to put the spell on them...that's what made them special...though they did creep me out, always talking to you, and doing their little traits..." He shuddered.

"I think that's why Peter chewed them up..."

"CHEWED THEM UP?!" I screeched.

"Er yeah like a piece of cheese..." Sirius was clearly not thinking of my feelings right now.

"I need love-a-lot bear..." I mumbled starting to cry again.

"Let her put makeup on you..." Daddy Dearest said nudging a terrified Sirius forward.

"No you too..."

"I'm your professor."

"You also made a glowing sign that said Wakanda's Stuff, I think that makes you in charge of giving her the boots..."

"You didn't steer her away."

"I didn't know what the pink boots were..."

"LET ME PUT MAKE UP ON YOU!!!" I yelled pushing both of them down to sitting position, then grabbing my box.

"It's all your fault..." Daddy Dearest whispered to Sirius as I got the concealer ready.

"Is not..." Sirius shot back.

"Is too..."



"It's Peter's fault for mistaking my carebears for cheese..." I whimpered putting on some makeup.

"I will get him back..." Sirius muttered darkly before opening his mouth so that I could apply lipstick to the bottom lip.

"I will give him detention..." Daddy Dearest said trying to avoid the lipstick.

"Have you done this before Sirius?" I asked him.

"" Sirius said lying.

"Liar..." Both me and Daddy Dearest told him.

"Fine...Grumpy Bear pinned me down...said you always did this to him..." Sirius muttered darkly.

"Yeah he was my makeup holder..." I said shyly and blissfully remembering the old times. I put on another coat of makeup.

By the end of it, I had managed to curl their hair, whitened their teeth, put contacts on Daddy Dearest, and lipstick to the extreme on Sirius. They were complaining non stop as I took off my boots. "You know I put a spell on that will last all day tomorrow right?" I asked putting them back in their glowing spot.

"NO!" They said loudly.

"What you won't have it as nearly as bad as Peter, Remus, and James as I get a hold of them one-by-one..." I said brightly snapping the lid shut of what they had deemed 'Wa Wa's torture to the devil device.' And then starting to skip off.

"Your fault..." They started again as I rounded the corner. 

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