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Penny for your thoughts by Lilybean84
Chapter 15 : On Fire!
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"Draco!" she came to a halt in front of the blonde slytherin, "Professor Snape wants to see you in the Infirmary" 

"Really? and why would he want to see me there?" he crossed his arms over his chest and made a face that she just wanted to smack. 

"I don't know but if you don't feel like going i can happily send you there" she met his glare and raised an eyebrow. 

"Seriously Granger, we've come a long way since third year." 

"Yes but unlike you, I"m not afraid to follow through on what I say. You deserved to get punched back then and you're aiming for it now" 

"HOLD up, I'm not afraid of anything" 

"I don't believe that for a second, if anything I consider you the biggest coward I know" 

"How do you figure that" his jaw tightened as he pronounced each word with distain. 

"That doesn't matter but Snape is waiting for you and I have things to do"  she ushered him down the hallway, "Or do you wish to stay here and chat" 

"Neither, I'm sure Snape will understand when he hears I was busy." 

Hermione's jaw almost dropped..was he serious? This guy was too much at times. 

"Just who do you think you are that you can act that way?" 

"I'm ...me" he simply stated and turned in the opposite direction smirking. 


The past few weeks had sucked beyond recognition. She had been in trouble for things that didn't apply to her, ruined her reputation, been dumped, lost her best friends and now the very person she had sacrificed so much for was turning his back on her!! 

*No more! I'M SICK OF THIS!*

Grabbing his arm she used all the strength in her little frame to push Draco into the wall. Her wand was nestled comfortably against his adams apple.

"Look just get your ass to Snape. Please! I'm not asking you to be nice to me or even explain what the hell happened I just need you to go see Snape." she let him go and swallowed the lump that was rapidly growing in her throat. The tears in her eyes threatened to betray the rest of her and so she left as quickly as she had arrived. 


"Ahh Draco, so good of you to join us" 

Granted Hermione had shocked him with her little show of force in the hall but he was even more surprised to see Snape and Professor Devine waiting in the Infirmary. 

"What's going on?" 

The two motioned to a little white cot nestled in the corner. Draco's heart lept with joy when he saw the nest of blonde curls laying on the pillow. 

"Ema...but..when did she get back?" he turned towards Snape, "How?" 

"Thats what we were hoping you could help us with" Professor Devine motioned for a chair. 

*Oh no...Hermione told them about my dad. That's got to be it. That little tart would tell" he sneered and took a seat. 

"Miss Granger found Ema on the beach this morning. Do you have any idea how she knew to find her there?" 

"No, why don't you ask her?" 

"We did...she simply said she had a feeling." 

"And your asking me about this why?" 

"Because you've been close to her lately and it wouldn't take a genius to tell you two have been having troubles. It's just odd that Ema disappeared with Hermione in charge and was found by the same person" 

Draco sat up in his chair and knew his face reflected the feeling of utter disbelief, "You can't honestly think Hermione kidnapped Ema because I broke up with her" 

"I've seen worse"Snape commented, "And it doesnt help that Miss Granger refuses to say anything else on the matter" 

"She..what?" Draco was stunned. Why hadn't she just told them about his father? That would have made her life easier..so much easier..There was no way after all that he had put her through that she'd still stand by him. 

"She says that you weren't involved in any of this, of course" he rose to move closer to Draco, "Unless you say otherwise" 

"I wasn't involved" he looked at both the Professors, "What's going to happen to Hermione?" 

"We're not sure. Her story makes no sense and this is kidnapping we're talking about. She just doesn't seem to care anymore." Professor Devine rested her arms on the desk and sighed, "It's so not like her. I've only known her for a few months but I don't understand her actions. I know that I said some harsh things to her last week but I don't think it was enough to cause her to act out like this" 

Draco sat back down in his chair and ran his fingers through his hair, "I'm sorry I can't help you out more. " 

"That's ok Draco, thanks for coming" 

"You didn't tell them." 

Hermione turned to the voice that had just come out of nowhere. She had been sitting outside enjoying the silence of winter while reading a book her mom had sent her for christmas. 

"Tell them what?"  she turned back to her book feeling a bit more comfortabl looking at the pretty inky letters than the eyes of the man behind her. 

"Very good Mudblood" Lucius Malfoy sneered, "Let's keep it that way and we won't have any more problems. My son deserves much better and unlike most parents I'm willing to do anything to see that it happens the way I want it to. Don't forget that." he apparated before she could reply but his last words made her blood boil. 

"He sure has a way with people" she sighed before returning to her book. 

"You should try living with him" 

This time Hermione jumped and dropped her book in the snow. She turned to glare at the intruder.

"Why am I blessed to have both of you torment me" 

"Because it's fun" he smiled, picked up her book and proceeded to wipe the snow off of it before handing it over to her. 

"What do you want?" 

"I don't understand. I've been nothing but horrible to you lately and you didn't say a word. I can't figure out what your angle is' 

Hermione stood up and shook her head while letting out a small chuckle. 

"That doesn't surprise me." she moved closer to him and touched the collar of his jacket, "Some things can't be explained. I honestly don't know why I didn't tell them but I do now that I'd rather deal with it this way then to get you or your father in trouble."


"I dont know...maybe..because..despite how you are know I still love the person that you were before" she laughed, "God that sounds like another bad line from a soap opera. I could write one of those damn things." she picked up her book bag and headed back to the castle while still giggling., "Of course" she said turning around momentarily, "It could be the fact you have a really nice ass" she winked and continued on her walk.

"You loved me?" his question wasn't answered because she was too far away but it burned itself into his mind. She had loved him despite it all and ..maybe she still did. Oh well..if all else failed he did have to agree with her...he did have a marvelous ass.

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Penny for your thoughts: On Fire!


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