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Bianca Aqua was looking at the view from the balcony of her room. She couldn't believe after all the counting, the x-marks on her calendar, and the anticipation that her first and last school year at Hogwarts was finally here.

Suddenly a gust of wind whipped at her face and she turned around to find her best friend looking like someone about to creep up on somebody.
"You can't fool me Liz" said Bianca
"Awww how'd you know it was me?" asked the girl with black medium length hair wearing jeans with a purple top.
"When my hair gets messed up with your windy entrance I know you're near" said Bianca
"I'm hoping there's a compliment in there somewhere" said Liz
"You wanna borrow my flashlight and look for it?" asked Bianca
"No I was actually gonna see if you had a search dog I could borrow" said Liz
"Why so you can have it get lost and then continue sending in other dogs to look for it and then when they're all sniffing around you'll lock them in?" asked Bianca
"I was gonna say that I can have my army of cats come out and hurt them, but I'm sure we can combine our 2 ideas" said Liz
"Cats suck" said Bianca
"No dogs suck" said Liz
"You know I think normal people hug when they greet eachother" said Bianca
"Well we're being original" said Liz
"You're such a dork" said Bianca as she made her way over to give Liz a hug

The two shared a big hug until they finally parted
"Gosh I missed you over the summer. Why didn't you write?" asked Liz
"I missed you too I'm sorry my parents decided to spend the summer in a muggle neighborhood and they said no owls" said Bianca
"That's o.k. so how was your summer?" asked Liz
"It was good..................yeah it was good" said Bianca
"Yeah right you never say good unless it was really good" said Liz
"What? You're making me sound confusing" said Bianca 
"You are confusing remember how many times you changed your mind about that one boy and what to wear for that element banquet" said Liz
"I believe it was 6 for the boy and 9 for the dress" said Bianca in an unsure tone
"Try 8 for the boy and 12 for the dress. I used a silencing spell on my ears after the 8th time. I just kept nodding my head" said Liz re-enacting her head nodding
"So that's why you said yes to when I asked you if you thought that green socks were in" said Bianca "Well I didn't take that advice anyways" added Bianca
"What? You didn't take my yes to whatever you ask head nodding advice?" asked Liz in a dis-believing tone
"That's right" quickly replied Bianca
"Well you're not the first. So tell me about your summer" said Liz

Bianca told Liz all about her Harry Potter and their romantic summer and the hard good-bye they had
"Oh that sounds so romantic. That name sounds familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it" said Liz 
"It can't be anyone you've heard of unless it was a popular muggle kid" said Bianca
"Was he hot?" asked Liz with an excited tone
"You know you think after you leave somebody all you'd think about would be their face not with Harry. When I think of him I think of how happy he made me and how he could put a smile on my face along with all the butterflies he made my stomach have" said Bianca in a dreamy tone
"So he wasn't cute uh?" said Liz
"Lizzz!!! yes he was cute, but I'm trying to teach you a lesson here"
"Don't start teaching me before school has even started" said Liz
The two both laughed

"I can't believe that we're home" said Liz
"Yeah I know today was my first day being back in my house and now I have to leave. I couldn't of survived leaving this place and isolation without you" said Bianca
"Thanks it would of been hard wothout you too, but home schooling was o.k and we got to stay in our pj's and it was fun with Logan and Seth" said Bianca

The girls and their families along with Logan and Seth's family had left London when rumors of the dark lord began to surface. This was during the Triwizard Tournament. Bianca couldn't ask too many questions only remembering hearing something about the dark lord being re-born and the Boy-Who-Lived witnessing it. You see Bianca's parents had hid the tabloids and publicity of the wizarding world from her. Her parents never read the Daily Prophet only allowing their ears to take in what they choose to hear but when they were told by Liz's parents about the Triwizard situation they decided to pack and leave home. The kids were home-schooled during their departure. Bianca managed thanks to Liz and the guys. Now the four could finally have a real school year at a real school.

"Are your parents here?" asked Bianca
"No we did our long good-byes and they left. They of course reminded me about peer pressure no boys past 12 and to do my work. They figured you'd remind me about anything they might of missed" said Liz
"I think we sould be leaving soon. What are we waiting for?" asked Bianca
"You're not even done packing. Are you planning on flying everything there? Besides we're waiting for Logan and Seth" said Liz
"Hello why pack when you've got a wand to make your stuff pack itself. Wait did you say we're waiting for Logan and Seth?" asked Bianca finally hearing the last part of what Liz said
"Yeah didn't your mom tell you that she's taking all of us?" said Liz
"No she didn't" said Bianca as she walked over to her suitcase trying to take her mind off of the fact that she was about to see her ex

"Have you talked to or seen Logan yet?" asked Liz
"No not since we broke up. What is there to talk about he cheated on me when he thought I was sick. I thought I would go over for some soup and instead I found him getting hot and heavy with someone" said Bianca 
"Look I know this isn't going to help much, but we talked and he said that he still loves you and that he was sorry. I know that doesn't make up for what he did to you. but he wants to fix this" said Liz in a soft tone
"I would like to give him a chance......" said Bianca but she stopped because she could hear two guys coming up the stairs

In walked a guy the same height as Bianca with short black hair wearing jeans and a brown shirt. Behind him slowly walked in a short blonde haired guy with jeans and a guy shirt.

"Hey Seth" the girls said to the black haired boy
"Hey ladies are we all packed and ready for our big year at Hogwarts?" asked Seth in an excited tone. "You will behave yourself won't you Liz?" asked Seth inching his way towards her lips
Liz immediately used one of Bianca's books to fill the space between her and Seth's lips which left Seth kissing the cover to a Magical Creatures books
"Hey my books can not be used for your defense against Seth's lips. Go find a tree or something" said Bianca pulling the book out of Liz's hands
"Oh no Seth might go all nature dude on us and then he'll tell us about the wonder of the branch" said Logan 
"Hey just cause you guys don't have my earth powers and are suck at the whole Indian position is no reason to pick on me" said Seth
"Remember he gave us that speech on the importance on the sun" said Bianca jokingly
"Yeah I do" said Logan laughing at the memory
Suddenly Bianca remembered she was mad at him, but couldn't help look into his beautiful brown eyes
Liz could sense the need for Bianca and Logan to talk alone so she decided to exit the room
"We're gonna go" said Liz hitting Seth on the back of the head trying to give him the hint
"Oww I know I told you I liked it rough that one night..............." continued Seth
"Seth we were both a little drunk and we just made out. You also told me about your secret obsession with........." said Liz whispering the last part into Seth's ears making his eyes go big
"Gosh Liz can't you see they want to be alone" said Seth dragging Liz with him downstairs leaving Bianca and Logan alone together in the room

"So how was your summer?" asked Logan finally breaking the silence
"It was nice we spent the summer in a muggle neighborhood which is why I didn't write" said Bianca
"Yeah I didn't know if you were avoiding me or what" said Logan
"I'm not sure if I would of responded anyways. I'm not sure where this leaves us either" said Bianca in a quiet tone
"Look I know you're hurt. I'm sorry I'm not sure if a million sorries are going to make it up to you" said Logan walking towards her
"They're starting to be more than just words to me. You're not the only one hurting here it hurts me that I can't trust you anymore. I never thought you would hurt me like that. It's going to take some time" said Bianca
"You can trust me. I want you to trust me. I never want to hurt you again" said Logan before leaning in to give her a small kiss on the lips

Bianca couldn't help but smile 
"Just because you kiss good doesn't mean I forgive you" said Bianca
"So you admit it was a good kiss?" said Logan with a cocky grin
"I think we should ask me magic 8 ball" said Bianca
"There's nothing magical about it other than you won it through the tops of Kellog's cereal boxes" said Logan
"What's more magical than that?" joked Bianca she said as she tried to run over to get it. Logan however blocked her path causing them to fall onto her bed
Logan bent down to give her another little peck on the lips
"Look we're starting over a new beginning but let's not rush things. Friends first you have to gain back my trust" said Bianca
"Can we be friends who kiss?" asked Logan with a smile
"We'll see" replied Bianca
"I leave you 2 alone for 2 seconds. What a whore and slut" said Liz starring at the 2 while leaning in the doorway
"Which one is which?" asked Bianca
"You guys decide" said Liz
Logan and Bianca both turned to look at each other
"Slut" they both said which caused Bianca to hit him on the arm

They both laughed
"I'll let you finish packing while I go downstairs" said Logan
"Yeah and do it the right way" said Liz
"Or you could just use your wand" said Logan
"You're a bad example" said Liz hitting him on the arm
"You girls are vicious" said Logan as he headed downstairs
"So how did it go?" asked Liz
"We're starting over. I'm not letting him off the hook that easy but I am gonna let him have his second chance" said Bianca
"Did you tell him about your summer with Harry?" asked Liz
"No it wouldn't make a difference it' not like Harry and I are ever going to see each other again" said Bianca in a sad tone
"Aww B you miss him don't you? You know fate has a way of suprising people" said Liz
"I miss him I miss him a lot but I doubt it I mean I'm a witch and he's a muggle" said Bianca
"Did you love him?" asked Liz
"Yeah I did" said Bianca
"Look I know is off somewhere wherever but you can't start off fresh if you're in love with someone else" said Liz
"I know" said Bianca in a quiet tone
"Your mom said to finsih packing that we'll be leaving soon" said Liz
"Alright I'll be down in a minute" said Bianca as Liz headed downstairs

Suddenly remembering how she couldn't let go of her love for Harry she went over to her night stand and opened the drawer to find a Lady and the Tramp box. Harry had given it to her on their special night....


After their first kiss their relationship didn't change that much except for the hours which they spent fighting over little things were now spent kissing

"Harry" said Bianca between her kisses with Harry
"I'm serious I have to do the dishes" she said
"Why?" asked Harry
"My Mom already got mad at me for not making my bed" she said
"Well why didn't you?" he asked
"Cause I was kissing you ya idiot" she said
"Oh right" he said
"Go watch t.v or something" she said
"I don't want to" he said
"Then go home and watch t.v. with Dudley" she said
"I'll go find out what the weather's going to be like" he said

After about 5 minutes Bianca finished the dishes and headed over to the couch to watch t.v with Harry
"See I told you I'd be quick if you stopped kissing me" she said
"Yes quick but I bet it wasn't fun" he said
"So what are we watching?" she asked
"A great movie" he said
"And you say I narrow it down too much" she said
The tv suddenly turned to Will Ferrel in an elf costume
"Oh I love this movie" she said "Hey Harry what song did I sing to you on your birthday?" joked Bianca
"Why Happy Birthday of course" said Harry
The two burst out laughing
"We've gotten pretty good at movie quoting" she said
"We? I've always been good" said Harry
"This is coming from the guy who thought Spider-Man said Just keep swimming. That is so far from Disney writing" she said
"What's your favorite disney movie?" he asked
"Probably Lady and the Tramp. A couple in love overcoming their differences" she said turning to look at Harry
Harry looked at Bianca's eyes and decided it was time to tell her
"Bianca there's something I need to tell you" he said
"What is it?" she asked

Harry was about to continue but Bianca's parents entered the room
"Oh hello Mr. and Mrs. Aqua" said Harry
"Hello Harry" said Barbara
"Harry I think it's time you go home" said Estevan
"Sure" said Harry as he got up and headed towards the door, but turned around to wave good-bye to Bianca
"Bianca what are you doing?" asked Barbara after Harry left
"I was watching a movie with Harry" she said emphasizing on the "was"
"Summer is almost ending and you're getting closer to that boy" said Estevan
"So what's the point?" she asked
"The point is that you two are from different worlds" said Estevan
"This relationship will only last as long as summer and we don't want you to get hurt" said Barbara
"Mom.....Dad I know you want to protect me, but it's just impossible ok" she said
"Fine, but don't say we didn't warn you" said Estevan before going upstairs
"Your father and I are going to have a meeting with McGonagall we should be back tomorrow at noon" said Barbara
"Lock up and no Harry over tonight" she added

Bianca thought about not having Harry over, but it just didn't seem that fun

"Hey" said Harry greeting Bianca with a kiss as he walked into her house
"Hey yourself" she said
"Something smells good" he said as he smelled the aroma of pizza 
Bianca led Harry into the kitchen
"It's not delivery it's Digorno" she said
"Yeah right you ordered uh?" he said
"Fine you caught me" she said as she put the food onto the trays she had set up in the living room
"Dinner and a movie uh" said Harry
"Yes it's your lucky day" she said
"O.k., but only if we watch this" he said pulling out the Lady and The Tramp DVD
"Where'd you find this?" she asked
"I'll let you in on a little secret" he said motioning for her to come closer
"I got it at the store" he said
"Jerk I was ready to dress in all black or camalflouge to blend in with my surroundings...." she said
"You must be very jealous of the chameleon" he said
"Seriously though I was ready to go out and use some secret code like sour milk to notify the people you bought the movie from that I was here and become one of their customers then we'll walk by each other casually and ex-change our stuff. Of course we'll have to practice our whole walking by because if I mess up it'll be less secretive and our whole mafia thing will be thrown off......." rambled Bianca

Harry decided to shut her up by kissing her
"You just interrupted my rambling" said Bianca in a shocked tone
Harry kissed her again
"Seriously that's a Gilmore no no" said Bianca
"Are those the people who taught you about rambling?" asked Harry
"Yup we can both blame the Gilmores" she said
"Well they're off my gift-giving holiday basket list" he said
"Let's watch the movie" she said as she started the DVD

They ate their food and finished the movie
"That was a good movie" he said
"Yeah it was...hey what did you want to tell me earlier?" she asked
"Oh it's nothing important" he said
"No tell me" she said
"Ok, but first open this" he said as handed her a wrapped box

Bianca unwrapped it to find a Lady and The Tramp box with a beautifully painted and drawn lady and tramp on the cover
"Oh Harry I love it" she said wrapping her arms around his neck
"I love you Bianca" he said finally releasing the words he had wanted to say
"You do?" she asked in a soft voice
"I do and I know it may be too soon to say that, but that's how I feel. You don't have to say it back unless you want to, but I don't want you to feel pressured...." said Harry
Bianca decided to shut him up by kissing him on the lips
"I love you too Harry" she said
"You make me so happy" she added
"You have no idea how happy you make me" he said

The two started kissing eachother passionately. Their tongues battled each other wanting to explore the other's mouth.
Harry began to undress Bianca taking off her shirt to expose her lace bra while  she took off his shirt exposing his muscled which she allowed her hand to roam over
"Harry I think we better go upstairs"
  she said
"Oh right" he said through his deep breathing
He lifted her up allowing her to wrap her legs around his waist. They made their way to her room where Harry laid her down on the bed. They both shed their pants and jus tas Harry was about to go into her she said
"Harry wait you know this is not going to make it easier for when we leave?" she said
"I don't wanna think about tomorrow I wanna live right now right here with you" he said
She smiled and nodded for him to continue

Harry went into her gently. Bianca's little moans of pleasure made him smile. She motioned for him to go fater and harder. Soon their hips were rocking in rhytmn. 
"Oh wow" he said now and then
Bianca felt limp but told him to continue. She grabbed his back pushing him in harder.
"Oh Harry" she said
They yelled out to each other calling eachother's names. Soon they both reached the climax and Harry finally rolled off of her. They both were breathingly heavily.
"I love you" he said as his hand stroked her face
"I love you" she said
Harry then covered them both with the blankets and they fell asleep in eachother's arms


Bianca would never forget that night but Liz was right maybe she did need to let him go no matter what he heart was saying......

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