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i woke up to my mums voice calling me. for the third time according to her angry screams. shes not a morning person. "im up!!" i shouted down to her, annoyed.

i walked over to the mirror and piced up the brush, which i promptly dropped.
i looked completely different! my hair was long, straight and layered. it was a chocolate brown colour. my eyes were a hazel green colour and i had lost the few freckles i had. i was tanned with clear skin, and had shrank from 5,6 to about 5,2. i had a c-cup from what i could tell and i was slim and well devolped.i was... wel i was hot! and thats what floored me. the whole pretty thing i mean.

i jerked awake an hour later with my mums face right above mine, looking ready to cry. "o hermione your alright!" i saw about 5 people standing behind her. i reconised oe as dad but the other four were unfamiliar. wait a second...wasnt that..."what the bloody hell is blaise zabini doing in our house"?!?!?! i yelled, while glaring at him. come to think of it, remembering my reflection, we look really alike.

Thats when my mum burst into tears. "hey whats wrong mum?" i asked, putting my arm round her. she cried even harder. 

"mum!, i shook her gently, "come on whats wrong, you can tell me!im your daughter!"

"no your not" she wept

"what?!what are you on about??" i demanded getting annoyed

"your not my daughter, or arnolds!" she burst out

"im not??"i repeated, shocked.

"no" replied the strange woman, "your are daughter"
she had tears in her eyes. this was getting way to weird. "its true" she said beaming at me. 

"you  were kidnapped when you were one, left at an orphanage, and arnold and jane adopted you. you had a glamour charm put on you hermione, or should i say, grace?" 

grace?!!?who the bloody hell is grace?? i was seriously confused!

"i think we'd better tell you everything!" the strange man spoke this time.

"who the hell are you?" i demanded rudely. i was in no position to be polite to my...parents???

"our names our rose and jay zabini and we are your parents. we live in zabini manor and we've been searching for you our whole lives. you already know blaise" he motioned to blaise who smiled at me, nearly knocking me off my feet for the second time today. slytherins dont smile. they smirk. but that was most definatly a smile. "and this is faith" he continued pointing to the pretty little girl with blonde hair. she waved happily at me. 

"we want you to come home" 

those six simple words washed over me like a bucket of ice cold water. and the strange thing is, i really wanted to go with them. it was like this weird empty space had been filled in my stomach. something that was missing, i had found. god that sounds cheesy. but its true. i looked over at jane and arnold. 

jane smiled reassuringly at me and spoke "we'll always love you her- i mean grace,  but these are your parents and i know you want, i know you must, go with them. you have to go home, to your real home.

i felt tears dribble down my cheeks and i rushed over to hug her and arnold.

"thanks" i said simply. she always could sum me up.

i went upstairs to pack and was done in half an hour. i dragged my case downstairs and into my parents aston martin- i know!!- and we drove of. i was staring out the window when i felt a tap on my shoulder. i turned to see blaise looking at me.

"look grace, i never really hated you, its just that being a slytherin, i had to pretend to hate you, because we thought you were muggle born, i never really cared, no one did its just, well it'll all be explained later." he said

i looked into his eyes and knew he was telling the truth. dunno call it a twin thing, yup thats right we're twins! i drew him into a hug.

"s'ok, i understand"

i saw mum looking at us through the rear window with tears in her eyes. a thought hit me.

"hey mum will i be resorted when i go back to school??" i asked 

"yes hun, you will, i want you and blaise to be in the same house, and for you to know how nice slytherins can be!"she replied

i thought about it and reliased it wouldnt be all that awful. nothing would from now on. i was a pureblood, rich, hot and lived in a manor with an amzing family! what could be better? 
as we pulled up our driveway to my new beautiful house i noticed two gigantic manors on either side to ours. "hey blaise" i asked poking my twin


"whos houses are those?"

"well thats isabelle cassidy, you'll really like her shes dying to meet you, and thats dracos and his mum and dads" he answered

the horrible truth hit me...i was gonna be living next to malfoy!!!im neighbours to ferret face!!!

blaise laughed hystericaly at my expression as i stomped inside. this so wasnt funy dammit!!! 

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