I truly can’t believe how obsessed I’ve become with trying to figure out if Black is using me or not. That ring on my finger must be having some kind of strange affect on me.

It’s been two weeks since my meetings with Dumbledore and Black and I have coincided too much for my liking. The only bad part about wanting (needing, desperately needing) to find Black out is that I have to spend time with him.

I see you looking at me and I will tell you for the final time: I DO NOT LIKE SIRIUS BLACK! How could I possibly fancy the person who single handedly tricked me into being his fiancé just so he could annoy the hell out of his parents? It’s not possible.

Stop staring at me!

“Fae, I wish I was in Gryffindor. I want to be with you. I need my favorite cousin beside me the next time Black crosses my path,” I whined pathetically to my cousin as we sat in the library.

Fae laughed before setting her quill down. “I’m you only cousin silly. And besides if you were in Gryffindor then you would have to spend more time with Black,” she reasoned and I let out a huff.

I know this of course. I really did miss Fae but perhaps her small fact did have some impact on what I wanted, but I just couldn’t help myself. I needed to figure out Black. Damn, he’s wearing off on me!

“The sorting hat put you in Ravenclaw for a reason Addie,” Fae reminded me gently and I groaned in response, letting my head slip down onto the table.

“Fae, I’m not really even enrolled or whatever, I’m only here because of…well, whatever, but shouldn’t I be able to stay with whoever I want?” I surprised myself with my own reasoning. How far was I willing to go to learn Black’s secret?

I distinctly remember telling myself that I didn’t want to find out any of Black’s secrets.


Fae closed her eyes. “Give it a month, Addie. Ok? Then if you still miss me or Black,” she added smoothly, “we can go have a chat with Dumbledore.” I flashed her a triumphant smile and then settled back down to read the Potions book I had started.

One month. I could handle that. Then Black would be all mine. Oh God (Merlin, whatever) help me.

Quite staring!

“Where are you going?” I asked as Fae rolled up her parchment and gathered her supplies into her arms.

“I’m going to party, what do you think? It’s like I can take more than an hours of studying like you, you know,” she teased and I stuck out my tongue.

“What do you mean party?”

“Party, in my language, would mean sitting on my bunk and enveloping myself in the world of teenage gossip,” Fae explained cheerfully as she ignored my blank stare.

“Ok, well listen to me Fae,” I started, “I’m having a crisis in the middle of Hogwarts Library and you would rather go and gossip than help your poor, dear cousin?”

“It’s not a crisis Adriana. Everyone goes through it,” Fae stated firmly as she stood up and began walking away.

I stood up quickly. “Goes through what?”

“Fancying Black,” she replied as if she was saying the most obvious thing in the world.

“I don’t fancy him,” I growled.

“Denial doesn’t look good on you love, but I must be going, ta!” And she vanished. Not literally. She just walked out.

I slumped into my chair; this was not going as I had planned. My head banged against the hard table and I groaned, not only from pain, but also from pure confusion.

“You really shouldn’t do that,” I voice pointed out to me.


I really needed that.

“Really? Well, someone should have told me sooner,” I replied sarcastically and the voice laughed.

“You’re the girl Black proposed to aren’t you?” I propped my head up against my hand and frowned. Sitting before me was a girl with bright red hair and startling green eyes. Lily Evans. Head girl. I think.

“That would be me,” I sighed and she frowned.

“I just don’t understand him. He must be literally insane…”

Yes, we should run some tests.

“…to pull something like this. Why would he do it?”

Her questions and afore mentioned mind ability had already graced my mind, but I tired to held her anyway.

“Insane? Absolutely. The reason, to anger his parents even more and the something is called ‘The Muggle Effect,’” I croaked out in sentences that hardly made any sense.

“The muggle effect?” She asked dubiously.

“Guess who the muggle is,” I grumbled and she clucked her tongue.

“But, you’re not really a muggle,” she claimed and I stared at her shocked.

“Wha-Huh?” I am just so articulate.

“I’ve been doing research on magical humans who are good at Potions. You had me curious even since Professor McGonagall said why you were here.” She paused for a moment, but I didn’t have anything to say. You could say that I was frozen in fear.

“You can’t do any other magic, yet you can do Potions so therefore you aren’t a muggle, simply an oddity.” I’ve been called that a lot lately.

Well, if that’s all she’s got-

“Then I started talking to Professor Slughorn,” she tossed out.


“And he said that you were amazingly good at Potions. It’s strange because you wouldn’t think you would be no offence.”

None taken.

“Is that all?” I questioned hesitantly.

“No, no, I have one more thing,” she divulged and I could tell she was getting very excited before, of course I am an-

“You’re an Empath!”

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

Her voice interrupted my mental groaning. Again.

“Hello in there, anybody home?” She waved her hand in front of my eyes and I suddenly sat up straight.

This was not good, not at all!

“You haven’t told anyone have you? I fretted and grasped her right hand. She looked calmly at me.

“Of course not. Only the entire Gryffindor common, Filch, and…” She caught my look of utter panic and burst into laughter.

She is so going to pay.

“I’m kidding. I haven’t told anyone, but I do know one more thing.” She smiled and my limp hand let go of hers.

Yippee for you.

Please don’t let this girl be as smart as everyone says she is. Please don’t let her put two and two together!

“You’re the reason that that Ravenclaw girl went on a rampage!” She finished triumphantly.

Damn. Crap. Damn. Crap. Moreover, my mental groaning gets a bit more descriptive.

“I-I-I,” my stuttering only brought a smile once more to her face. She reached for my hand and I let her trace the ring gently. She grinned.

“You seriously can’t get it off?” She asked her eyes still intently focused on the ring.

“Nope. It’s stuck. You can try it if you want to,” I offered.

She pulled and pulled and pulled some more, but the only thing that happened was my finger cracking.

“Sorry,” she breathed, referring to the crack.

“Its fine,” I replied and took my hand back, the diamond sparkling as it caught the sunlight. How could something so beautiful be so evil?

“So I assume Black is the only person who can take it off?” She mused and I nodded glumly.

“You really are smart,” I mumbled.

“So I’ve been told,” she laughed. Then her smile turned upside down and her forehead creased. “There just has to be a way to get it off. I can try and help you,” she offered and I sighed.

“I’ve accepted my fate, but if you want to.” She grinned and held out her hand.

“Lily Evans.”

I shook her hand and replied, “Adriana Harris.”

She stood up, our partnership confirmed. We were going to get this ring off my finger if it was the last thing we ever do. “Oh, about the Empath thing…” I trailed off.

“Consider my lips forever locked,” she suggested and twisted a pretend key in an imaginary lock.

“Shit,” I hissed, the word slipping from my mouth as I realized I was late for Potions.

Lily’s eyes flickered before a smile tugged on her lips. “Potions?”

“Careful or I’ll think you’re a stalker,” I chirped as I whisked myself away from our table.

“Well I’ve had a great tutor,” she called out after me sarcastically.

I was betting she meant James Potter. Fae told me he was in love with her or something, but I don’t think I was paying any attention to her at that moment.

As I told you before; the dungeons and me just don’t get along, so it’s not really my fault that I ran randomly into someone as I was trying to escape them, right?

Only problem was that that someone was Sirius Black.

“Whoa Harris, just the person I was looking for,” Sirius chuckled as he steadied me in his arms. Wait. Crap. How do I always manage to find myself in his arms? Not good.

“You were looking for me?” I asked dumbly as I quickly took a step back and evaded the circle of his arms.

“Well, I was sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room, minding my own business,” a grin flickered onto his lips at this, “when my old pal Remus told me some rather interesting news.” The smirk that sat on his lips made me gulp and I felt my palms begin to sweat.

Remus Lupin. Another one of Sirius’ friends. There was something important about him, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Ummm,” my voice went high and I took another step back. I looked behind me and heaved a sigh of resignation that my only escape was to go back into the dungeons.

“He and a friend,” Sirius continued, ignoring my fretting, “were talking and it seems that maybe you aren’t as loyal to your house as you should be. His arms were like lightning as they wrapped around my body and pulled me close to him.

“A friend?” I asked worriedly, desperately trying to figure a way out of this tricky situation.

“A lady friend,” Sirius confirmed and it all snapped into place.

Fae. That little fact about Remus was that Fae was completely head-over-heels for him. No wonder Sirius knew everything that went on in my life. I tell Fae, who then tells Remus who in turn tells Sirius. Bloody hell.


“Fae,” I whispered and Sirius laughed.

“I do have one question though. Who do you really want to come to Gryffindor for? Fae? Or me?”


That thought doesn’t exist.

You imagined it.

“Fae, of course. And besides why would I want to be with someone who tricked me into being their fiancé?” I quipped in hopes of confusing him or anything.

“If you hate me so much why are you still in my arms?”

That’s a very good question. Why am I still in his arms?

“I-I,” he laughed at my stuttering before tipping y head up.

“It’s because you want to be,” he murmured before placing his lips on mine.

No, that’s where you’re wrong Black. The only reason is that I have to get this bloody ring off my finger.

And yes, I will keep telling myself that.

I had to keep playing Black. I had to pretend if I wanted this ring off my finger right? Good. Therefore, there’s my explanation as to why my arms are wrapping around his neck and to why I’m allowing him to push my subtly towards the stone wall.

Whoa! Stone wall? Not good!

I jerked away from him and in doing so; I lost my balance and went crashing to the floor. Of course, the only thing that my flailing arms could grab a hold of was Black so he came tumbling down one top of me.

What a picture we must make.

“Uh!” The grunts of pain both dribbled from our mouths as we collided on the floor.

“How much do you weigh?” I groaned as he awkwardly tried to shift his weight off me and onto his hands.

“I’m a growing boy…” he paused and his eyes lit up as he suddenly realized the position we were in.

Again, not good.

“You know, I could have gotten you on your back a lot easier and perhaps in a softer way, but I must admit I’m don’t really mind this situation,” he gloated and I grimaced.

“Get off of me!” I cried as I wiggled underneath him, but I soon stopped that act as I saw the wicked smile growing on his lips. “You are such a pervert,” I fumed as I lay beneath him, not moving a muscle except the ones that controlled my mouth and glaring eyes.

“You were the only who forced this upon yourself,” he chided gently and I scoffed.

“You were kissing me!” I accused and Sirius let out a scandalized gasp.

“Snogging? Oh the horror! So I assume that you wouldn’t like to give it another try?” He queried as he ever so slightly rubbed his hips against mine.

“GET OFF ME!” I shouted, my lips curling with disgust. Sirius simply laughed.

“You are one strange girl Harris. Almost as if you have two people living inside that amazing body of yours,” he mused and he got up, rolling back on his heels and standing. His hand was held out, but I felt I had the right to decline it. He only shrugged.

I stood up on my own and dusted myself off before sighing. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?” I griped and Sirius took hold of my right hand.

“I need you love, you’re the main part of plan,” he persisted, tapping the ring gently. “Without you ‘The Muggle Effect wouldn’t-”

“Be much of an effect,” I finished for him, closing my eyes.

“So you’ll help me?” Sirius smirked and his eyes were suddenly wide and innocent; they seemed to beg me.

I can’t believe I’m going to do this.

“For now,” I agreed and I caught my breath as Sirius swept me into a hug.

“Thank Merlin!” He sung as he spun me out, holding me at arms length then pulling me back.

“What?” I asked as I stopped my twirl inches from hitting him. His eyes danced.

“Now I don’t have to listen to all your conversations, get Remus to tell me about what you do and where you go and sneak you around corners for stolen kisses,” he explained and my mouth fell open.

“You-you,” I spluttered and Sirius tipped his head back and laughed. “It was all another trick?” I cried my eyes open wide and my mind in overdrive.

I’m so going to kill him.

“And now that you fell for my charms you can’t go back on your promise,” he cackled and I glared at him.

“Yeah? And why can’t I?” I bit back and Sirius’ hand once again gripped mine.

“The ring binds you to me,” he reminded me and I nearly screamed with frustration (I could tell this wouldn't be the last time) at Black and his tricks.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE I TRUSTED YOU!” I screamed pushing my palms against Black’s chest and pushing him away. “You are a sneaky, mangy…DOG!” I shouted unable to describe him further.

Sirius merely smirked. “Why thank you love. You have no idea how true you are, but come,” he ushered me along the corridor and I found that I couldn’t rip myself from his grip.

Wait. Did Black just agree to him being a dog?

“Where are we going?”

“To find Remus,” Sirius sighed and I let out another cry of frustration (see that’s number two) at being unable to get free of his stony grip and because I had no clue what he was talking about!

“Why?” I hissed and Sirius loosened his grip from my arm. I stepped away from him, but continued to walk with him.

No, he’s not a bloody magnet; I just want to find out why we are going to find Remus.

“So we can tell him he doesn’t need to spy for me anymore,” he voiced, his eyes darting everywhere.

“And you would need me because…” I trailed off, hoping he would finish my thought.

“Because… Ah, there you are Moony old pal,” Sirius purred to someone in the shadows.

So this was Remus Lupin.

So that’s why Fae fancies him.

Damnit! Must all the Marauders be so, so hot?

I groaned and instantly the two boys look pointedly at me, I felt the blush crawl around my neck and into my face.

Remus Lupin was cute. He reminded me of an old dog that had been kicked around by it owners to much and now it just wanted love and peace. I don’t know why I thought that, it just seemed to be in his manner and in his eyes.

I was going to ask why there were scars littering his face, but suddenly I caught another glimpse of his eyes and my mouth fastened shut. The look in his eyes, the look of sadness, remorse, and regret; it sent me reeling and the emotions that flooded through him caught me fiercely and took me for a ride. The feelings, I had felt ones like this before. Now that I was feeling them fresh and new, the scars seemed to rip open and I’m surprised that I didn’t cry out. Images of my mother and father flashed before me, but they faded into darkness. I wondered what dreadful secret Remus could be harboring for these emotions for flow out from him.

“What can I do you for?” Remus asked Sirius, his voice mellow totally contradicting the raging war going on inside of him.

“Well, Adriana here finally agreed to help me so I now have no more need for you to spy for me,” Sirius croaked gleefully and I glared at both of them before turning on Remus.

“Stay away from my cousin,” I threatened as I poked him in the chest with a finger.

Remus took a step back before smiling calmly at me. I hated what a contradiction he was. He was lying to himself. But about what? And why?

“I don’t mean Fae any harm,” he told me and I knew he was telling the truth because the instant he said her name everything inside him quelled and he seemed at peace. I smiled.

Sirius puffed. “You’ve known him what? A whole five minutes and you believe him, but you can’t trust me?” His accusations only made me laugh.

“We’ve been through this before,” I replied lazily waving his words off with my hand. “I don’t like people who trick me, especially twice,” I added and I don’t think he could help but grin.

“Are you two done?” Remus interjected his grey eyes all smiles. “Supper is soon. We should head over to the Great Hall.” He held out his arm and I took, Sirius, unsurprisingly latched on to his other arm.

“But you have to swear Moony.”

“I swear Padfoot.”

Sirius poked him.

"Solemnly swear Moony!”

“I solemnly swear to stop spying,” Remus breathed and Sirius smirked.

As we paraded through the corridors, heading to stuff our stomachs thoughts of Sirius using me for evil and Mr. Kane were far from my mind. They would slowly worm themselves back into my life though because Mr. Kane wasn’t done teaching me yet and Sirius still had to carry out ‘The Muggle Effect’ and that alone was bound to bring up some doubts. 

A/N::  Well here you are.  I think it was a rather fast update for me.  Haha.  Sorry for any mistakes... Hehe.


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