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Christmas. It was a wonderful time of year, for everyone. People joined together for a day of happiness and peace. Even though there was a war going on in the Wizarding World, it felt like it was all peaceful.

Harry Potter was sitting on his godfather’s bed lat at night, Christmas Day. He was exhausted, like he had been usually. Harry, Hermione, and Ron had searched nonstop for any kind of hint for Horcruxes. It had been about four months, and so far they hadn’t found anything. He was lost of all hope.

But something about sitting in his godfather’s bed gave him some kind of comfort. He wasn’t annoyed, frustrated, or anything. He was content. But deep down in his stomach there was an unsettling thought. One of the people that he was most anxious to see was not at the Christmas celebration. His father’s last remaining friend, Remus Lupin, had not been there. When he had asked Tonks where he was, she simply replied that she really didn’t know.

Harry wasn’t sure how long he sat there, but he knew that he couldn’t get to sleep. After a while, there was a quiet knock on the door. This immediately alerted Harry, and he got up to open the door. He hesitated at the door for a minute, but after realizing that there was no real reason, he opened the door. In the doorway was Remus Lupin.

He still looked the same as Harry had last remembered him, but something in his eyes was different. They weren’t as tired looking, and they also shone with happiness. Harry smiled, he must be really happy with Tonks. Remus also smiled.

“Happy Christmas, Harry,” he said cheerfully. In his hands was a gift. It was square, thin, and wrapped quiet nicely.

“Happy Christmas,” he let Remus in. “How are you doing?” Harry asked him. Remus went to go sit down on the bed. Harry had pulled a chair so he was facing Remus, but was still giving him some room.

"I’ve been good, how have you been? Have you had any successes?” Harry knew that he was talking about his Horcrux adventure.

“No I haven’t. It’s not as easy as I had first thought. Voldemort is very good at hiding his tracks,” Harry said solemnly, looking at the ground. He heard a slight chuckle.

“He’s not a dumb man, Harry. He is very smart. But I have faith that you will find them all and save the Wizarding World. If anyone can do it, it is you.” Harry felt grateful at the thought that someone had some sort of faith in him.

“I just wish that this had never happened. This is all so terrible. I don’t understand how the Muggles not notice anything that is happening.”

“They are noticing, Harry. They are not as dumb as we think. They might be a little slow, but when a lot of them die, they tend to notice when something is going on.” It became quiet between the two of them, as they both were involved into their own thoughts of the war.

The war had drained many people. People who had lost family members, friends, or even enemies were devastated. It seemed like this was going to be a nonstop war, which it all depended on Harry. They were both thinking this, without the other knowing.

“Harry, I have a gift for you,” Remus said, breaking the silence. He gave it to Harry, who took it slowly. “You’ve heard so much about the Marauders, that I think that you should hear about your mother’s best friend.”

Harry’s complete mood had changed. He loved learning anything he could about either one of his parents. He knew so little about his mother. All he heard about her was her kindness and her intelligence. He had never known of her friends.

He unwrapped the gift to find that it was a photo album. On the cover it said Lily and Harriet. Harry was so eager to notice his mother’s best friend’s name. He turned to the first page, to see two small girls. On the left was the taller girl. She had red hair, green eyes, and a dusting of freckles. Harry instantly recognized her as Lily. He smiled at the picture of her. The shorter girl was standing to the right. She had curly brown hair and dark eyes.

“That’s Harriet Jacobson. Your mother and she met on the first day of Hogwarts on the train. It’s amazing that they stayed friends, even after they got separated into different houses.”

“They weren’t both in Gryffindor?” Harry asked. He then noticed the patches on the robes were different colors.

“No. Your mother was in Gryffindor, but Harriet was in Ravenclaw. That picture was taken in the Great Hall. They had made it tradition that they would take a couple of pictures a year to show how they grew.”

Harry looked on the other side of the page, and saw the same two girls. This time they were outside and dressed in winter attire. Remus saw the picture and smiled.

“That was on Harriet’s eleventh birthday.”

“She went to Hogwarts when she was ten?” Harry asked.

“Well, yes. Her birthday was on December 31st, and Dumbledore thought that it would be unfair to make her wait another year.”

Harry kept looking through the pictures. He had eventually gotten to their second year when he realized something.

“Am I named after her?” Remus nodded.

“Yes. If you were a girl, you would have been named Harriet, but since you were a boy, they changed it to Harry. I think that either way it’s a nice name.”

Harry looked through more pages and saw how much they grew. By fifth year they had both changed a lot. They had both grown taller, though Harriet was still shorter than his mother. During the fifth and sixth year pictures, he would see both his father and his friends. Some of the pictures from sixth year had Remus and Harriet in a hug, or always near each other. Harry looked up at Remus, catching his eye. Remus sighed.

“Yes, I did go out with her.” Remus look in his eye faded a little bit, but he kept his composure positive. Harry nodded, not asking any more.

He had finally reached seventh year. There was a picture of the two of them on the train, smiling and laughing like they did in every picture. There was also a picture of them in long flowing gowns. With Lily was James, also smiling brightly. And with Harriet was Remus. Sirius and Peter were also in the picture with their dates. Harry had supposed that there had been some kind of a ball.

He turned the page again, to see that it was blank. He was confused, and turned the page again to see everyone graduating. He looked at the group of friends. There was something in their eyes that were off. They were all smiling, though, like nothing was wrong. James arms were around Lily’s waist and the rest of the group were laughing and waving their diploma. That’s when Harry noticed something.

“Where’s Harriet?” He said, still looking for her in the picture. Could it be possible that after seven years of friendship that they had called it off.

“Turn to the last page,” Remus said, not directly answering his question. Harry did as he was told and he found an article from The Daily Prophet. There were two pictures: one of a house with the Dark Mark sign above and a picture of Harriet. Harry looked up confused, but Remus just nodded for him to read the article.

First Hogwarts Student Killed in War

Today, at approximetly 9:00AM, Ministry workers and authorities were called to 34 Clausic Street in London, after reports of The Dark Mark over the house. When authorities reached the destination, they found the family dead, including the seventh year Hogwarts Student Harriet Jacobson. The Jocobsons were a muggle family, except for Harriet who was adopted when she was younger. This is the first death to a Hogwarts student, and hopefully the last. Harriet was on Christmas vacation, like many other students. She was only sixteen when she was killed, and would have turned seventeen tomorrow. She was a wonderful student, and questions were raised as to why she was killed.

Harry had stopped reading the article, not being able to read on. He looked at Remus, who looked like he was going to cry. If he had let a tear fall, he showed no sign of it. They were silent, once again.

“Her seventeenth birthday was what she was looking forward to, practically her whole life. She was going to have a big party for it. I’ve never seen someone so excited about a birthday. I think that it was because of the fact that she wouldn’t feel as young as she did. And the fact that she could have some freedom in her life. It was heartbreaking to find out that she never even got to experience it, never mind the fact that she was actually killed.” Saying this broke Remus’ wall down, and some tears escaped his eyes.

“Did you love her?” Harry asked hesitantly. He felt bad asking, but he really wanted to know.

Remus nodded. “I did. Just as much as James loved Lily. She actually got your parents together,” he said with a small smile.

“How did she do that?”

“Well, she did a lot of persuading with Lily. And she was really good at getting them together with the group, and having everyone mysteriously leave. And, what really got Lily was that she made James ignore her for two weeks. It practically killed them both.”

Harry smiled at the thought. He had known that Lily hated James with a passion, but had never known had they had finally got together.

“Why was she killed?"

Remus shrugged. “No one really knew why she was killed. I think most people thought that it was because she was living with a muggle family. But I think it was because she was adopted.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t really know. We never really knew who her parents were, or what their past was. It could be something that Voldemort didn’t like, but we have no clue.”

“Was she a good person?”

Remus quieted for a couple minutes. It looked like he was thinking.

“She was a wonderful person. The best that there was. She was friends with everyone, it seemed. I don’t think I have ever seen her do a mean thing,” Remus said smiling sadly.

Harry decided to look through the photo album again. It was amazing how happy they were. They were all oblivious to the fact that they wouldn’t all make it to graduation. Harry fought the urge to cry.

What Harry really didn’t get was how come she was killed. She wasn’t even out of school, or anything. She was just an innocent person, another life taken by Voldemort.

“I’m probably going to go visit her and your parents’ graves tomorrow, if you would care to join me,” Remus said standing up. Harry stood up with Remus, to find that he was taller.

“I would like that very much.” Remus nodded.

“Thank you, Remus, for the album,” Harry said before Remus got to the door. Remus turned around and smiled.

“Happy Christmas Harry,” Remus said before he opened the door and walked out.


The next day, around noon, Harry and Remus had gone to the graveyard. They had decided to take the Knightbus, since it was a Wizarding Graveyard.

It was much like every other graveyard Harry had seen. There was nothing really spectacular about it. He followed Remus through the graves. They eventually stopped at three graves, right next to each other.

The one on the far left was James, the next one was Lily, and finally the third one was Harriet’s. They had looked a little older, but not so old that you couldn’t read what was written. Remus had brought lilies and had laid some on each of the grades.

“I don’t need to tell you how amazing your parents were, do I?”

Harry chuckled, “No.” He stared down at the graves of three young people who lives were taken. Three lives that had impacted his life the most and he either never met them or barely knew them. Harry couldn’t help himself; he let some tears fall from his eyes. He looked at Remus, who was also crying.

“Why isn’t Sirius here?” Harry asked him.

“He will be here eventually. It takes longer because we don’t really have a body,” Harry nodded, not fully understanding, but not really wanting to know.

They stayed there for a while, just thinking and crying. Sometime later, they both decided to go. They were walking back out of the graveyard, when Harry wanted to take one last look. He had saw that someone was standing in the spot that he was just standing out. It didn’t take him long to realize that it was Severus Snape.

“Remus!” Harry whispered. He had started to take out his wand slowly. Remus had caught him and put his hand on Harry’s hand with the wand.


“Why not?”

“Harry this is a graveyard. Your mother and Harriet were friends with Snape. They wouldn’t want you fighting, when he is mourning over them both. We need to respect them.” After thinking that through, Harry understood. And as much as it hurt, he walked away from a mourning Severus.

As Harry walked away, a new courage was found in him, a new inspiration. If Voldemort could take away three young lives, then Harry could fight for them. Although he couldn’t bring them back, he could do them justice. He was going to destroy Voldemort, for his parents, for Sirius, for Harriet, for everyone who had lost their life. And that was all the motivation he needed.

Author's Note: If you think that its a weird ending, sorry about that. But I really wanted to get that in there. I hope you liked the story : )

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