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Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing except for the character named Amy and the plot. But all the rest belongs to J.K, of whom I share almost the same initials. (K.J) But if you do sue me, here’s exactly what you can get: a coffee mug, chipped, with a picture of my mom, a 5 pack of blue pens, 12 lead pencils, a free movie pass, and a pair of broken sunglasses. And if you really mean bisness, then I’ll throw in a candy pack ****************************************************** Amy’s POV Amy stood; ready to fight another round, with Harry by her side. How had this happened? She had only told Harry about the stone, what did she do wrong? Perhaps…-NO. Harry would never betray her, and tell his friends when he had sworn not to. Or, would he??? Well sure, he, Ron and Hermione were best friends, but that didn’t mean he would put the rescue plan in Danger? Would he??? She thought. If he had told, then they could have been kidnapped, and taken under veritaserum, and it would be all Harry’s fault. Harry’s POV The death eater raised his wand again, but Harry’s surprise, he bowed down to Amy, but just growled at Harry. He spun around to see the relived expression on Amy’s face, her coca brown complection soft at the sight of this action. “What’s going on,” said Harry after a moment of astonished silence. “ Harry,” Began Amy, Her short auburn curls bouncing “ This is my brother, now I know what your thinking, Harry” she said, eyeing the immense dislike on his face “ but he’s on our side. He’s helping us get the second stone.” ********************Flash Back******************** Well, after telling Harry that the stone was duplicated before they really destroyed it, she explained that it was because the philosopher’s stone was too precious to really get rid of, and so they duplicated it, just in case of emergencies. He swallowed that story in a matter of seconds. And the look on his face was priceless. Too bad he didn’t really have a clue………ohhh nooo. He was bound to fall straight into the death eater’s trap, and into Voldemorte’s hands, at least that was the plan. End Flash Back Harry stared at Amy as though she was insane. But all the same he said nothing, and that’s when… Bang!! All inhabitants of the room jumped back, and Harry and Amy Cowered at the sight of the Death Eater’s wand, facing them. They were thrown into a holding sell, which looked amazingly clean, until they turned on the lights. They’re eyes stung, and that’s when they relised they must have been stunned for a while, now. Dead rats were all over, the small bed that they had, was so old, it looked like it was going to collapse under the weight of one of Hermione’s books. It disgusted them when they saw the chains on the wall, with blood dripping down the chacles. “Crucio” It was a male’s voice, and immediately after Amy fell to the ground. Her heart pumping furiously, she gasped for air to fill her exceptionally empty lungs, to no successes. Her legs were giving way beneath her from the excruciating pain, and she fell onto the bed, which surprisingly held her weight, though she didn’t really weigh that much any way. Harry went for his wand as She curled up into a little ball on the bed, but found a death eater holding it, as he lunged for it, the man snapped it in half, with an evil grin. Them man holding his wand toward Amy, lifted his hand, and then turned to leave, as though nothing had happened. “I see you’ve arrived.” Said a familiar nasty voice from the shadows. They stared up in amazement, for they knew the person just happened to be……. ~~~!!!~~~~~~~!!!!!!!~~~!!!~~~~~~~!!!!!!!~~~!!!~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!~~~~~~!!!!! I’m sorry I wrote a vary short chapter, but its my second fic, and I want some reviews, and some tips and things, and I also didn’t want to write a long chapter just so it stunk like an old dung bomb. I’m writing up some new character’s, cuz I’m gonna make a novel length story. But first, please e-mail me at with descriptions of characters. I’ll choose a few then add them to the story. Do you like the cliffhanger? I got it from another story I read on the sight.

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