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Chapter 15 

“Where’s Hermione?” Harry asked entering the great hall with the rest of his friends on Halloween.

“Dean, that git,” Ron snarled, “Made fun of her after Charms today; I heard from Lavender that she was in the bathroom crying!”

“She’s going to miss it!” Draco hissed.

“Well we can’t vary well go and get her can we?” Ron hissed. “Anyway we’ll see you later, bye.” Neville and Ron headed off towards the Gryffindor table as the other three headed towards the Slytherin table.

“Here it comes,” Draco whispered.


All of the members of the staff found themselves dressed in ridiculous colors. Snape stood up looking livid.

“WEASELYS!” he yelled.

Dumbledore smirked, “I don’t think they’re at fault this time Severus.” Dumbledore pointed towards a glittering sign.

The “Coloring of the Professors” was brought to you by THE AMUSANTERS! Hope you had a totally WILD Halloween!”

Just then the doors to the Great Hall flew open. Professor Quirrell came running it screaming,

“TROLLLLLLLLLL IN THE DUNGEONS!” He passed out on the floor and the students started to scream. As Dumbledore instructed the prefects to lead their houses to their dormitories the five boys met at the entrance.

“Hermione doesn’t know!” Harry gasped. “Come on!”

Harry led the way to the girls’ bathroom. They heard a shriek and Ron muttered, “I think the trolls left the dungeons.”

They entered the girls’ bathroom to find Hermione pinned against the wall. Harry and Draco had their wands out in milliseconds. Harry, forgetting all sense, raced toward the troll mounting its back, his wand flying up its nose.

“CAL!” Draco yelled as the troll grabbed Harry and started swinging its club at him.

“DO SOMETHING!” Harry yelled.

“LIKE WHAT?” Ron yelled.


“WINDGARDIUM LEVIOSA!” Blaise yelled at the same time Draco yelled,


Blaise’s spell hit the club and caused it to hover above the troll’s head and Draco’s spell hit the troll’s arm causing it to scream in pain and drop Harry. Blaise dropped the club on its head and it fell unconscious.

“Is it dead?” Hermione asked coming from where she was huddled under a sink.

“I don’t think so,” Neville stated softly.

“Just knocked out,” Harry replied.

“What the, Mr. Potter, Mr. Longbottom!” McGonagall said coming around the corner and seeing the two of them. Snape and Quirrell followed her and noticed the other four.

“Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Zabini, Mr, Weasely, and Miss Granger,” he growled. McGonagall jumped and looked at the other four.

“What is going on here?” McGonagall asked.

“Well you see…”


“We were just…”

“Spit it out!” Snape growled.

Harry noticed blood on his robes and looked up at him in surprise. Snape appeared not to notice Harry’s surprise as their gazes locked.

“It’s my fault professor,” Hermione stated. “I went looking for the troll. I read about them and thought I could handle it. I’m sorry to say I was gravely mistaken. If the boys hadn’t come, I’d most likely be dead.”

The five of them stared at her.

“Five points from Gryffindor for your sincere lack of judgment,” McGonagall stated.

“And five points to each of the boys, for sheer dumb luck.”

“Um,” Quirrell stated suddenly.

“What?” the two professors snarled looking at him.

“The troll just woke up.”

Harry’s eyes opened in shock as the troll grabbed him from behind. His hand tightened on his wand as he began, “BOR---“

He was unable to finish the curse as a jet of red light from Snape hit the troll, knocking it unconscious once again.

“Do something with that monster,” Snape snarled at Quirrell. He went over to Harry and lifted him to his feet. He left the bathroom taking the Sytherins with him. He quickly sent Blaise and Draco on their way before leading Harry to his office.


“What?” Harry asked confused.


“But we were saving Her—“

“I am not talking about the incident with the troll,” Snape growled.

“Then I don’t know what your talking about,” Harry protested.


“What…oh,” Harry said looking down to the ground. “I guess I wasn’t thinking.”

“Calais,” Snape muttered, stepping closer. “You could have been expelled and your father and I would have been thrown into Azkaban.”

“WHAT?” Harry gasped his eyes shooting up to meet Snape’s.

“It was necessary to teach you and Draco the Dark Arts due to your position in the Elvin society, but here in Hogwarts if the headmaster finds out…” Snape let the sentence hang in the air.

“I am sorry, Severus,” Harry responded. “I didn’t think.”

“Understandable,” Snape responded, “Now I believe it is time for you to return to your common room. I trust that you can find your way.”

“Yes sir,” Harry responded turning to leave.

“Calais,” Snape said as he reached for the doorknob.


“Do be careful,” Snape said smirking. “The castle can mislead us into danger once in awhile.”

Harry chuckled and smirked, “Whatever you say.”

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