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Hermione continued telling the guys about what she had been told McGonagall. The guys too were especially intrested in the new special students coming to Hogwarts.

"So I think that they're powerful new students" said Hermione
"Or maybe they're good friends of McGonagall's" suggested Harry
"Or.......or......maybe they're her long lost relatives or maybe they're super super rich" suggested Ron in a amusing tone
"They could be her relatives but I don't think McGonagall would consider someone special just because they're rich" said Hermione
"Maybe they paid her to call them special" continued Ron
"If I pay you with chocolate frogs will you stop with your crazy ideas" replied Hermione
"Maybe" said Ron while Harry was laughing at the newest little arguement that his friends were having
"How is it gonna be having to share a room with Malfoy?" asked Harry

Hermione immediately thought to answer with "Intresting" but she knew this would only earn her a long speech of all the bad that Malfoy's done. Truthfully she knew how long this list was and yet she was willing to give Malfoy the benefit of the doubt. Somewhere inside her she tried to see the good side of him and just when the final battle occurred she was ready to let that go until she saw how hard it was for him to kill his dad. She knew these feelings were to be kept to herself for she would never risk her friendship with Harry and Ron.

"Uh hopefully good not entirely sure yet" she finally responded
Ron was about to give his opinion when all of a sudden in walked Cho

"Hey guys, hey Harry" said Cho using a seductive tone in her greeting to Harry
"Hey Cho" said Ron and Hermione
"Harry can I talk to you alone for a second" asked Cho
"Yeah" said Harry and he began getting up and walked out of the compartment with Cho leaving Ron and Hermione all alone

"What do you think's up with Harry?" asked Hermione
"What do you mean?" said Ron
"Can't you see that his mind is somewhere else?" replied Hermione
"Now that you mention it he did seem out of it today especially the day we picked him up from the Dursley's" said Ron
"Maybe the toll of the battle is catching up with him again" suggested Hermione
"Maybe but he said he was good he didn't go into too much detail about his summer. Maybe something happened that he hasn't told us about" said Ron
"We shouldn't push him to tell us. Let him come to us" said Hermoine
"Yeah. I agree" added Ron
"So did you learn any new moves on the checkerboard?" asked Hermione
"You really wanna hear about my new moves?" questioned Ron
"Hey I was in a strangely normal house over the summer. I missed all the strangely odd things" replied Hermione
"Ok so there's this one that you do................" started Ron on his new moves

While Hermione and Ron were chatting Harry had followed Cho into an empty compartment
"Close the door behind you please" said Cho

Harry turned around to close the door and when he turned to face Cho he was pulled into a deep kiss. Cho had shoved her lips against his asking entrance to his mouth. Harry allowed her access only because he felt sorry for her which he later regretted because he wasn't enjoying the kiss as much as she was. Harry had his eyes starring at her nose waiting for the kiss to end. Cho on the other hand was putting quite a bit of effort into the kiss hoping that Harry would be "deeply moved" by it. After about 10 seconds their lips finally parted.
"So how was that" asked Cho
Harry was trying to find a word somewhere between wonderful and alright.
"Good" he said
Cho stared at him with a puzzled dissapointed look
"Good" she repeated in a tone that suggested she was wondering if Harry was there when she had kissed him
"Good and enjoyable" added Harry
Cho's look hadn't changed so Harry decided to add another adjective hoping it would finally please her
"Good, sweet, and enjoyable" said Harry
"AWWWW you're so sweet" said Cho
"So did you miss me?" she asked

Harry hadn't really thought about her much. She wasn't there for him during the battle for she feared for her life too much. Yet once the battle was over she immediately went back to being by his side. Harry was actually glad for it to be summer because he could get away from her.
"Yeah I did think about you" he said. It wasn't a complete lie the poor dog that had been harassed and bugged by the neighbor's cat reminded him of her.
"Can you believe this is our last year. After graduating we can start our life together" she said
"Yeah It's hard to think our time at Hogwarts is ending" he said leaving out his opinion of their future together. He didn't want to be with her he knew that he'd break it to her soon just not now.
"You know we're alone in a compartment we could......." she said bashing her eyelashes at him
Just then Hermione walked in......

"Oh sorry to interrupt but we're almost there I was just reminding the students to change into their robes" said Hermione quickly and then left to tell the next compartment
Thank you Hermione Harry silently thought
"Well you heard the Head Girl. Don't wanna start the year off on a bad foot" said Harry
"Yeah besides we've got plenty of time to have fun" she said and gave him a kiss on the lips and exited the compartment
"Now how did that dog do it?" he thought aloud and then suddenly touched his lips realizing that Cho was the first girl he had kissed since Bianca
Once again he found himself immersed in a flashback


After the night at the movies the 2 began to spend even more time together. Of course their time was spent wiping things since Harry had continued threatening to take Bianca's books and use them to wipe his..........which ended up being replaced by another word since counsidentily Barbara seemed to walk in whenever he used the word wipe. Bianca and Harry had already wiped the car windows, the bathroom sinks,the kitchen floors, etc. Today they were wiping the cabinet shelves.

"Ok you have got to stop threating to wipe whatever it is you wanna wipe. We've already wiped enough" said Bianca in an non-serious tone because you could hear the laughs that were trying to emerge
"You're getting a kick out of this aren't you?" said Harry
"No actually, I'm getting a kick, a hoot, a holler, a jump, a dash, a bump,and of course a wipe out of this" siad Bianca
"Now I think I should just kick you" said Harry trying to reach his leg to hit her
They both laughed
"Ok we're done" said Bianca putting the duster away
"So what now?" asked Harry
"Well I know somewhere we could go if you promise that you're done with wiping?" said Bianca
"Im done" said Harry
"Really because if you and wiping need some more time together I'm sure there are a few more things that have been un-wiped" said Bianca
"I'm sure besides me and wiping have our alone time together without your interruptions" said Harry
"Ok Harry please I have virgin ears" said Bianca
"So where are we going?" asked Harry
"Follow me" said Bianca

Bianca led Harry to the garage. There was hardly anything in it besides a few locked cabinets and some garbage bags. In the right corner was something big being covered by a tart.
"No really where are we going" asked Harry
"Gosh you're so impatient now close your eyes" said Bianca
"Why? Are you going to turn into my fairy godmother and tell me to tap my feet?" asked Harry
"Yes I'm you're fairy godmother and I'm going to make you pretty" said Bianca
"Just close your eyes" she added
"Fine" Harry said and he closed his eyes only to have his ears hear the sound of Bianca's footsteps and the sound of a sheet being pulled off
"O.k you can open you eyes now" said Bianca
Harry finally opened his eyes only to be met by the sight of a blue scooter
"What's this?" asked Harry
"This is my dad's scooter and we're gonna ride it" said Bianca
"Can we?" asked Harry
"Of course we can don't worry my dad's not gonna shoot us with the water hose or anything to make us fall off of it" said Bianca
"You know how to drive one of these things right?" asked Bianca
"Yeah of course if I can handle a......." he was about to say Firebolt but instead said "horse this shouldn't be too hard" finished Harry
"Yeah because you know how horses are around here" said Bianca

Harry sat on the scooter and Bianca sat behind him. She handed him a helmet and they both put theirs on. She showed him how ro start it and stop it.
"Ok so I have no idea where we're going" said Harry
"You drive and I'll give you the directions" said Bianca
"You ready?" asked Bianca as she wrapped her arms around his waist. They both felt a shock wave course through their bodies.
"Yeah" said Harry

Harry couldn't help but feel so free and happy riding the scooter with Bianca. He wished he could take her to the shys on his broom or even on Buckbeak. He was sad to think that he could never share that part of his life with her. He didn't want to think how this whole thing would only last for the summer. He didn't care, summer wasn't over and right now was exactly where he wanted to be. He looked back only to have his helmet bump with Bianca's. They both began laughing. He had no idea where Bianca was taking them. Soon they were in a forest riding through the leaves and trees. 

"Ok up a little bit more" said Bianca
Harry continued to go straight until Bianca said
"We're here stop"
Harry turned off the scooter and took his helmet off
"Where are we?" asked Harry
"You'll see" she said and ran up ahead
"Wow" said Harry expressing his thoughts on the sight before him

There was a waterfall that fell into a little lake with a bridge. All around them were beautiful trees. The water was abeautiful aqua blue and the trees were medium sized but gorgeuous with strong brown branches

"How'd you find this place?" asked Harry
"I came across it that one day you went home early to help host some dinner guests" said Bianca. "I like to come here to think" she added
"About what" asked Harry
"Just stuff" said Bianca
"Oh my bad forgive me for not being able to narrow it down" said Harry
"I don't know like how this is going to be my first and last year at a new school and about boys" said Bianca
"Well all I can say about school is that just stay true to yourself and know  your true friends. About us boys........." Harry trailed off
"Those were vey touching words" said Bianca
"I was trying to have a moment" said Harry
"I know and I appreciate your words of advide" she said
"So do you have anyone waiting for you anywhere?" he asked quiet bluntly
Bianca knew that took guts and so she answered him 
"No. They might be waiting for me but I'm not waiting for them" she said
"What about you?" she asked
"No nobody special" he said
"So what are you thinking about right now?" she asked
"About my last year of school what's to come and how much the past will affect my future" he answered
"Wow you got quiet a bit on your plate there. You wanna hear my meaningful words?" she asked
"No not really they're not any better than mine so I'll just tell myself my own words" he said
"OUCH, I've officially found my "pick me up person" she said
"Well incase you're unable to find a mirror to tell yourself your words of advice you wanna hear my words?" she added
"Yeah I guess" he said
"Well enjoy your last year because you'll never get it back, remember the past but don't dwell on it and always look to the next day" she said
"Thanks" he said
"So now wasn't that better than the reflection in a mirror?" she asked
"Maybe" he said
They both laughed

They starred inot each other's eyes and Harry began to inch forwards towards her lips when suddenly they both felt a rain drop. They looked up to find that it had started raining.

"We better get going" said Harry
"Yeah" she replied
They both got on the scooter and headed home

Once arriving at Bianca's house they put the scooter in the garage 
"Thanks for showing me that spot" he said in the pourning rain
"You're welcome" she said
Bianca began walking towards her front door when Harry said
"You told me you loved water" he said
"I do" she said
"What do you love about it" he asked
"About how it can be so peaceful and yet so full of adventure" she said
"I've heard it's great kissing in" Harry said with a smile on his lips
"Oh yeah what idiot told you that?" she asked walking toward him
"This bum at the chicken place on tuesday" he said walking towards her
"Did he say if it was from personal experience?" she asked continuing to get closer to him
"No but do you know where I could find someone to kiss in the rain so I could start a conversation with him?" he said their faces only inches apart
"Maybe" she said
Finally Harry bent down and kissed her lips. At first it was sweet and tendor then it became more passionate as Harry asked her mouth for entrance which she quickly accepted. Their tongues toyed with eachother and finally after lack of oxygen they broke apart. Both stared into each other's eyes through the rain while breathing heavily.
"Wow that chciken bum knows what he's talking about" she said
"Yeah he does" said Harry
"I had better go" she said
"I'll see you tomorrow" he said with a smile on his lips
"Yeah" she said also with a smile
They both turned around and walked in an non-straight line to their houses


Harry walked back to his compartment to find Ron and Hermione waiting for him
"So what happened?" they asked
"She kissed me" Harry said
"Boy if I had to guess I would say you're not too happy about it" sais Ron
"I don't want to be with her" said Harry
"You need to tell her" said Hermione
"Yeah I know" he said and he began to take his robes out of his suitcase to change...

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