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Chapter graphic made by whocares.  Chapter written by bluemoonradiogirl

Diclaimer:  I own none of this.  All of it belongs to JKR. That being said, if I see Coni McCoy popping up in any other story, heads will roll.  

I sat in the carriage, listening to Izzy and Lori bicker some more. Cora
stuck her nose back in her book and sat silently reading. I studied the girls; the
determined looks on their faces surprised me, yet slightly angered me. They
all seemed like they’d get him, and nobody else. There was always a chance
for the underdog, and that’d be me. Suddenly the carriages halted to a stop,
rattling everyone inside. I clamored out to see Draco passing by.


“Hi Draco!”   He turned his marvelous blond head my way and sneered.


“What do you want?”


“Nothing, I just-just wanted to say hi,” I stammered. He shot me a confused
look and headed up towards the castle.


“Way to go, I’m sure he’s falling in love with you already,” Izzy said
walking past me and snickering. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. Cora
walked past me, her eyes dazed and unfocused, as though her head were following her
feet and not the other way around. I kept walking up to the castle, when
someone pinched my butt, HARD.


“HEY! What do you think you’re doing!” I cried, turning around to be face to
face with the one and only Giselle. She giggled and beamed at me. Upon her
head was the hat.


“Gizzy, you know that hat is utterly repulsive, right?” I asked her.


“Yup.” She beamed. The hat had been worn ever since her first year at
Hogwarts. It was a disgusting green color, looking like something a
colorblind person would wear. I saw Sol walking towards us, and I ran up and
hugged him. Well, more like smothered.


“Hello there!” he choked out. I beamed; Sol was my best guy friend. I linked
arms with Gizzy and him and we headed towards the Great Hall.


“How was your summer? Mine was good,” I chattered glancing at Sol, who was
trying not to laugh.


“What’s so funny?” I demanded.


“I forgot how much you talked,” he said smiling


“Hey! That’s why you love me,” I teased, sticking out my tongue. He laughed as
we entered the Great Hall. I shot him a glare and we sat down at the
Hufflepuff table.


I barely heard Professor Dumbledore drone on about the rules as I pondered
the chances of me winning. I’d say one out of four, but of course it’d be
brilliant to go out with Draco, to feel his warm lips touch mine-


“Hey! You awake?” Gizzy said, rudely snapping her fingers under my nose.


“Yeah, what do you want?” I said cursing Gizzy inside. I turned to look at
Draco, thinking, would he ever like me?


“Nothing, you had this weird expression on your face though,” she said,
giving me a funny look. She followed my gaze and practically yelled, “Do you
like Malfoy or something?!”


“Do you have to scream it?!” I whispered franticly. Hopefully he hadn’t
heard Gizzy.


“You like Draco Malfoy??” Sol rasped, choking on his shepherd’s pie.


“I’ll tell you later,” I whispered, uncomfortably noticing that Hannah Abbot
and Ernie Macmillan where both eavesdropping, and knowing Hannah’s
reputation as a gossip I couldn’t afford everyone in the school knowing I
liked Draco. Gizzy and Sol ate with record speed and basically dragged me to
the common room. They plopped me down on the sofa and glared at me like two
parents who found their child smoking.


“Constantine Ryann Mcoy, please tell me you do not like Draco Malfoy!” Gizzy
said angrily.


“You’re middle name is Ryann?” Sol asked, wide-eyed. Gizzy silenced him with a glare.


“Yes, I like him.” I gulped, here it comes...




“He’s not a jerk! He’s nice and funny…Well not really but he’s totally
hot!” I reasoned. I’m so glad she can’t read my mind.


“There are other guys you know, guys that like you,” Sol said quietly.


“Who would like me?” I inquired but apparently this was a bad time for the


“Coni, listen to me.” She said grabbing me by the shoulders, “Don’t get
tangled up with him, his father is a Death Eater and he’s likely to go on
the same track.”


“Maybe he doesn’t want to be a Death Eater Gizzy, you never know!” I cried. 
She didn’t know him, didn’t know what he was like.


“Just promise me you won’t get mixed up with him hon,” she said quietly


“No I don’t promise, Gizzy I’m big enough to make my own decisions.” I said
storming out of the common room. All she has ever done is try to control me. 
First year, couldn’t talk to Sol because he had told Gizzy to shut up. And
the list goes on till now, not even the first day back has she tried to
control what I do and who I see. I found myself at the Astronomy Tower. I
braced myself against the cold and sat next to the edge, staring out at the

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