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The Christmas Enchantment 3
Of Broken Ribs, Quidditch Stories and Kisses

I felt bad for yelling at him. Well, I couldn’t really yell at him, but I felt bad for what I did. I was returning to Hogwarts, walking slowly, trying to make time pass so I would have time to think of what to say.


I couldn’t handle this anymore. The pressure to find love, or I’ll die at Christmas? And when the only one to help me is Malfoy? Well, he wasn’t really that horrible, it’s jus that I’m not so sure if I can trust him after all those years before.


As if reflecting my mood, the sun was covered behind the thick gray clouds, and the temperature dropped. I can almost see my breath. I quickened my pace a bit and entered the Great Oak doors of Hogwarts. One step at a time. I walked up the stairs towards the Head common room and slowly walked to his room.


I stood outside, staring at the door before me. I heard kicking and objects being thrown around the room, so I knew it wasn’t a good idea to go in right now. I can hear Malfoy screaming, kicking everything around him. “Damn that Mudblood Granger!” He screamed. “Damn Serena,” He yelled kicking something that apparently smashed to the wall. Then everything stopped. I wondered why it got so quiet, then I think I heard a muffled sob. Who was Serena?


I lifted my hand, ready to knock when I heard glass shatter and fall on the floor. Not even bothering to knock, I entered his room. It was dark. Dark walls, sheets, furniture, it seemed like nothing can brighten up this room.


“Get out of here Granger,” Malfoy growled at me. I stood ground and didn’t move. I looked around, seeing broken chairs everywhere, the drawers on the cabinets where dented, the hangings from his bed was shredded, mirrors were cracked and the picture frame he held in his hand was shattered. What have you been doing Malfoy? He didn’t answer me. It’s either he didn’t want to, or he couldn’t hear me.


I made a move, take a step closer and when I was close enough, I gently put a hand on his shoulder feeling bad for him, but he just pushed my hand away and walked towards his bed, his back towards me. “Get out!” he yelled even more fiercely. Not until you tell me what is going on! I put both my hands on my hips and waited for an answer.


“Why do you care so much huh?” He asked coldly. Why did you care so much about my life? Malfoy had no answer for that one. “Get out,” He repeated, but softly this time. You are seriously going to lock yourself up in here? I wonder why that seer didn’t put this stupid enchantment on you. I was sick of his attitude, and sick of his stubbornness. 

“Fine, then what do you want?” He sneered, still not looking at me. I want you to stop this and get out of this room! 


“I’m not leaving this place,” Malfoy murmured. You know whatever you said to me comes right back at you! You feel like your whole world is falling apart because you got your heart broken.


“It doesn’t matter for me. I’m not the one under an enchantment here,” He got up from his bed, quickly sending a glare my way and leaving the common room. I frowned looking around the room and with a wave of my wand, I cleaned up everything. I didn’t know where Malfoy went anymore.

I ran out our common room, and ran all around the castle, looking for him knowing he’ll end up doing something stupid. There was no use. He wasn’t anywhere to be found. Where has he gone to?


“Well if it isn’t mudblood Granger,” A Slytherin I recognized to be Blaise Zabini. What did he want now? I have no time for this. I turned and saw him backed up by his fellow Slytherins. He was smirking cockily and walking superiorly. “Heard you don’t have a voice,” How did he know about that. I glared at him, and if looks could kill, he’d be dead right now. “Nothing to say Granger?”


Zabini raised his hand and slapped me across the face and I fell on the ground. I felt searing pain spread through my cheek and I’m pretty sure there was a mark there. “Where’s your boyfriend Weasley?” He gave me a kick in the stomach, and I wrapped my arm around it trying to calm myself. I felt another Slytherin kick me from the back. Zabini raised his foot, about to kick me again when a voice rang loudly from the bottom of the stairs.


“ZABINI!” It was Malfoy. What was he doing here? “What do you think you’re doing?!” He boomed.


“Well hello there Malfoy,” Zabini said in a childish sweet voice. “What would you be doing inside in this fine day?’

“First of all Zabini, you’d realize it was raining and it isn’t a nice day, 2nd of all don’t even use that voice again, I’ve told you that before and 3rd of all what are you doing?” Malfoy finished. No one was paying attention to me as I was crumbled up in a ball holding my stomach. 


“Isn’t it obvious Malfoy?” Zabini cocked his head to the side. “Teaching Granger here a lesson for rejecting us Slytherins,” He was talking about today in the three broomsticks when I kicked them out of the pub.


“Leave,” Malfoy growled. “Now,”


“What are you doing?” Zabini asked. “You were always telling me how badly you wanted to beat up Granger and now you have the chance when she has no voice, and you’re turning it down? This isn’t like you!”


“I’m not that low to attack someone when they are vulnerable,” Malfoy glared at the Slytherins before them. “Now leave before I take points away!’


“You wouldn’t,” Zabini asked. 


“20 points from Slytherin,” Malfoy said. I didn’t believe this. He was defending me? After all those years where he hated me, he’s defending me now? Has this world gone mad? Not that I didn’t appreciate it, but it was just unbelievable. I sat up from my position and leaned against the wall that was behind me.


“Your taking points from your own house?” He asked.


“Another 20 points,” Malfoy growled. 


“What have you become Malfoy? Sticking up for mudbloods? Helping them? Especially Granger!” I regained a bit of strength and took me wand out pointing it at Zabini’s head. I thought of a jinx and his head grew bigger, and bigger then eventually it he fell sideways not being able to carry the weight. The Slytherins turned to me apparently aware that I was ok again. I glared at all of them and they ran away. Typical Slytherins.


I just sat there, and Malfoy came and sat next to me. What was happening? He was being so nice, it was like a sudden change in attitude. “Are you alright?” He asked. I nodded, closing my eyes and leaning my head against the stone wall that was supporting me.

What’s gotten into you Malfoy? I asked him. I didn’t get an answer though. My eyes flickered open and I saw that he wasn’t there anymore. I looked around the corridor but it seemed to be deserted. 


I stood up, but as soon as I moved my body, my stomach ached and I feel like someone just kicked me again. I winced in pain, but I didn’t sit back down. I started walking back to my common room which wasn’t that far.


I fell on the couch and stayed there not wanting to move any more. My ribs hurt, and my cheek still stung a bit after that slap I received from Zabini. Malfoy just helped me. When I saw him I thought he’d start kicking me too. There was something wrong with him these days. Even though he was forced to help me, I didn’t think he’d actually do it. “Hermione?” I recognized Ron’s voice from behind the portrait hole. “Hermione? Are you in her?” He asked. I guess he didn’t need an answer because he entered the common room without one. “Hey,” he said once he saw me. “What are you doing lying down?”


I just smiled and shrugged at him, even though it hurt too much, I couldn’t let him know what happened to me. God knows what he’ll do. “Want to go to the Quidditch Pitch? Harry and Ginny are off somewhere so I though I’d come and find you!” Ron said to me cheerfully. I couldn’t say anything but yes, so I slowly stood up and tried not to show any pain. I clenched my fist together from the pain I was feeling. He took a hold of my arm and stirred me around the castle out the doors and into the fresh air.


“Why are you so quiet these days?” He asked. I shrugged again, and felt a surge go through my body which wasn’t good. “Lets go!” The rest of the day, I spent it with Ron. He kept asking my why I wasn’t talking to him and I kept shrugging. I was starting to get worried about Malfoy. Not that I cared or anything.. I’m just worried of what he’ll do if he’s mad. The whole time when Ron was trying to explain the game of Quidditch to me, my mind was somewhere else. On someone else. I really couldn’t believe what I was thinking or why I was thinking it but I couldn’t stop my self. Even if it is about Malfoy.


“Let’s go back in,” He said as it started getting dark. I stood up slowly, still in pain. On the way back to the castle, he forced my hand in his and turned to me smiling. I gave a light smile and tried to tug my hand away, but his grip got tighter. We walked like that, through the halls up the stairs and on the way to head’s common room. I didn’t feel comfortable with Ron holding my hand, but I couldn’t do anything since I couldn’t talk, and I was really weak. 


He stopped at the front of the entrance and faced me. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, I waved bye, smiled lightly then heaved my body inside. But before I could get in, he pulled me into him and kissed me. It was really sloppy and wet which I didn’t like. I tried to push him away, but he was too strong and was holding me too close to him. After what seemed like a long time, he ended it with a smile on his face and left me there disgusted. Sure he was my best friend.. but I didn’t like him that way. That was when I noticed it. Malfoy was there on the other end of the stairs. Looking up at me. I just stared at him, and after a few moments, his emotionless face turned into that famous smirk of his then he turned away walking.


Knowing that he would be up to something.. I just went inside the common room and collapsed on the couch then everything went black.


I groaned as I saw light stream into my eyes. “I didn’t think you were that stupid not to go to the hospital wing after that little incident of yours Granger,” My eyes shot open and I saw Malfoy sitting back in the chair near my bed reading a book. I looked around the room and noticed I was in the hospital wing. “3 broken ribs and it didn’t bother you?”


What are you doing here? “You should be happy because I’m the one who brought you here,”


Why? “Why?” He asked. “You were out cold lying on the couch,”


Well you didn’t have to bring me here. She’s never going to let me out until the next week. I told him coldly. “Do you think I’m happy about it to? I have to stay with you until you get out,” He said grumpily.


No one is making you stay Malfoy. “Yes, Dumbledore is. He even did something to the doors so I can’t get out,” Sometimes I really hated Dumbledore.


How long do I have to stay here? “4 Days,” He replied flipping a page. I was stuck here in the hospital wing for 4 days. With Malfoy. This was going to be… interesting.


What exactly are we suppose to do here? It’s been 2 days and I feel better, but Madame Pomfrey wouldn’t let me out. “How should I know,” Malfoy asked. He was lying back in his char, his head up staring at the ceiling.  I was bored to death so I decided to get him mad.


God, I can’t believe I’m stuck here with you. His head shot up and I saw him glare at me. “Do you think I want to be stuck here with you? Dumbledore even put a bloody spell on the door so I don’t get out!”


I rather spend 4 days locked up in here with the giant squid rather than you. “Yeah, right,” He said rolling his eyes at me.


At least the squid has better manners than a ferret. “Yeah, if you include it sucking your face off,”


That’s what you do to girls Malfoy  “At least I have relationships,”


I wouldn’t call it relationships since you’re never with a girl for more than a week. “You’re the one to talk. I’ve never seen you with any guy. Except Weasley, but I wouldn’t count him as one,”


I’ve been in relationships longer than you Malfoy. “How would you know,”


I don’t. But I bet I have been. And I’m not the one that’s been dumped. “Who said someone dumped me,” He sneered.


It’s obvious. “What ever you say Granger. But just remember, no one has ever broken up with a Malfoy,”


What was her name. Serena? I’m guessing she was the first one. I was pushing it. I knew I was. I could practically see steam coming from his ears. “You don’t know what you’re talking about Granger, so shut up.”


Maybe she broke up with you because she thinks you’re a bad kisser. It was random yes, but I intended to get him mad. Before I knew it..


He kissed me.

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