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Gah I can't believe I can't find my stuffies...and it's bed time! Let's check my list then...pillow...check, blankets...check, blankie....check, stuffies...MISSING! I think they walked I am in my footsie pj's and hey I can't sleep without my buddies staring at me. So up I go, and I patter down the steps on the search of them. I remembered that I had been playing with them earlier...and I remember Sirius was interested in them. OH MY GOSH THAT WEENER TOOK MY CAREBEARS!!!! I will kill him I swear I SO will! I charged up the boy's staircase slipping a bit with my non-grippy footsie's.
"Black!" I screeched as I entered the room, finding Remus and him in a weird position. "What are you doing, Remey can so take you..."

"Is there a reason you are here?" Sirius asked me, not moving.

"Where's share bear?" And all of them?!" I asked getting into his bed and under the covers.

"How would I know? ANd why are you in my bed?"

"You would know cause I figured out your devious plan...and I"m in your bed cause I need warmth next to me as I sleep so your my choice cause you stole my carebears duh!" I was speaking the obvious.

"Not in my bed your not..." Sirius said trying to push me off his bed but I didn't budge.

"Er no, you need to give me back my carebears or else I'm staying here..."

"I don't have your stupid bears..." Sirius said getting up to wrestle Remus some more.

I gasped and tried to kill him with my glare. "NO THEY ARE NOT STUPID!!!" I yelled at him laying my head back in frustration but falling off the bed. Sirius took that prime opportune moment to jump in his bed. I quickly followed and was soon wrestling him to get under the covers.

"Get off of my bed..."





" ha see I gave you some false hope there." I said sitting in between his legs.

"No you didn't you fart face..." He said making me lay down on my side as he started to tickle me.

"FART face?! Wow that's rich...and mature..." I shrieked out.

"Cause I am rich and mature...duh..."

"No you are a weenier head..."

"At least I have a weenier..."

"Who would want one?"


"Ew...that's why you and Remus are always up here along with Peter..."

"Am not..."

"Ah so your a virgin?"

"Why do you say that?"

"Cause I'm interested."

"Why would you be interested in that?"

"Just want to make sure you're not a walking STD..."

"Why would that matter?" He had stopped tickling me and had started to get ready for bed.

"I'm only concerned about Remus...and Peter..." I said shrugging and laying down.

"We had already checked him..." Peter chirped in.

" no STDs?"

"Nope just Herpes..."

"Isn't that a STD?"

"I would be worried about your carebears..." Sirius said falling asleep.

"I would be worried about your package cause herpes makes it fall off..."


"Your right it doesn' just will remain a virgin for life..."

"Doubt that...I'm so fine..."

"Yeah along with the dung-beetle."

"You look like a dung-beetle..."

"You smell like a dung-beetle..."

"You don't have to be here..."

"I need to sleep so shut-up..." I mumbled closing my eyes...

"Fine...but this is SO not over..."

"SO will be once I start to think strait..."


I awoke to something warm, something that wasn't carebears. I nearly screamed when I realized that it was Sirius. Then I remembered why I was up here. I started to crane my neck not waking up Sirius to try to find my carebears. After about thirty minutes I saw something blue and fuzzy under Peter's bed.

"SHARE BEAR!" I screeched out. Someone had decapitated all of them. I started to cry when I saw nails and what nots coming out of their heads.

"What!?" Sirius said sleepily coming up and managing to hit his head on the headboard.

I struggled to get out of the covers, but he quickly grabbed me spotting that I had seen the carebears.

"Let go!" I screeched trying to reach share bear and the rest.

"No..." He said noting that I had started to cry. "O no Wa please don't cry..." He said. I sniffled and sucked in the snot that was starting to run down my nose.

"I want share bear, and my care bears..." I said my lip quivering.

"Wa Wa..." He said pulling me closer and starting to stroke my hair.

"I want orange lolly..." I mumbled hugging him. "Share bear always had a pocket full of lollies..." He did, he always gave them to me too...I think my mum is the one that put the spell on him to do that but anyway he was always there. "Love-a-lot would always give me hugs...Laugh-a-lot made me funny..." Normally Sirius would've said looking, but he would tell i was upset. "And CHEER BEAR...."

"Always there to cheer you up?" He asked.

"No always there to help me cheer you guys in quidditch, and when Lily was popping a pimple..." I said looking up at him.

"Come on..." He said gently nudging me, after about an hour of me just sitting there and crying, thinking about all my care bears, there were nineteen, all now tortured, in different ways.

"I don't want to go..." I said looking at the stuffing, that seemed to had multiply.

"Wish Bear would've been wishing that you would eat..." He said coyly, trying to get me out of the room so that he could dispose of the fluff...and the nails.

I nodded and headed out of his room, pouting on the way...trying to think of ways that I could murder the person that had done this. Then I remembered, it was Sirius that had taken my carebears, as I had so cleverly figured out...I looked down at my footsie pajamas and pet one of the carebears before smiling wickedly, I had just come up with a way. As I dashed down the stairs I rounded the corner a tad to quickly running strait into Lily.

"Are you ok?" she asked, as she had managed to stay a foot.

"I think so..." I said doing a self evaulation...toes...check, legs...check...fingers....working, arms...hurt a tad but fine...head...OH MY GOSH WHERE IS MY HEAD?!

"On your neck..." She replied helping me up.

"Why do I scream stuff out loud?" I asked her.

"No why were you running in the common room, that is pohibited..." She said strickly enough to make McGonagall recoil.

"Well you see, there was this heffelump, well I think that is what it is called, well that is what they are called you see...they are something that come and get you in the night..."

"They are from Winnie the Pooh, that is a childrens story..." She said simply. "They don't exist..."

"YES THEY DO!!!" I said to her pouting. They SO do exsist.

"Ok yeah whatever..." She was turning red, I was drawing attention...

"Well may I go? I have to apply something to someone..." I said edging towards teh staircase.

"Just...go..." She said as I fell again, cause of the slipperyness...

"Thank you!" I said jumping up and running up the stiarcase...Sirius has no idea what was coming.

AN: Yeah,'s true...thanks to that person that suggested it! Now this has been rejected a I have tried to make this more of a story, so if it's not...hpff staff...incrediably sorry, I don't know what else to do, I have led it to the next chapter, leaving you guessing somewhat...but I hope this time it is enough...and I have changed the rating, just in case...and cause I was told to. So I hope you enjoyed this!

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