Chapter 10: King of Carts


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I left Care of Magical Creatures in an unnaturally happy mood for someone who just got a detention weighing flobber worm goop, but I was winning, and that makes me happy. I smiled to myself and flung my messenger bag over my shoulder. I started skipping up to the school singing Were off to See the Wizard. Professor Blovics was looking at me and keeping a safe distance. Maybe he thinks I love flobber worm goop. You know what? Maybe I do! Nothing can get me out of my good mood.


I pushed open the castle doors and started the trek to the Divination tower. Both I and Sirius knew he was going to have a hard time in this class. Professor Hendrix loved him. She practically worshipped him. He of course, would gloat about it at any other time but it would prove difficult for him to get in trouble in her class.


1 hour later…

So I have successfully earned 3 detentions, a meeting with her and the school counselor, and the hatred of the Divination teacher after insulting her subject an infinitive of times.


So now I have Phys Ed…joy ‘o’ joyous joy.


I was about half way when Laura caught up with me already in her jogging shorts and t-shirt.


“So how do you plan to get in trouble in PE? The only thing you can do wrong is refuse to run.” She said while walking fast to keep up with me while I was almost running through the corridor. I had three minutes to get there, change, and get out on the magically paved Quidditch field.

“Oh, uuh, I think I’ll just sit this one out.” I said.

“You’re gonna refuse!? I was kidding! You can’t do that! You’ll get sent to Dumbledore’s office! Or worse! Professor McGonagall!” She yelled incredulously at me panting.


“No I meant I’m not gonna try to get a detention.”


“Oh...” she replied glaring at the passersby who had all been staring at her yelling.


I made it to the changing rooms and jumped into my running clothes.


I ran out on the black tar right before the loud resounding bell rang for classes to commence.


“Right-oh.” Said a rather large man with a handlebar mustache. “Today, we are going to time ourselves running...ahh...again.” he finished lamely.


A groan went through the class along with a particularly loud one coming from the marauder’s direction.


“Can’t we do anything more interesting or even…gasp…different?” Sirius said loudly in a fake horrified voice.


“You can move the carts of new decorations if you don’t want to participate in the curriculum I have prepared for the class.”

 People shut up after that but I got a gleam in my eye and Laura looked up at the heavens asking “Why?” shaking her head and mouthing “he could have said moving boxes or scrubbing toilets or setting tables but why! Why oh why did he have to say carts?! Why I ask!”


I screamed “I’ll go!!” after focusing my attention off Laura’s pleas for help.


“Uhhh...I’m there.” Sirius said after probably figuring out it would be the perfect time to hit on me yet again.


“Me too!!” James said jumping up and down.


“I should probably go.” Remus said looking at Sirius and Remus who were now sitting on the ground thumb wrestling while discussing plans of action with their carts.


“I guess I’ll go.” Laura said with a sigh.


“Fine. FINE! Go you worthless twits.” The professor said rather insulted that we would prefer labor to his lesson plan.


We started up towards the castle me skipping and singing wizard of oz songs, again.


Laura was mumbling to herself about how this was a stupid and bad idea and we should be back there with the Ravenclaw kids and the other girls in our PE class.


“You have no appreciation for carts.” I said sickly looking at her with an over exaggerated withering looking while shaking my head. So I looked more like a blind snake than anything.


“Yeah,” added James, “Why did you come if you do not praise the steel caged god?” James said.


“First off,” Laura started, “its porcelain god, porcelain as in puking in a toilet. Second, I’m not about to let you guys and especially NEEMS handle a cart or anything for that matter without my supervision. And Third, I don’t want to be left with the valley girls.” She finished referring to the three other Gryffindors in our class.


We walked through the doors into the Great Hall and saw carts lined up against the wall with stuff piled high on the on about half of them.


While Remus and Laura started toward the ones with the stuff we were supposed to be moving I made a beeline for the empty ones. Poor kids didn’t actually think we were gonna work did they?


I gabbed a cart a rushed it to the middle of the hall and was about to jump on when Professor McGonagall walked in talking to a house elf that was walking aside her.


“What are you doing Miss Burke!” she yelled across the empty hall to me when she saw me half way on the cart. One foot on the floor and one on the edge of the cart I was pushing.


I stopped dead and fell over taking the cart down with me. James and Sirius suddenly had grim expressions on their faces as they were just about to begin a game of bumper-carts.


“You have to help move these! Not play with the carts! They are not toys!” She continued as she walked towards us.



I picked up the cart that was, may I say, tremendously heavy. I stood up and brushed myself off in a proper manner.


“The pile of stuff on that side,” she said pointing to the end of the hall. “Must be loaded on the empty carts and brought into the side room next to the entrance to the hall. Bring the ones already loaded there also.” She said.


Grr. Bloody woman ruins my fun.


We started with the loaded carts and eventually had all the pre-loaded carts emptied into the room.


I loaded an empty cart humming “Whistle While You Work” much to Laura’s delight after having to endure a half hour of “It’s A Hard Knock Life”.


I pushed it across and dropped a small package about halfway and bent down to pick it up when Sirius was whizzing at me with his loaded cart, standing on the edge, while McGonagall was talking to the Fat Friar.


I laughed as he started to say something to me but couldn’t stop and crashed into the wall on the other side, packages flying everywhere.




James was leaning on his cart laughing so hard he was having trouble breathing. Remus looked disapprovingly at Sirius but you could tell he was trying desperately not to smile. While Laura was standing next to Remus, buckled over laughing along with James.


He got up and flicked his wand. All the packages flew back into place and he unloaded the cart in the room.


I unloaded mine and got another. He was apparently determined to perfect the art of zooming on a cart and stopping it because he did it again.


This time he managed to stop at me. He jumped off the cart just as he reached me but forgot to get the cart and it kept going and ran into the wall again and toppled over.


This time Remus couldn’t help but laugh with James and Laura.


“I forgooot!” Sirius said in a whiny two year old-like tone, which only made them laugh harder.




He went over and picked up the cart


Professor McGonagall strode over and took the cart away from him telling him to help load things on mine, Remus’s, Laura’s, James’s carts. He was no longer allowed to have a cart.


After about 15 minutes she left Remus in charge and ran to catch her next class.


Sirius immediately grabbed an empty cart and wheeled it around to face James’s.


They backed up and started crashing trolleys together. I joined in and managed to tip over James’s and started warring Sirius who I toppled over also.


Remus tried to make them stop but joined in when Laura grabbed a cart and faced him with it. While Laura and Remus were warring and flirting A LOT, I managed to beat both Sirius and James who had teamed up against me. They were both on the floor with their carts and I standing on top of mine that was on its side yelling “KING OF THE WORRRLD!” and shooting fireworks from my wand.


Professor Dumbledore came in and after giving us a talking to, but saying he wished he could have joined in, sent us back to PE.


We arrived back rather bruised but with grins on our faces that perplexed everyone as to why work would be so much fun.


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