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In the morning, Harry awoke to Celeste sitting on his bed, looking out the window.


"Oh, good morning, Harry. I was just watching the owls."

Harry up and looked out the window. They had missed morning delivery.

"Do you have an owl?" Harry asked, scanning the sky for Hedwig, until he finally found her.

"Yeah, he's black, his name is Talon."

Harry glanced back over his shoulder at the window, he had seen a black owl. There he was, flying next to Hedwig. They were heading this way, Harry opened the window. Hedwig came flying in, landed on his shoulder, and stuck out her leg. As he was untying the letter on her leg, Talon landed on his bed and held out his leg for Celeste.
"It's a letter from my parents. Finally, I have been waiting for this!" She said, smiling.

"That's cool, I got, well, I don't know yet. It is... a letter... from Sirius. Ok, I need to go talk to Dumbledore, he told me to come see him at ten. But I will be back soon, Ron and Hermione are in the common room probably, so you can hang out with them, I will be back soon."

He changed into jeans and a new t-shirt, which meant Celesete had seen him in just a pair of jeans. He blushed at that thought, and took her hand in one of his, and led her downstairs. After letting her hand go, and telling Ron and Hermione good morning, he took off toward Dumbledore's office.

He reached the gargoyle outside Dumbledore's office.

"Fizzing whisbees."

Once to the door, Harry knocked.

"Come in, Harry."

He walked in, Dumbledore motioned to a chair, and Harry sat down.
"Harry, I asked you here to talk about Celeste."

"Okay, what's wrong?"

"Celeste Black is..."


"Yes, Harry, Black. She was Sirius's niece. She doesn't know about Sirius, and I don't think she should know. Her mother didn't like Sirius. Now, another issue, Celeste isn't blood related to you, so it is ok for you two to be together. I just asked you up here to ask you if you would look out for her, she's had it rough, and she could use a friend. I just need you to stay with her, and the cot in your room has been made to a bed, and she will be staying in there. She only seems to trust you, so I have to trust both of you that you won't get yourselves hurt."

"Okay. Is that all, Professor?" Harry asked, anxious to get back.
"No, Harry, I have something for you. It's a birthday present. I didn't want to send it to your aunt and uncle's house, because of Dudley snooping, but here you go." With that, Dumbledore handed Harry a very large, heavy gift wrapped in red paper.

Harry opened it to find a picture of Sirius with Harry at Grimauld place, only it was illusioned to look like an ordinary house. There was also a new quill, some color-changing ink, and ten silver, glowing orbs. Looking up at Dumbledore, Harry held them up. Dumbledore laughed slightly and said for Harry to lay them on his bed at night, and they would turn into small stars that floated near the canopy.
Harry smiled and thanked Dumbledore, walking out of his office and back toward the common room.

When he reached it, he ran up and put his new things under his bed, then walked back down to read the letter from Sirius. He didn't tell Dumbledore, because he didn't know what it was. Harry missed Sirius so much, and now getting a letter from a dead person... it was weird.

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