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I sat in the common room full with art supplies. But I was missing one thing. And it was vital if I was to create this amazing thing...that I was doing...well I don't know what I was doing but all I know is that it was vital. I had taken out a green sucker and thought about where I could find glitter...

"What are you thinking?" Sirius asked appearing in front of me.

"How incredibly not handsome you are..." I said simply.

"Nope that can't be it...hmm lets see you have paint, pencils, glue, oh you are missing need to get some of that..." He said sitting down on my lap.

"Darn right I do..." I said to him.

"I know where you can get some..." He told me.

"Where?" I asked wearily.

"I'm not going to tell you..." He said simply.

"Why not?" I asked him.

"Cause you are a meanie pants..." He still hasn't moved from my lap.

"Yeah Mr Bonny tell me where the glitter is..." I said trying to make him move, but he began to squirm his but digging into my legs.

"Yeah no...not going to happen..." He said, he was now in between my legs.

"Well fine...I'm tired anyway..." I said leaning into him and throwing my hands around his neck and rubbing my head into the gap of his shoulder blades.

"No you are not going to sleep on me..." He told me trying to get up. But I didn't let him go so he had me hanging around his neck as he tried to walk towards the boy's staircase. But collapsing into the ground. I didn't move and tried to fall asleep without him rolling me over.

" me..." Sirius whispered. Remus tried to help by taking my waist and tugging at me. But I didn't let go, causing Sirius to choke a tad. I soon wrapped my legs around his waist I yawned and pushed closer to my heat source. "Get her off..."

"I don't know you guys look kinda cosy..." Remus said to him and went to go sit down.

"Peter?" Sirius asked weakly.

" have her now..." Peter told him.


" should be lucky...I wish Lily would do that to me..."

"James I am nothing like Wa Wa..." Lily voice said.

"I never said that..." James defended himself.

Sirius then started to crawl and tried to throw me off.

"Glitter..." I mumbled in my sleep.

"Will someone get glitter?!" Sirius yelped out.

"You mean this thing on the table?" Peter asked tossing some at him.

"YES GLITTER!" I said grabbing it and sitting up on him.

"Ge' off!" Sirius yelped at me.

"Will someone stun him?" I asked sweetly.

James took it upon himself now Sirius was limp.

"Glitter...glue please..." I said holding out my hand. They tossed it causing to hit my head. I started to glue random designs putting glitter and sequins and such on his face. "Paint..."

"Finger?" Remus asked me.



I then painted on a tiger face for him, like he was at a carnival. I added some whiskers, then performed a simple semi-permanent spell on him, and added some wings...

"Who's next?" I asked evilly.

After many screams of terror I had managed to do them all, Remus was a wolf, Peter a mouse, James a lion, and Lily a butterfly. Tossing up my glitter it spilled all over me and the waking victims around me. They screamed once again, as I ran out of the common room towards dinner leaving a trail of glitter behind.

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