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God this Saturday sucks...majorly. I am going to be stuck with Sirius, all day. Fun fun...and get this guess what we are doing...mopping. Yep that's right...eeky dirty water, so sucks. So here Sirius and I stand looking into the buckets of already hideously dirty water.

"You go first..." Sirius mumbled to me.

" are the manly man..." I snapped back.

"But I'm to pretty..." Sirius defended.

"No I am!" I said to him.

"Am not..."

"Oh you did not just say that..." I said to him.

"I think I go first..." He pushed me a tad.

I scowled at him and dipped the mop into it and started to mop the floor, while that prat just watched.

"You best be doing some work..." I said to him.

"But I like watching you work!"

"Well you'll like it less when I gouge your eyes out..."

"Wow you are the one that needs Midol..." He said to me moving away and starting to mop.

"Well I'm sorry, but the stupid frame was stuck on my head for a while..." I said rolling my eyes. "I guess it cut of my humor sense..." I said swinging the mop at him.

We worked in silence after that, my anger getting out on the mop as I cleaned and cleaned. When I wiped the damp hair out of my face I chanced a glance over and Sirius to see him working just as hard. Which surprised me. After about another hour of work I decided that I was bored again. So I took the bucket of water, making it look like I was going to move it and edged it towards Sirius. Where I proceeded to dump it on his head.

"What the?!" She screeched as the water came down upon him.

"What the?!" I mimicked him and started to slide on the water.

Soon he was after me, and I got a bucket full of water dumped on my head as I did to him. It soaked through my as I grabbed my mop and hit him in the face.

"Oi!" He said trying to hit me with the mop. Soon I got a face-full and slipped and ended up on the ground. I then hit him in the knee with mine, causing him to fall, on top of me. I looked up at him in panic and smiled sweetly and pushed him off. I then started to slide around the floor again trying to get the burning out of my cheeks.

"Oh moppy...I love you..." I said talking into the mop and acting like it was a man. "Na na na na, na na na na, HEY HEY HEY! Goodbye..." I started to sing again. He soon joined me again and started to chase me around again.

We set up a race around the Great Hall...

"READY SET GO!" I yelled taking off. He was faster then I so I cut through the race track acting like it was a short cut. But he ran into me again, causing me to be under him again, but this time face to the ground. But I struggled to turn around, as he tried to get up, but slipped again. I scrunched up my face.

"You breath smells..." I told him a lie.

"Does not..."

"Does to..."







And do you know what that stinker did...he breathed on me...ew. I struggled to get up and faked a gag.

"You are such a weaner shintzle!" I cried out at him. "Where's my mop?"

"You are lying on it..." He said.

"Oooo so that's the broom's stick...well that made that thing incredibly less awkward..." I said brightly. "For a second I was worried about you Sirius."

"Shut it mop secretly wanted it to be me..."

"No...not at all..." I said hitting him in the face again with the mop.

"Stop being sarcastic..."

"Stop being ugly..."

"Wow that's rich and original..."

"You know it is..."

"That was sarcasm..."

"Your face is sarcasm..."

"Shut it..."

"You shouldn't be talking..."

"You shouldn't be so ugly, but we can't help it..."

"Wow that's rich and original..." I said mimicking him.

"I know it is..." He tried to do mine...but it didn't work.

"HEY YOU TWO YOU GET BACK TO WORK!" The caretaker said coming back in.

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