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AN: Heck yes another chapter! Well I just wanted to tell you is that if you are interested in how the author (me) looks like, check out my author page, I've put it up. Oh and R&R.

I sat in class once again, to bad it wasn't Daddy Dearest's class...but it will have to do. I had ran out of lollys though, and I am so disappointed. What's that? It was next to Sirius, but it wasn't his. I reached across him and picked it up.

"What's this?" I asked him.

"Er...a frame." He told me looking at me weirdly.

"Where's the picture?" I asked.

He shrugged and took to doodling on his paper again.

I placed the frame over my head and put on a goofy smile. Sirius glanced up at me and let out a snort of laughter. I changed my position to mimc this annoying kid a few years younger then us, Lockheart, to smiling and blinking widely.

"Dude that is creeping me out..." Sirius said knocking me in the head.

"Ow..." I mumbled smacking him.

He then took the frame off my head and put it on his own and raised two piece signs while smiling.

"What are you running for the Minister of Magic?" I asked knocking his hands down.

"Yeah...will you vote for me?" He asked me.

"Nope..." I said simply taking back the frame then starting to dig into his backpack.

"Why not?" He asked, he was use to me looking through his stuff.

"Cause you abuse me..." I said simply.

"You abuse me too!" He defended himself.

"Cause you do it first!" I snapped back.

"Do not..." He replied sticking the frame back on my head.

After doing about three hundred different poses I tried to take it off. "It's stuck..." I said.

"Liar..." He said glancing up at me quickly.

"No...It's stuck..." I defended.

"Well...let me try..." He tried to tug it.

"Ow!" I whispered loudly. Trying to smack his hands away but falling forward into him.

"Ow..." He whimpered out as the corner of the frame his his 'manly' part.

"Sorry..." I whispered back at him.

"Wakanda...why are you and Sirius talking?" The Professor asked me.

"I have a frame stuck on my neck..." I mumbled.

"What was that?"

"I'M GOING TO DIE!" I said jumping up and running around in a circle non stop.

"Will you please go see Professor Hansen?..." She started.

"Daddy Dearest?" I asked her.

"Yes...him, and tell him that you have detention on saturday...along with Black" She continued.

"BUT I've been FRAMED!" I said tugging at it again.

"Just go..." She said sternly.

I ran out of the room yelling. "ORANGE LOLLY! I NEED ORANGE LOLLY! I'VE BEEN FRAMED!!!!" When I had reached his room I was tearing up, and I got stuck in the door frame.

"Wakanda..." He said looking up from where he was grading papers, the class sniggering at me.

"I need...lolly...I've been framed...I blame Black...and I'm stuck...and I lost my dork sporks..." I wailed out to him.

"Come here..." He said beckoning me over.

"I'm stuck..." I said trying to go again, but managing to choking myself in the process. He got up and came to my aid, quickly magicing it off I hugged him fiercely. "Lolly?" I asked pouting. He handed me an orange one. "Oh...I have detention on Saturday...that's why she sent me here..."

He rolled his eyes at me and smiled none-the-less. I then turned around and skipped off, holding the broken frame till I say Sirius and plopped it on his head before running off loosing a lolly in the process...darn.

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