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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter. I mean, have you read my writing? Ugh.




He could stop staring at her smooth mouth as she bubbled on. He nodded mutely worried she could hear his heart beating out of his hest. 

"Riddle are you even listening to me?" Verity spat. He'd been staring at for five minutes, most likely not absorbing a single word that she had said. 

"No." He replied flatly, smirking bit as she rolled her eyes. 

"Ugh! You really are annoying sometimes. As I was saying, for the Christmas Ball I thinking that we could suggest a masquerade theme.”


“Vangelisti?” he cut in as she opened her mouth again. “Why aren’t you telling your partner this? I mean there is a reason they assign two prefects per House.”


Verity sighed and glanced over at Jonathon who was laughing at a very embarrasses looking Slytherin third year. “I don’t even know why they chose him as prefect! Look at him! Picking on that poor boy! Besides, you know perfectly well why I’m not speaking to him.”


“Yet you make no effort to save that ‘poor boy’ I see.” Tom pointed out.


Verity clicked her tongue, “Why should I? He’s a cookie-cutter Slytherin.”


“What does that mean?” Tom growled at the Gryffindor


“I hate Slytherins.” Looking at him, she added quickly, “except you. I find you tolerable enough.”


“Yes well, I think the masque idea is stupid. Who would actually want to prance around in a mask all night?”



“Ohh! That sounds lovely!” Amelia Bones gushed after Verity had presented her idea.


Verity smirked at Tom when she saw the other prefects nod in approval of her idea. Take that you pompous prat! I won I won! HA!  Her eyes flashed happily as he tom rolled his eyes.


Bloody stupid if you ask me. He thought madly to himself. There is no way in hell I am going to dress up and dance with strangers, or the other Houses! He studied his hands; She’ll be there. He glanced up at Verity, not that I care or anything. Fine. I do care. Happy? I do want to see her dressed up with a gold butterfly mask or whatever the hell she chooses.


Verity watched in amusement as the Slytherin’s face changed right before. First in annoyance, then defeat. To anybody else he would have read emotionless, stiff with an air of indifference. She knew him though. She had always been able to understand him; even from the first moment they had locked eyes years ago in the Great Hall she had known how curious he was about her. She knew how pale his face got when he was mad or his lips a thin white line when he was sad. Now she watched his jaw tighten realizing he was being watched. He glared at her; she smiled back.


“That’s all for today then.” Marney Cravens, The Head Girl, said. “It’s decided that we’re having a masque right?” she confirmed as the group of prefects got up. A few mumbled, “yes’” and they were free.



Disgusting! Tom huffed inwardly. As if he has any right after what happened! His eyes flashed dangerously at the red headed boy a few meters in front of him who was currently laughing along with the other Gryffindor prefect. Stupid Prewett. He thought madly. Why couldn’t he just leave her alone?! It was taking all of the Slytherin’s self-control not to take Verity by the arm and keep her for himself. Jonathon Prewett didn’t deserve her as far as Tom was concerned; and Tom had thought he had made that clear to everyone. Everyone but her apparently.

Stop Tom stop! She’s not yours anyway! Not that I “want” her anymore. He forced a smirk onto his stiff features. Just a quick shag is all I wanted anyway. Just once and I’d be over her. His stomach dropped. He was lying to himself and he knew it. It’d been six years since they had first met and he was still rapt with everything about her. He had successfully wormed his way into her life. Making sure they always competed for grades, they both made prefect, and conveniently having the only seat left for her to sit in. It had been hard, especially with her pre-disposition for any Slytherin, but it had worked and she soon saw him as a friend. He would admit, that at first he had just been curious about her. To him she was a beautiful enigma, a black box just waiting to be filled with light. Around fourth year though things started to change. Every time he saw her his insides would squirm and just the sound of her voice made him drunk. He hadn’t been quite sure what these feeling were so he had suppressed them just as he did with most of his feelings and went on like he normally did. Then in fifth year the worst thing that could possibly happen happened. She got a boyfriend and those feeling he had hid away came back stronger than ever. Sure they had both had their share of boyfriends and girlfriends but this wasn’t like when you were in sixth grade and when you stated you were “going out” with someone it was merely a term nothing serious. No. This was for real and Tom hated it. He supposed it didn’t help that her boyfriend just had to be Jonathon Prewett somebody who Tom had never liked.

Tom Riddle was not one to give up, and give he did not. He clung closer to Verity, so close that she confided in him more than the others, close enough that he knew practically everything about her and her relationship with Prewett.

Tom would dream and hope that something would break the two up but knew if it did it wouldn’t improve his position one bit. It wasn’t as if Verity would ever choose to be with him instead anyway. In fact it was impossible. He was a Slytherin and she a Gryffindor. The two houses simply did not mix. There had been exception enough when the Houses had accepted the two would remain friends. If they were together it would stir up a whole other level of trouble for them both. Yet, as much as he denied it to himself, he knew he wasn’t just curious about her anymore. 

He, Tom Marvolo Riddle, was completely and irrevocably in love with the Gryffindor.



AN: basically I haven’t update in forever and this is a short chapter I know. I have more but I’m doing some major editing to it so yeah. Sorry Delaney but you’ll be in the next chapter. I promise! What’d you guys think? Do you think Tom is too OOC? I tried not too to stray too much but it’s so hard to make him emotionless. I’m not sure. Hmmm…

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