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AN: This Spork idea came to me via EvilSmurfa! Thanks love! This one is dedicated to you...and hpfan_091! You all I will get to dedicating chapters to you soon k k? Read and Review as always thankums :D

"When did they get sporks here?" I asked holding up a metal spork.

"Never...don't you remember Daddy Dearest handed it to you?" Sirius asked looking at me like I was odd...which I am.

"Oh yeah...well this is so cool!" I said laughing and starting to spin it around.

"He Wa Wa..." James said sitting across from me.

"Hey Jamespoo what's up?" I asked looking up momentarily to see him force a smile.

"Nothing..." He said brightly.

"Do you all just force smiles around me?" I asked looking around.

"No!" They said truthfully.

"That's what I thought..." I said shrugging.

"What's that you got there?" Lily asked joining us and sitting next to James.

"A spork..." I said off-handily.

"Why do you have a spork?" She continued.

"So I can spork your eyes out..." I said smirking and stabbing Sirius in the stomach cause Lily was to far away.

"Ow...that hurt!" Sirius said rubbing his side.

"BEHOLD THE SILVER SPORK OF DOOM!" I declared standing up and raising it above my head. "YOU ALL MUST BOW DOWN TO MY DEADLY SPORK!" I added.

My friends mimicked bowing down even Lily who I am pretty sure still terrified of my spork of doom. Oh yeah that's right fear the spork.

"Ok...Lily trying to figure out this equation...." I said smiling and sitting down. Lily nodded. I pointed to the boys and then the spork.

"Ok boy plus spork of doom equals..." She started.

I started to poke Remus repeatedly.

"Boy getting poked repeatedly with spork of doom?" She said while Remus said ow ow ow ow over and over again.

"Yes! Oh yeah that's right fear the spork, fear the spork!" I said doing a small dance.

"You know I think she is the reason why none of us have girls..." I heard Sirius mumbled to Remus behind me.

"I heard that..." I said poking each of them... "And it's not my fault that other girls but Lily can't stand my company..." I said looking down to where I had put my spork. "HOLY FOOK DA SPORK IS GONE!" I said looking around. "WHERE IS THE ALMIGHTY SPORK?!" I shrieked. "Oh wait never mind it was in may hand...NEVER MIND!" I called out to the er...non distressed hall.

Sirius reached out for the spork but I moved it away quickly, accidentally sticking Remus in the back of the head.

"OH MY GOSH! You bent the spork!" I cried out to him. "And I'm out of ORANGE LOLLYS!" I cried pouting. Ah here comes Daddy Dearest, thank god. And what's this he is bringing another Spork! He loves me so...I love him. "Daddy Dearest!" I cried out hugging him then taking the lolly and new spork, he also handed me a red lolly...thank you!

"This is your last spork..." He said to me.

"Ok..." I said sweetly then smiling brightly at him then started to look at my old spork and new one. Ah ha! DORK SPORK! My old spork shall be er Dorkus...the male spork...and Dorketta, the girl spork...yeah that makes sense. Hmm do you think I would be able to mate the sporks?

"No..." They all said.

"Did I say that out loud?" I asked.

"Er yeah..." Peter answered.

"Oh oh well..." I said shrugging yet again. "OH MY GOSH! I spoon and a fork equals a SPORK!" I said coming upon this new discovery... "Do you think I can mate them?"


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