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AN: Muhaha I loved last chapter, it twas so great. I love all you guys for commenting! I know this story is all wack...and Wa is a Wacko...but I just love writing her! Well as always please R&R cause I love to smiled when I read what you guys put!

"What are you wearing?" Sirius asked as I sat down next to him.

"Er what does it look like?" I asked him.

"A rat..."

"Well it's a wig..."


"Here's yours'..." I handed him a blonde curly long haired one, while mine was a blonde afro.

"I'm not wearing that..." He said looking down at it in disgust.

"Yeah you are..." I said simply.


"Cause we are going to be board without it..."

"How is that?"

"Cause you will be cripple and I won't stay to entertain you..."

"I am not cripple..."

"You will be..."

"Ok...fine give me that..."

"You need some midol..."

"Do not..."

"Do too..."

"Don't start..."

"Aw but this is the major part of our convos..."

"Yeah but we need to talk about something else..."

"Put on the wig."

"Is it infested with something?"

"Nope...I made sure there was no Nargles..."

"You really need to stop reading the Quibbler."

Oh no he did not just say that, that magazine is like my Bible, I am going to work for it one of these days. I scowled at him and took out a orange Lolly.

"Aw poor baby..." He said pouting at me and putting on the wig.

I smiled and handed him the orange Lolly before taking out a red one. I then started to fix his hair to my liking, mostly putting beads and barrettes in it. He was sucking on the orange Lolly while I did this. Then soon I was poofing up my fro. I then stood up pulling down my pink tank I started to pose. Then I started to sing.

"The name on everybody's lip is going to be Roxy..."

"I'm going to be a celebrity that means someone everyone knows..."
Sirius joined in.

"...Who says murder is not an art!?"


We started to dance around shimming left to right. Sirius twirled hair around his finger.

"...but always in the best of taste..."

"I'm a star and the audience loves me, and I love them, and they love me for loving them, and i love them for loving me, and we love each other...and thats cause none of us got enough love in our childhood...and that's showbiz...kid."

" I finished off.

Sirius started to whistle and we started to march around the common room my fro bouncing up and down, his hair twirling around his face. I bit my lip and watched him for a bit taking out a pink lollypop, which means...well I hadn't decided yet, that's why I have so many pink lollypops...I wanted to see my daddy dearest...he could help me figure this out.

"You can like the life your living, you can live the life you can even marry harry, but mess around with Ike..."

"Hmm I like that name Harry..." James said appearing at my side.

"Ah...there you are James!" I said smiling and fishing out a short red wig from my pocket.

"I am not putting that on..." He said automatically.

"Please..." I begged him.


"Perhaps Lily will like you with red hair..." I said off-handily.

"Give me..." He said reaching out for it and putting them on.

"What are you guys wearing?" Remus said appearing with Peter.

"Put one on and you will see.." I said fishing out once again two wigs. One was a gray beehive wig, and another a blue strait one that would reach to my elbows. I handed Remus the blue one, and peter the beehive one.

"Give them the old razzle dazzle, razzle dazzle them..." We started to sing again.

"Ooo let's play Simon Says!" I said brightly once we finished what we were singing.

"Er...ok I'll go first!" Sirius said brightly.

"YAY!" I said lining them up.

He started with holding one foot and thrusting out his body and hopping around in a stomach. I had fell on my face and he declared me out. So pouting I watched them their wigs getting all off centered and askew, Sirius' still looking pretty.

AN: Well that was yet another chapter...I was laying in my bed last night and I was thinking...hmm what should other chapters be based off of? Well I figured a lot out...I am going to work on them non stop!

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