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A/N: Wow the most evil cliffhanger in my last chapter…sorry guys haha.

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling is the genius not me.

Sandy and Remus...together?

Chapter 19: A Wild Midnight

(From the last chapter)

Professor Dumbledore's voice rang out and the instructions to lift the masks were told. Sydney grinned and gently pulled off her mask. As she stood there unmasked, she waited for him to do the same. He smiled at her and lifted his as well.

Staring at her mystery guy she kissed his cheek and raised her eyebrows.

"I love you too."

(And the story continues…)

He smiled down at her with his gray piercing eyes and held her in his arms as everyone was chattering with shock and laughter. How could Sydney not know who he was? He loved her. She loved him. It was all that mattered.

"Sirius…how long have you known?"

He looked up at the sky and laughed, shaking his head. Sydney knew her answer. She knew the exact moment she loved him. It was on the first train to Hogwarts when he had hit on her and marked him the most annoying boy at school.

"It was when I first saw you in the train compartment. Odd huh?"

Sydney giggled and pulled him into a kiss. It was perfect. Everything. Looking around she laughed at the entire scene. Snape was in complete shock as he stared at his mysterious dance partner, Lindy. She made a disgusted face and walked away as he shuddered distastefully. Fancy was just simply standing by the food table looking mighty pissed off. Lily and James of course, were oblivious to everything around them and were still dancing to no music.

But the one scene that Sydney couldn’t keep her eyes from was Remus waiting for Sandy to take her mask off. They had been dancing the entire night. When she finally gave in, she lifted it and smiled awkwardly up at Remus. He seemed surprised and Sydney couldn’t tell if he was pleased or just confused. Sydney grinned as he just lent her his hand indifferently, to dance just once more before the night ended.

Sirius kissed her forehead as they kept dancing and Sydney couldn’t feel any happier as she slowly swayed with him as the beat went on. She looked up at the enchanted ceiling as gasped. How? What? There was a full moon in the sky. She quickly glanced at Remus, waiting for some transformation. But nothing happened.

As if he noticed her panic, Sirius looked into her eyes.

"What's wrong?"


Sirius let out an exasperated breath before she could finish. He looked like he was slapped and Sydney finally realized why. She had brought up Remus…

"No. Sirius, I mean there's a full moon out."

He looked up with her and nodded. The way he took it so casually made her think that he knew more than he was letting on.

"Dumbledore figured out a way he can lengthen his time before transformations each full moon. He'll probably start at around 1 today…he only requested it for tonight so that he could dance with everyone."

Sydney looked in the direction of Remus and watched as he pulled away from Sandy and kissed her hand before he left the dance floor. She could tell from Sandy's expression that his exit wasn’t exactly one she expected. Sandy watched Remus leave and the giddy smile she had on her face, drooped a little as she watched other couples dance around her. Sirius lifted Sydney's chin and kissed her sweetly.

"This is where I bid you a goodnight…my love."

Sydney grinned and grabbed him before he could leave. He stared down at her with wonder, she paused and then kissed him back.

"Be safe. I love you."

With one wide grin, he nodded and took off with James by his side. Sydney wondered where Peter could be. He was always gone and he hardly ever hung out with the boys anymore. It was a bit odd, but probably something she didn’t need to worry about. Besides without his creepy presence it was nicer to hang out with the Marauders.

Everyone started to head upstairs to bed and Lily started complaining about needing some sleep. So Sydney was about to go and walk with her…but she noticed that Sandy was still standing in the middle of the dance floor looking very upset.

She told Lily she'd catch up with her later and walked over to Sandy with a small smile.

"You okay?"

Sandy's eyes averted and she shrugged with confusion.

"I thought maybe he'd be happier."

Remus. Of course, that was why Sandy was so sad.

"He's just a bit weary lately, if you hadn’t noticed."

"I know. He's always so tired. I worry about him a lot, does he have a disease or something?"

Sighing, Sydney shook her head. She patted Sandy's shoulder and suggested calling it a night and talking later. Sandy finally agreed and they started walking up to the dormitories, but before they even left the Great Hall, Sandy pointed out something weird.

"Fancy and Lindy didn’t head up to the dormitories…"

Sydney wrinkled her forehead.

"What do you mean?"

"They went outside I think. I think they tried to follow James and Sirius."

Sydney stopped breathing and closed her eyes in complete terror. James and Sirius were helping Remus with his transformation…if they followed them…they could find out about Remus' secret. Or worse…get hurt in the process.

Sandy seemed to notice Sydney's anxiety and frowned.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Just hope they don’t hit our boy's is all…" she tried to chuckle to get out her nerves but when she ran off to find Lily, she knew Sandy might think something was up.

Luckily, Lily was just at her portrait waiting to get in. Sydney grabbed her arm and explained everything.

"You've got to be kidding me…" Lily said in shock.

"Look I didn’t run in this huge dress just to tell you that they might have…"

Lily nodded and looked down at her dress also.

"We don’t have time to change, we have to go right now."

They took off down the corridors and avoided getting caught altogether. When they finally made it outside, they had no idea where to go. Shrieking shack? Is that where they said they had the transformations?

"Let's just go there in case."

It was a lot harder running in a dress than anything they'd ever attempted.

I hope they're okay

"Yah me too." Sydney replied to Lily.

Lily gave her an odd look.

"Okay what's going on? I know I didn’t say that out loud."

Sydney looked down at her necklace and groaned. She had forgotten to take it off.

"I'll explain later…right now we have to focus on the guys."

When they stood outside of the shrieking shack, they shivered from the cold and the noises they heard emitting from the disheartening place. Lily took Sydney's hand and they walked fast to the entrance of the dark and gloomy house. They heard whispering and they followed the girl's whispers. Sydney put her hand up to her heart, because they had finally found Lindy and Fancy who were trying to peek into a broken window.

"Petrificus Totalus…" Lily whispered as she aimed her wand at them. They both fell stiff as boards. Sydney gave Lily a high five and they both wondered what they were supposed to do with them. Lug them back to school?

Suddenly, they heard a loud howl and a dog's barking. Slowly but surely, the sun was rising early and the girl's were a lot happier to say that maybe they wouldn’t have to explain everything to Fancy or Lindy.

At that very moment, the door was thrown open. Sirius…or really Padfoot came bounding out as did Prongs, but what Lily and Sydney did not expect to see…was Remus…no wait…Moony. He came out staggering and heaving in a slouch. His claws were threatening, teeth snarling and his fur was patchy all over his body. He wasn’t Remus…but a werewolf. He gazed up at the rising sun and howled so piercing that Lily gasped for air. He seemed to hear her and spun quickly suddenly, scenting someone other than his friends.

A twig broke somewhere from around them…but it wasn’t Sydney or Lily. They paused and watched as Remus sensed someone else's presence and frowned. Had someone followed them there?

It was Sandy.

She had followed them from school. She stood a couple feet away from Padfoot and Prongs but she was staring at the werewolf in front of her. Sydney could tell she was in shock, she made no move to run, but her eyes were wide open and her chest was rising with every deep breath she tried to gain. Moony growled and started after her, but Padfoot and Prongs stayed in front of him, no matter how much he clawed or snarled. He was held back. He howled out in pain as the sun finally hit him and his transformation started to take over again. His back was suddenly in the right posture and the fur was gone. He fell to the ground in exhaustion. He lifted his head and gazed at Sandy who still stood there in her red dress grazing the ground.

Sydney and Lily held each other's hand as they watched Sandy's heart break. Tears flowed down her face and she shook her head slowly…trying to figure everything out. Remus was a werewolf. Remus struggled to get up and maybe console her but she took a step back.

"No…" she said with a faltering voice.

"Please….Sandy…" He tried to make his breathing regular and held up a hand to get her support.

"Stay away from me..." She said adamantly. She bit her lip and ran off in tears. Remus dropped his head and closed his eyes in grief.

She left him for what he really was.

A/N: Sorry that took so long everyone! I've been sooo busy with classes…but I promise to keep updating. Review and let me know what you think!

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