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Chapter 1: Prologue


Summary: Prologue only! What if it was different? What if Lily loved James but James hated her? Read and Find out!



“Hey Lily” A girl around seventeen called out


Lily Evans was the most popular girl in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had dark red hair which reached her mid-back, flawless white skin, emerald green eyes, and a slim body. She stood near 5’6 feet and was extremely conceited; she believed that she could get anything she wanted. She loved herself more than anything and anyone…except James Potter.


James Potter was the most popular guy in Hogwarts. He had messy jet-black hair, he had dark hazel eyes, he stood near 6’1 and he, also, hated Lily who couldn’t get that he didn’t want her. He was the seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team He was the only child of Harold and Marie Potter, and was the heir to the Potter fortune. He was, also, the leader of the Marauders which consisted of both his best friends Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.


“Hey, Alyssa, how was your summer?” Lily asked her best friend Alyssa Connor


Alyssa was the second most popular girl in Hogwarts and was Lily’s best friend. She had dark black hair which reached her waist and ocean blue eyes and she was 5’7.


“It was okay, how about you?” Alyssa said as thy boarded Hogwarts Express


“I found some knew ways to make Potter love me” Lily said before she began her search for the messy haired boy. Alyssa groaned and said, “Lils, you know, he doesn’t like you right?”


“Lyssa, of course, he likes me who wouldn’t like me?” Lily said arrogantly


“Then how come ever time you speak to him he always says the same thing: ‘Shove off, Evans” Alyssa retorted


“He’s in denial, no one and I mean no one can resist Lily Evans charm” Lily said opening another compartment before slamming it shut


“Believe what you want, Evans” A voice said behind them


‘Speak of the devil and he shall come’ Alyssa thought as she and Lily came face to face with the Marauders


“Oh you know you love me” Lily said smirking


“In your dreams Evans” James said rolling his eyes and crossing his arms


“You’ll always be in my dreams Potter” Lily said smiling


James just glared at her before he turned around and began to leave but was stopped when she called his name,


“Come on, potter, go out with me” Lily called back at him


Without turning around, he snapped back, “Dream on, Evans,” before he left joining his friends who were waiting for him


“See! Lily he doesn’t even like you?” Alyssa cried out as soon as James was out of hearing range


“Just you wait Lyssa, this year James Potter will be mines” Lily said smirking before she entered an empty compartment


Alyssa growled in frustration before she followed lily inside the compartment.


This year will be a long one…


End of Chapter


A/n: What you think? I know I am the only one who ever wrote a story when Lily loves James but James hates her because I checked on Search! I am so original! Yay! Read and Review if you want me to continue! Read and Review!



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