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Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

“Ginny dear – it’s time to get up.” Molly said as she opened the curtains to let the sunshine into the room.

Ginny groaned as she rolled over and pulled her blankets over her head. “Mum – I’ll do my chores later – just let me sleep.” She said sleepily.

Molly blinked and looked at her daughter’s sleeping form. “Chores? What are you going on about? Ginny Weasley – wake up this instant!” She said sternly as she pulled the covers off of her daughter. “You haven’t done a chore in this house in about four years. Now get up – Hermione is on her way and your brothers are outside getting the back yard ready.”

Ginny slowly began to drift from the surface of her dream. As her mother’s words filtered through the sleep induced haze she was in, she realized what her mother was going on about. Instantly, her eyes flew open and she sat up in bed. “Oh Mum! Today is the day isn’t it?” Jumping from the bed, she did an excited twirl about the room and grabbed Molly in a hug. “I’m getting married!”

“Yes – now when you’re finished acting like you didn’t know what day it was – I want you to get to the loo and have a shower – we have a lot to do today.” Molly said, smiling as she hugged her daughter back before kissing her on the cheek. “I’m going to head down to the back yard and make sure your brothers are doing things correctly. If I don’t keep an eye on them the twins will have everything undone. Then I’ll bring you up some breakfast.”

“Thanks Mum – are you sure I can’t help with anything?” She asked preparing to follow Molly out the door.

“No! Today is your day and you won’t be spending it downstairs preparing food or arranging flowers or the like.” Molly paused and gave her daughter another hug. “Today is your day my darling. That makes you the princess.” She placed her hands on Ginny’s shoulders and looked at her daughter. How she had grown from a tomboy of a girl into a confident witch without Molly noticing was beyond her. Tears bloomed in her eyes as she thought about the fact that her only daughter was just hours away from marriage.

“Mum? Are you going to cry?” Ginny asked cautiously.

“No – no of course not – but as mother of the bride I am entitled to if I see fit!” She exclaimed as she gave Ginny another bone crushing hug. “Now get yourself into that shower. When I come back in I expect to see you sitting here waiting to get ready!” She finished before sweeping out the door and shutting it tightly behind her.

Ginny stood for a moment and looked about her childhood room. It was in this room she had first learned about Harry. She had been all of five when Molly had first told her the story about the boy who had lived; the boy who had saved everyone from the evils of Voldemort. Ginny remembered how she had sat on the very same bed she had just risen from with her knees pulled up to her chin, listening as her mother told the story to her. Her five year old heart had gone out to the poor orphan boy and she smiled as she remembered how she asked Molly if he could come and live with their family. And each time she asked the question; Molly would smile and kiss her daughter good night before she tucked her snugly into bed. Ginny smiled wistfully at the memory, it seemed even at that young age she knew she had been destined to be a part of Harry’s life. And in just a few hours she was about to make sure he was a part of her life forever.


At their flat, Harry was enjoying a peaceful dream where he and Ginny were spending some quality time under an oak tree when he felt a poke in his rib cage.

“Ger-off – I need five more minutes.” He grumbled, rolling away from the offending finger. He felt a slight movement on the bed and the poke came again. “Ow! I just want five more minutes!” He complained, vowing to ignore whoever was disturbing him when the poke happened again. Sighing loudly he opened his one eye that wasn’t hidden in his pillow to find an identical pair of green eyes to his staring at him.

“Daddy - It’s time to get up. Granmum told me when the little hand was on the eight and the big hand was on the 12 that I had to wake you up.” James said, reaching out to poke Harry again.

“Hey – I’m awake.” He said, grabbing James finger gently. “No more poking ok?”

James snatched his finger away and rose onto his knees to bounce excitedly. “Okay, can we have breakfast now? I’m hungry.”

Harry sat up against the headboard and yawned sleepily. “Sure we can Mate. Is your Mum already up?”

James stopped his bouncing and regarded Harry with a look that said, you’re being silly Dad. “Mummy’s at Granmum and Grampie’s house remember?”

The words hit Harry like a freight train as he realized what today actually was. By this time tomorrow they’d be married. He just had to get through a day of waiting and a ceremony where he had to vow his love to her in front of everyone that was near and dear to his heart. “Of course I remember! I was just playing!“ He said as he threw back the covers and got out of bed. Holding his arms out, James jumped into them. “Let’s go get some breakfast shall we? Then it’s a bath for you and a shower for me. Mummy will know if we don’t clean behind our ears today.”


Ginny pulled her robe tighter as she sat down at the window seat in her room and watched the hustle and bustle taking place in the garden below. The twins were setting up a pile of fireworks in the corner of the garden. Fred was arranging them while George kept look out for their Mum. Bill was magicing chairs into straight rows and although her father was no where to be seen, she knew he was hidden in his shed. After the many years of marriage that he had shared with Molly, Arthur knew when to keep out of her way and today was one of those particular days. She was about to raise a hand to wave at Charlie when Molly walked in with Hermione in tow. Setting down the tray that was in her hands, she conjured a large comfortable chair and helped Hermione settle into it.

“Ginny! Get away from that window – what if Harry was to arrive and look up and see you? If there is one superstition that I agree with muggles on it’s that the husband not see his bride on the day of their wedding.” Molly kissed Ginny as she sat down on the side of the bed and reached for a slice of toast from the tray.

“Honestly Mum – it’s not like Harry and I haven’t been spending every other day together since he came home. You’d swear that this was the 15th century.” She said, rolling her eyes as Molly turned to survey the room. “When are Harry and James coming over here? You know I would like to see my little boy before the ceremony.”

“Harry, James and Ron will arrive with plenty of time for you to see James. Now I want you to enjoy your breakfast it while I see to everything in the kitchen. I’ll be back later to help you with your dress. If you need anything before then, just call.” Molly answered, patting Ginny on the shoulder before heading out the door.

“You know, both you and your mum are surprisingly calm considering what day it is today.” Hermione said, pick up an apple from the pile of food that Molly had left for the two of them. “Ow!” She cried, cringing as she put her hand on her belly.

“What’s the matter?” Ginny asked, flying to her side and immediately going into healer mode. “Is it back pain? A contraction? You know twins are always notoriously early – “

Hermione chuckled and held up a hand to still Ginny’s fretting. “Oh no – it’s not any of that. One of the twins just took out a kidney that’s all.” When Ginny looked at her suspiciously, Hermione laid her hand across her heart. “I promise! I had a long talk with the two of them last night and told them they had to promise to stay inside until tomorrow at least and that if they took the limelight from their Aunt Ginny’s day I would never forgive them.” She took a healthy bite of her apple and munched happily. “Now – let’s talk about you. It’s your day after all!”

Ginny got up from her knees and sat back down on the bed, picking up a fresh slice of toast from the stack on the tray. Molly had seemed to think that there was an army upstairs in her daughter’s room.

“I’m excited of course – but I just can’t wait for it to be over and done with. It’s kind of surreal you know? That after all both Harry and I have been through we’re finally going to have the chance to be married and raise James and the baby.” Ginny said, quietly picking apart the piece of toast in her hand and letting the crumbs fall onto the floor below.

“Ginny – I felt the exact same when I was married. Do you remember how terrified I was? I thought for sure that Ron would run away or that I would trip going to the altar…” She trailed off when she saw the look of horror on Ginny’s face. “Oh! I guess I shouldn’t have brought that up! None of those things are going to happen to you! Harry would never run away in a million years – he’s noble that way.” She cursed as she watched her sister-in-law’s lip begin to tremble and her eyes fill up with tears. “Oh blast it! I didn’t mean that either – Harry loves you. He always has –“

Ginny laughed and brushed the tears out of her eyes. “It’s okay Hermione. I know he does – it’s the hormones I think. I don’t remember feeling this many ups and downs with James.” She stood and gave her friend a hug and pressed a kiss in her bushy brown hair.

“Are you feeling fine otherwise? I don’t think I’ve asked about the baby in such a long time. I’m such a horrible friend!” Hermione said, feeling tears bubble to the surface as well.

“Oh – Baby Potter and I are both doing fine. And don’t go feeling guilty about not asking me about us. You have two concerns of your own right now.“ Ginny sat back on the bed and pulled the towel from her hair, shaking the dark red tresses out around her shoulders.

“I think it’s best we get started on the primping portion of my day don’t you?” She said, reaching over to grab her wand from the night table. “We’ll start with your hair I think –“

“Oh no – concentrate on yourself Ginny. I can take care of those things myself.” Hermione protested.

“Hermione dear – you know I love you like a sister but honestly you and I both know you’re hopeless when it comes to these sorts of charms. And I learned from the best. Mrs. William Weasley taught me well when she tied the knot with Bill. It’ll take me but a minute. And then I’ll do mine. I want us both to look gorgeous today.”

“Where is Fleur today? I expected your Mum would have herded her in here with us.” Hermione asked, reaching for slice of toast for herself.

Ginny stood and began to fuss with Hermione’s wild mane. “She was planning on being here, but Amie isn’t feeling well this morning, she’s going to be here for the ceremony though. Now let’s see – I’m thinking an upsweep would work well today.” She continued as she started to work the charm to style the other witch’s hair.


Harry sighed and counted to ten patiently before turning towards his son who was presently sitting on the chair in the living room and was stubbornly refusing to head to the loo and have his bath.

“James you need to have your bath.” He said evenly, trying to not let the exasperation show in his voice.

“No! I want Mummy to give me my bath!” He whined, crossing his arms across his chest and settling further back into the chair.

“We’ve talked about this Mate. Mummy is at the Burrow and once we get ready here we can go over there to see her.” He responded, kneeling in front of his son so he was at the same level for negotiation with him.

“I. Want. Mummy.” James said quietly, staring back at Harry with the same emerald gaze.

“Please, just do this one thing okay? And I promise we can go right away. You don’t want Mummy and Granmum to be upset do you?” He asked, reaching out to tug at James’ arm.

“No! I. Want. Mummy!” He yelled, pulling away from Harry and curling himself into a tight ball. Harry backed off momentarily and wondered where this sullen little boy had come from. Just a half an hour ago, his son had been chatty and laughing at his father as Harry spilled the carton of milk on the table. Now, he could see from the set of James’ jaw and the way he was balled up in the chair that it wasn’t going to be easy to deal with him.

Counting to ten again, Harry leaned forward. “James – Uncle Ron is going to be here soon and we are supposed to be ready for when he comes.” He said, reaching out again.

“NO!” James yelled loudly, his cheeks becoming red with anger. “I don’t want a bath! And I don’t want to wear those stupid robes!” He sprang from ball and stood on the chair and glared down at his father, tears welling in his eyes and threatening to spill over.

Harry stood and decided to try and different approach. Pointing towards the hallway, he began to yell. “James Weasley! You will march yourself down the hall this instant and get into that bath!”

“NO! NO! NO!” James yelled back, his little hands balling into fists as he started to cry. Harry felt the magic in the room before he saw it. It made the air hum with power. The pictures that Ginny had hung on the wall began to shake on the nails from which they hung. “NO!” He screamed one final time before he tried to leap off of the chair. Harry sensing where he was going to go was able to grab him in mid-air. As his arms closed around his son’s waist, James started to struggle. “LET ME GO!!” He yelled through his tears.

“James – you are going to have a bath and that’s final!” Harry said his voice firm as he tried to keep a grip on his son’s wriggling body.

“I want Mummy!” He cried as his legs kicked, hitting Harry in the thighs.

“I know you do. But before we can go and see her you need to have a bath.” Harry responded trying to hold his temper in check. Magic was still humming through the room as James’ tantrum continued. It was the first time Harry had experienced tantrum of Weasley proportions and he was quite sure it wasn’t how he expected to spend the morning of his wedding day. Hitching James higher up on his hip, he held onto him and tried to send out calming thoughts to his son. Harry was sure at this moment, the tantrum had become so far out of hand that James wasn’t sure why he was upset.

As quickly as it had appeared, the magic that Harry felt in the room began to subside. Harry felt the tenseness that was holding James rigid leave his little body and his legs stopped kicking. He used the opportunity to shift him in his arms and turn him so he was snugger in Harry’s arms. He was still crying but the temper was gone from him.

“I- wa-ant- Mummy.” James hiccupped, wrapping his arms around Harry’s neck.

Harry sighed and sat down in the chair that they were standing beside. “I know Mate. But Mummy’s quite busy today. That’s why we are going to get ready before we go over to the Burrow.” He rubbed his back James back and gave him a hug. “Just think how happy Mummy will be if we arrive all ready for the wedding.” He said, hoping that the promise of Ginny being happy at their efforts would help convince James.

“I don’t want to go.” James said quietly, wiping at his tears and rubbing his face into Harry’s t-shirt.

“Go where? To the Burrow?” He asked, looking down into James’ face. His brow was furrowed and though Harry hadn’t known his son as long as Ginny had, he could tell he was worried over something. It was the same look he got when he had something eating at him.

James shook his head as he gathered a piece of Harry’s shirt in his fingers to rub. “No, I don’t want you and Mummy to get married.” He said, tears welling up in his eyes again.

“You don’t want us to get married? Do you want to tell me why?” He asked quietly, hoping to keep him calm.

“Cause Jimmy told me in the park that Mummy’s and Daddy’s fight when they get married. I don’t want you to fight. Then you’ll leave again.”

Harry sat for a moment and let the words sink in and tried to think about how Ginny would deal with this sort of statement. She of course would have the perfect answer for him, but he knew if he tried to consult with her today – Molly would run him out of the Burrow on the end of her broomstick.

“Well, James – I think Jimmy might be telling you some fibs. Mummy and I might fight, but I promise you I won’t leave because we fight. I love you and Mummy more than I could ever imagine. I’d be too sad if I left” He explained, looking down at James.

“Are you sure?” He asked doubtfully.

“I’m positive. Now today is supposed to be really happy. Granmum won’t be very pleased if we show up sad will she?” He asked, tickling James in the ribs until a giggle escaped. Satisfied, he stood up and lifting James high over his head to make him laugh, he made his way down the hall to the bath.


Ginny felt a seed of panic take place in her belly as she watched Molly bring her dress into the room. Her hand rubbed the bump and felt the baby move inside her.

“Ok Ginny dear – let’s get you into this.” She said, bring the dress over to where Ginny stood beside the mirror that had been moved into her daughter’s room.

“Mum – I don’t think it’s going to fit. The baby’s too big.” She said, gripping the knot on her bathrobe.

Molly rolled her eyes and sighed. “Nonsense, it’s nothing a little magic can’t fix. Now let’s get into this. Your ceremony is only a few hours away – there are still some things that need to be done. I have to find your father and make sure he gets into those dress robes so he can bring you down the aisle, and then I need to find Ron and make sure he gets Hermione settled at the front of the church. It’s a shame that she won’t be able to walk down before you.”

“Mum – I don’t care about that – I’m just happy she’s still able to be here. Those twins are going to arrive sooner rather than later. I can tell.” Ginny responded, giving in and removing her bathrobe.

Standing before the mirror, she stepped into the dress as Molly held it up for her. As she pulled it around her shoulders, her fears materialized, while the fabric was still abundant and flowing in the skirt, from her waist up it was tight. “Mum! It doesn’t fit – I knew this would happen – what will we do?”

“Shhh – it’s ok darling. Remember we are witches.” Molly said, patting her shoulder lovingly. Taking her wand out of her robes, she stood behind Ginny and recited a simple sewing spell. Ginny felt the fabric loosen around her midsection and breasts before tightening up again as the buttons in the back were done up.

Both witches looked at Ginny’s reflection in the mirror. In that moment, Molly realized that her baby was finally grown up. Blinking back tears, she gave Ginny a tight squeeze.

“You look beautiful Ginny.” She said, kissing her on the cheek. “I am so proud of you. I’m going to go find your father so he can get ready to take you down the aisle.” She exclaimed, walking towards the door.

“Thanks Mum.” Ginny replied blinking back tears herself.

“Now don’t get wrinkled and keep the door shut. Harry just arrived when I came up here. And you don’t want him seeing you if he wanders by.”

“Harry’s here? And James? How do they look?” Ginny said excitedly rushing towards the window to see if she could catch a glimpse of her two favorite men.

“Get away from that window Ginny! Your Dad will be bringing James with him when he comes to get you. If I find out either one of you tries to see each other I will hex the two of you so bad you will wish you were back at Hogwarts!” Molly admonished with a smile on her face. Turning on her heel she left her daughter alone to ponder her thoughts.


Ginny was getting quite bored of being alone in her room and had just begun to count the faded flowers on her old wallpaper when there was a soft knock on the door. Jumping up, she hurried over to greet her visitor.

“Who’s out there?” She asked.

“Your favorite brother.” Came the reply.

“Charlie?” She asked, knowing it full well it was Bill on the other side of the door.

“Open the door Gin-Gin – it’s me Bill.” He said, as the door flung open and Ginny shooed him in. Once inside, he was awestruck at the sight of his baby sister. She seemed so grown up, so far away from the wiggly little pink baby his mother had brought home from St. Mungo’s all those years ago. Gathering her up in a hug, he squeezed her tight.

“Wow – Ginny – you look so beautiful.” He said in wonder.

Blushing she laughed at his compliment. “Thanks Bill, I just wish time would go a bit faster – I don’t know how much longer I can take it.” She said, setting herself back down in the chair she had vacated to answer the door. “Hey? Why are you up here? Does Mum know?”

Bill laughed and sat himself down on the bed. “No – I snuck away to see you. I couldn’t let my favorite sister get married before I wished her good luck.”

“She’ll skin you if she finds you up here. You could be passing information to the enemy. She might to try to cut that hair of yours.” Ginny said, smirking when his cheeks flamed pink.

“Don’t worry I’ll use my charm on her if she catches me. She’s busy finding Dad anyways – he seems to be in hiding.” Bill replied with a laugh and tugged on his ponytail subconsciously. Even after being married for nearly eight years to Fleur, he still kept his hair longer than his mother would have liked. Rising from his spot on the bed, he leaned over his baby sister and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Congratulations Ginny. I know he’ll treat you the way you should be treated. And that you’ll both get the happiness you deserve. Married life is nothing like you’d expect but I know you’ll settle in quickly. Little Mum that you are.” He said quietly, brushing away a tear that escaped from her eye.

“Bill! Don’t make me cry!” Ginny said grabbing her oldest brother in a hug that squeezed the breath out of him. When his breath returned, he squeezed her lightly trying not to wrinkle her dress.

“Sorry little sis. I better go and see if I can find Fleur and Amie. We need to settle the baby before the ceremony starts. Love you Gin-Gin.” Bill said, giving her one last kiss before heading to the door. When he got there he checked both ways and slipped out.

Alone again, Ginny picked up her wand from the side table and twirled it through her fingers. She heard squeals and shouts from outside and smiled as she recognized them as James and the twins. Hoping he was keeping as clean as possible, she decided to sneak a peek out the window. As she rose from the chair, she heard a creak from a loose floor board behind her. Turning, she let a squeal of her own out as her eyes fell on Charlie.

“Charlie! You made it!” She cried, throwing her arms around him and pulling him tight.

“You didn’t think I’d miss my favorite sister’s only wedding do you?” He said, returning the hug. Extracting himself from her arms, he leaned against the small desk.

“Well Mum was a little worried you’d not be able to get away on such short notice. And I’m your only sister.” She replied, smiling and leaning up against the desk beside him.

“Small detail. I figured the dragons would be fine on their own for a few days.” He commented, looking at their reflection in the mirror across from where they stood. “Wow – we’re a far way away from those afternoons in the meadow playing quidditch. We do look good though.” He said, throwing an arm across her shoulders and pulling her close.

Ginny nodded and smiled up at Charlie. Bill may be her favorite of all her brothers, but Charlie was the one that made her feel safest. From as long as she remembered, he was the one that coddled her when she got hurt and their mother wasn’t around to take the hurt away. The memories made her feel sentimental and the prickly feeling in her eyes started to return. Blinking back the tears that were threatening to come again, she decided to lighten the mood.

“So did you bring a special date today?” She wondered, and giggled when the tips of his ears turned pink.

“No – I did not. Mum was disappointed of course.” He said.

“But there is someone? Charlie I can tell by your pink ears.” She commented, watching as he mulled something over in his head. She poked him in the side when he stayed silent for too long. “Come on – tell me – I promise not to tell Mum.”

“It’s not Mum that I worry about so much as those damn twins. You know if they find out they’ll hound me to my dying day.” Charlie said, chuckling to himself. “But if you promise not to mention it – yes – I’ve met a girl.” He held up a hand to keep Ginny from blurting out the questions he knew she had. “And that’s all I’m say about it today you can ask me tomorrow ok Little Snitch?” He said, smiling when the use of his old nickname for her caused to blink back tears again.

“Charlie – you haven’t called me that since – “

“Since the summer you set off for Hogwarts and you told me that you were too grown up for me to call you that. But sometimes I forget yeah?” He kissed the top of the springy curls that were piled on top of her head. “I better get back downstairs before Mum knows I’m not watching the twins like I promised. Good luck – Harry caught himself a good one.” Giving her a quick hug, he too slipped off as quietly as he had entered, leaving Ginny alone once again.

Sighing when the door clicked shut again, she cursed herself for being such a soft touch today. Patting the bump that was nicely hidden by her dress, she moved over to the mirror to inspect the small amount of make up she had applied to make sure it had not smudged.

“This is your fault Baby Potter.” She said quietly, while she peered into the mirror and dabbed at her eyes.

The next knock that came at the door was sharp and precise. Knowing exactly who it was, she called out for them to enter.

“Hello Ginevra.” Percy said as he came into the room. “I met Charlie on the stairs and he said I would find you up here. Has Mum hidden you away for the day then?”

“Hello Percy.” She said, greeting him with a quick hug. Percy was never the type to linger on signs of personal affection with her so she took what she could get. “I’ve been up here most of the day. Mum is quite afraid I would run into Harry.”

At her future husband’s name, her brother’s spine stiffened. Although he was now once more welcome into the family, the way he had treated Harry all those years ago was still a touchy subject. Pushing his glasses back up from the tip of his nose, he cleared his throat and straightened the large ascot that he wore with his dress robes.

“Although I don’t much approve of you and Harry marrying each other;” He held up a hand to keep Ginny from protesting his words. “As much as I don’t approve - I do see how happy you are. So I wanted to wish you all the best. I didn’t want to tell you down in front of the whole family but I am proud of who you’ve grown up to be. Even if you tend to take after the less-civilized part of our family.” He said, as the tip of his nose rose into the air.

Ginny stood speechless at her brother’s words. She knew it had taken him a lot of self sacrificing to head up the stairs and wish her well on her wedding day and she also knew that although he had chosen words that many would have thought to be less than sincere; it had to have taken him a long time to choose them and for Percy they were the right words. Smiling, she hugged him once more.

“Thank you Percy. That means a lot to me.” She said, quietly, resting her cheek against the soft fabric of his dress robes.

Hugging her back, he stood awkwardly for a moment before moving to the door. “Yes, well – I must get downstairs and make sure the Penny is still where I left her. Fred and George tend to scare her and we had a rocky apparition from America.” He said and then as quickly and surprisingly as he had come, he left the room.

At his retreating back, she rolled her eyes and settled herself back into the chair at her desk. She glanced at the clock and noticed there was still an hour or so until the ceremony and she was getting quite cooped up in her room. Deciding she would seek out Molly and beg to change scenery, she headed towards the door. As her hand closed on the door knob, she felt two identical pops of air being displaced on each side her.

“Ginny, I would highly recommend – “ One began.

“That you stay where Mum has put you.” The other finished as each grabbed an elbow and carried her away from the door.

“Hey!” She cried out, looking up at the twins as they stood with their arms crossed in front of her. “When have you two ever done what Mum has asked?” She queried, raising an eyebrow at the pair.

“Since she just put the run to us out in the garden.” George responded.

“She’s off her nut today – Gin-Gin. You’ve worked her up into a tither.” Fred countered. “Now – normally this would prove to be a good thing – “

“Usually having one of the others to fuss over means she ignores her best –“

“Brightest –“

“And most handsome.” George finished with a wounded look as Ginny rolled her eyes at their words. “But today she’s determined to have us watched.”

“Which is why we are here little sister.” Fred said, conjuring two chairs for himself and his brother to sit in. “We need to lay low for a few moments.”

Ginny looked from one twin to the other. The sparkle in their eyes seemed to brighter than usual. “So I’m only worth a visit when you are on the run? This wouldn’t have anything to do with the giant stash of fireworks I noticed you hiding earlier in the morning?” She asked, chuckling when identical looks of surprise crossed their faces. “I noticed you this morning before Mum forbade me to look out the window.”

“You’re a sharp one dear Ginny.” Fred said, reaching out to pat her shoulder lovingly.

“Never miss a thing do you?” George countered, throwing his arm around her shoulder as well. “Harry won’t be able to get away with anything, will he Fred?”

“No – not a thing. We’ll be losing two of the best.” Fred responded, hanging his head in sadness.

“Two? What are you two on about now?” Ginny asked, looking from one brother to the other.

“You and Harry are foraging onto the path of adulthood. No more fun stuff.” George said.

“But we can tell you two are fool enough to love every minute of it.” Fred said, a smile breaking out onto his face. “Which is why we had to get bring fireworks today. To give you one more moment of pure foolish joy before heading down the path. Can you let Mum know that when she goes nutter on us later in the evening?”

“Sometimes I wonder where Mum and Dad found the two of you.” Ginny laughed, throwing her arms around both brothers to hug them at once.

“Well, we like to think wandering gypsies left us behind one fateful day. To allow us to bring joy to the hearts of our family.” Fred said, laughing and returning his sister’s hug. “We’re happy for you Gin-Gin.”

“Over the moon - even happier to have Harry as an official member of the family. It means we can test products on him. We have a family only rule.” George said, returning the hug as well before standing abruptly.

Ginny was about to comment that their family only rule only applied to the two of them when they both whipped out their wands and banished their conjured chairs. Footsteps could be heard outside on the landing by her room.

“We must be off dear sister.” Fred said quietly, lifting his wand into the air.

“We shall see you at the ceremony.” George whispered, mimicking his brother’s actions. Together they disapperated together, leaving Ginny alone once more.

The footsteps stopped outside her door and Ginny looked towards it thinking it had to be Molly coming to visit and was pleasantly surprised when she found the last of her brothers was opening the door.

“Hey Ginny.” Ron said, quietly as he slipped into the room following the twin’s abrupt departure. Like the rest he was dressed in his finery, but she knew these were the same cut and colour as what Harry and James were wearing as he was the best man.

“Ron! You look smashing! But why no maroon?” She laughed, embracing her brother in a hug.

“Thanks. I told Harry if he made me wear maroon I’d turn him to stone and then let the twins experiment on him. You look pretty great yourself. Harry is going to be speechless.” Ron chuckled as returned her hug. Much taller than Ginny, her head tucked in under his chin. “Hermione wanted me to sneak up and visit. She figured you’d be nutters by now.”

“Oh I’ve had a few visitors.” She commented, gesturing towards the edge of the bed as she sat down once again. “And all had ginger hair, just like you and me.”

“Good.” Ron said, sitting down on the edge of the bed beside his sister. “Almost time now. Nervous at all?”

Ginny looked down at her hands that were clasped together in her lap and felt a sensation of panic creep up on her. Until that moment and with the exception of those teary moments through out the day, she hadn’t been all that nervous until Ron mentioned it.

“A little. But I’ll be fine once I can see Harry.” She said, quietly.

“Well if he ever went mental and skipped off – I’d hunt him down and make him regret leaving you. Even if he is my best mate.” Ron said, his ears turning slightly pink as Ginny laughed at her brother’s statement. Patting his knee she leaned into his side.

“Ron you can have such a way with words.” She said, and the two lapsed into silence, lost in their own thoughts. It was something they had done on numerous occasions when they were young.

“You know – I’m really happy that you’re marrying him.” Ron said quietly.

“I know. You’d be sulky if you weren’t.” She laughed. “So are you ready to be a Daddy?”

Ron sighed deeply and looked down at his younger sister. “Of course I am – I’ve had lots of practice being Uncle Ron.”

“But – “ She pressed.

“But I’m scared as hell. Ginny – what if they hate quidditch and all they want to do is read. I’m not sure if I could handle it. And what if I’m a shite parent?” The words tumbled out of him and she felt sympathy for him. She had the same type of jitters when she had been pregnant with James. It was amazing though that these fears didn’t exist with baby two.

“It’s ok Ron. They will love quidditch and reading together. And you and Hermione will be great parents. That I have no doubt about.” She said, hugging her brother. “Wow – can you believe it? The two youngest Weasleys will be parents before most of our brothers. I bet Mum didn’t see that coming.”

Ron laughed, feeling at ease again. “No I don’t think that was in Mum’s grand plan. Well I best get back down there to the groom and Hermione. Both of them are as jittery as a billywig.“ Standing, he looked down at his sister. She had a gleam in her eyes that Ron remembered seeing when they were little and she had just learned about Harry. On the rare occasion that Ron would concede and let Ginny have her tea party, she would tell him all about the wedding she would have to Harry Potter when she was older. When it got to that point, he would roll his eyes and pick a fight to get out of talking girl stuff.

Rising herself, Ginny embraced her brother tightly. “Okay. Thanks for stopping by. The lot of you helped pass the time this afternoon. I’ll see you down there yeah?” She said.

“Of course. Good luck Gin.” He said, slipping out of the room and leaving her alone for one last time.

Ginny sighed again and looked about her room. Glancing at the window, she could see that twilight was falling. Feeling a lot like a fairy tale princess trapped in her tower room, she snuck over to the glass, and pressing herself against the wall she turned slightly to peek outside and down into the garden. In the setting sun, she could see numerous red heads and other guests taking their seats. Seated on a chair beside the altar where Ginny and Harry would stand to say their vows was Hermione – who was talking animatedly to Lupin and Tonks. The person she was seeking was almost hidden himself. He was standing off to the side of the gathering, his dark head bent so she couldn’t see his face. She could tell from the set of his shoulders he was slightly nervous. Sending out calming thoughts, she watched as Ron crossed the garden and went to him. The two were talking and Ginny suspected Ron might be trying to calm the jitters she knew that Harry was feeling. She turned away from the window when she heard a quiet cough coming from the doorway.

“Your Mum would have your head if she knew that you were peeking into the garden.” Arthur said, when she looked at him.

“Dad! Is it time?” Ginny asked, seeing both Arthur and James standing in front of her.

“Almost, I thought we’d come up a few minutes early so that your son could see his Mum before things got wild.” He said his chest tightening as he watched her move over to where they stood. His daughter seemed so calm and together when the rest of the family seemed to ready to become unhinged.

“Thanks Dad.” Ginny knelt in front of James and looked at her little boy. His hair was slicked down as best as it could be, but it still had a messy quality to it. She could faintly smell the soap from his bath and his dress robes made him look much more grown up than four.

“Hello Quidditch-bug. I missed you today. Do you have a hug for Mummy?” She said, opening her arms.

James looked at her for a moment as if he didn’t recognize who she was. “Mummy, you look pretty.” He whispered, his arms wrapping themselves around her neck.

“And you look quite handsome.” She said, as she stood with him in her arms and then moved over to sit on the bed with him. “You too Dad, you look very dashing.”

Arthur’s ears turned pink at his daughter’s compliment. “Thank you Ginny.” He walked over to the two and placed a kiss on her cheek. “Are you ready? We should head down soon. Your Mum is waiting in the den. You know one last inspection and all that.”

Ginny chuckled at her father’s words. “Sure thing Dad.”

“Mummy? Grampie said I can go with him to take you to Daddy. Is that okay?” James asked, looking up at her, his green eyes full of question, waiting for her approval.

“Of course you can. I couldn’t go if you didn’t come along.” Ginny said, kissing his head and squeezing him in another hug before setting him down on the floor. “Let’s go see Granmum so she can spiffy us up before we go find Daddy.” Rising she went over to her father and gave him a large hug, squeezing him tightly. “Thanks Daddy.” She said, quietly, rising on her tip toes to kiss him on the cheek.

Arthur hugged her back and tried his best not to let the tears in his eyes shine through. “I’m proud of you Ginerva. Proud and happy to be your father today. Come now; let’s get ourselves downstairs before your mum panics. It’s time for you to get married.”

A/N: Well - I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. It was only supposed to be a short interlude before the actual ceremony but it grew into a behemoth before I could stop it! More surprises (and a wedding!)to come!

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