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I started to chuck stuff down into the common room one after another. Sirius was down there to make sure nothing got stolen, and Remus was there to clear a spot so that we could play. It was my turn to get to pick what we were to be doing. So what I choose is...

"BARBIES!" I said brightly jumping into Sirius arms and making him carry me over to where Remus had set them up.

"Dolls?" Remus said weakly.

"NO! Barbies!" I said sitting down and setting up the house and cars and clothing. "Ok..Sirius you get Surfer Ken, Remus you get Doctor Ken, and Peter John Smith..."

"We're playing with dolls?" Sirius asked looking down at his blonde barbie with disgust.

"NO! Barbies!" I said again fishing out a few girls. " is the setting, we are all in school...and me...these three girls are trying to find romance...and you guys...well you guys are trying to find lollys...not like that you retarded grossy guys...ok Loretta here will go Ken, cause she is smart like that...Barbie here will go for Surfer Ken cause she is a dumb blonde bimbo, and er Gloria here will go for John cause she's a whore and he's a goody good...k? Oh and we all live in the same house..."

"It's like six company..." Peter mumbled.

"No three's company...come and knock on my door..." I started out the theme song. "Oh here you all need to pick one girl to play them cause they are going to try to steal you guys away from your girlfriends..."

"This is the last time that we will let her pick what we play agreed?" Sirius mumbled and the two boys nodded. I chucked a barbie at his head, her feet getting tangled in his hair. "Did you sharpen her feet or something?"

"No she is wearing dress your guys..."

"Ew...they are like so er...graphic..." Remus and Sirius mumbled as they stripped them down and quickly put on some clothes, after trying to figure out the Velcro.

"Careful! They are sensitive! They don't like to get hurt there as must as you guys do!" I said trying to decided what to dress my girls.

"You have got to be kidding me..." Peter mumbled.

"Nope not at all...Remus is lucky he has the one with the underwear..." I said happily putting on a shirt on her, and then some underwear. "Ok Gloria is done!" I tossed her to the side and started on the other two.

Soon we were playing now. "So...Ken..." Barbie said in a sweet voice.

"Er yeah Barbie?" Ken asked her.

"You want to do it?"


"No one refuses me!"

"I'm sorry but I'm with Gloria!"

"Sirius! No you are suppose to be with Barbie!" I said to him.

"Well you are moving to fast for me!" Sirius defended.

"We've been going out for like two months already!" I said back.

"Well I have to wait till like the fifth month!"

"That's why you are a virgin..."

"Am not! Ken has is freak thing on...just not with Barbie..."

Remus and Peter were playing with their barbies by themselves as we started to play again.

" slut..." Barbie said to Ken.

"Am not..."

"We are going out and you are seeing the walking STD!" She defended herself.

"She has only five!" Ken said.


"Well not mine..."

"No...I'm going to Dr. Ken..."

"If you do...we are over..."

"Well Mr. least I will have a lolly and not you..."

"Well my lolly is very jolly..."

"Sirius you are ruining Lollys for me!" I cried out at him.

"You are the one that is making this thing all out there..." Sirius told me back.

"Well I'm sorry if my Barbie has a dirty mouth...I she needs to be loved!"

"It seems like she has been doing a lot of loving..."

"No that's Gloria!"

"And Barbie...she's a wench..."

"Oh you did not just say that about Barbie...You are talking about one of my idols!" I cried at him chucking anther doll at his head.

"You are throwing your idol?" He cried at me.

"No that wasn't Barbie...that was like er I forgot her name...but she isn't Barbie..." I said crossing my arms.

"Will you two shut up! You are messing up Stacy's and Dr.Ken's groove thing..." Remus said to us.

"Oh Kenny boy!" He said in a high pitch girl voice.

"Oh no you did not just let them have sex with underwear on..." I screeched.

"Well...Remus here is clueing something..." Peter said before he got hit on the head by a naked Ken doll.

"YOU GUYS SUCK! GIVE ME BACK MY BARBIES YOU HAVE RUINED THEM!" I shrieked running off and throwing a pillow at their heads.

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