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I sat in class completely bored. Which is nothing new. Sirius was sound asleep and I watched him for a tad before getting the bright idea to draw him. But I didn't have any paper...darn...or colored pencils. I decided to look through his bag. Quietly picking it up I started to rummage through it, and looky here...why does he have colored pencil's in his bag anyway? Well anyway I stole them. I took out a green lolly and turned to Remus smiling widely without accidentally spitting out my lolly. He looked at my wearily before scooting away somewhat. I didn't stop smiling and snatched a piece of parchment away from him before pulling his chair closer to mine. I then started to work on drawing Sirius.

About an hour later and Remus' whole parchment reply I started to play with Sirius' hair to try to make it easier to draw him. He didn't wake up, so I started to make his mouth move in different angles. He didn't wake up. I sharpened his pencils once more and started to work yet again on his sleeping portrait. It was hard to draw such a pretty person. So I decided to make him hideous. Though I must say it still looked like him. This reminded me that I needed to do my laundry. And get a new sucker. I stuck the stick in Remus' pocket once again and pulled out a blue sucker...this means that I am frustrated. This picture sucks...I need to go pawn off other people now for paper. I looked around and saw Peter sitting a few rows up. So up I went.

"Miss Peany..." The teacher said.

"Hmm me?" I asked, I was halfway towards Peter.

"May I ask why you are up?" She replied.

" may.." I said standing and trying to inch towards Peter.

"Why are you up?" She asked me.

" get parchment from Peter...I dare say I used all mine..." I said, I saw Remus roll his eyes rather dramatically.

"Mr Pettigrew, could you please supply her some parchment?" The Professor asked him.

"Yeah..." He squeaked out.

"Thanks..." I said walking over to him and talking a few sheets then walking back to start to draw some more.

By the end of class I had managed to draw Sirius, James, Remus, Peter, a Werwolf,  the moon, a sunflower, and me...which turned out way to pretty. And I had managed to curl Sirius' hair, put Remus' in pigtails again, and tossed random notes to random people. The colored pencils were just about to start to get tiny. So I took some of Sirius' paper, not the one he drooled on and started to make swirls of different colors. And then made a picture of Daddy Dearest, and wrote in big letters on the top DADDY DEAREST, then at the bottom FROM LOLLY! Yeah that's right I'm fly.

James had joined in and started to draw Lily, which mind you I think is a bit over the top in the love-o-meter. Though I did draw all the guys...does that mean I love them all? Well I do love them...but like how James LOVES Lilly? Nah, that can't be right. Hmm I need to hook Remus up with someone...he looks a tad lonely.

Why did that come to mind? Oh yeah...I started to draw with the colored pencils again, and then started to match up the faces to someone they would go good with. Lily/James, Peter/Ronda, er...and then I got lost there...

It was rather confusing, I couldn't figure out who else would go good with anyone else...though it may be because the only three people I can stand in my year other then the guys are Lily, Ronda, and Alice. Alice is with Frank though...

Wow this is a really pretty blue, it's all sea-ish...and this yellow...hmm I am going to draw some more sunflowers.

By the time I looked down again in what I was drawing there were two people there...and one looked like she was in pain...and kept running into something...darn stupid animation pictures that I drew. Why does that scene look familiar...and who is the black haired people. I looked at Sirius. Well it's Sirius for sure. I then looked at my hair.

"WHY IS MY HAIR BLACK?!" I shrieked.

"It's always been like that..." The Professor said aware that I was prone to do this at least half the hear.

"Really?" I asked her in disbelief.

" if you would please keep it down..."

"Oh...I thought it was the end of class..."

"Still have about ten minutes..." She said turning to the board again.

"Oh..." I mumbled again and started to try to figure out my drawing. But my picture was gone. I looked over to Sirius, he had my picture! That fool! "Give my my picture...I need to figure out who those people are!"

"You and me you bimbo..." He said rolling his eyes. "That is when we were in the sunflower place..."

"Oh..." I what I was going to do for the rest of the class was out the window...I really need to get both me and my mum some memory pill, I need them asap if I was to survive this year...

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