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I stared out into the grounds from our dorm window. There was a sea of yellow near the lake, it was Saturday...and I wanted to go swimming, but not get wet...I quickly changed into a swimsuit and some summer clothes. Running down the staircase I saw Sirius sitting there working on homework, which mind you we had none, though it may just be the summer work.

"Siri?" I said sweetly leaning across from him close to his face. "Hey..."

"Hey..." He said moving back somewhat.

"You want to go outside for a walk?" I asked smiling. "I don't want to go alone..."

"Er...sure..." He said brightly standing up I started to lead the way to the grounds...when we had gotten outside I led him towards the sunflowers. "Why are we going in here?"

"Cause...I want to..." I said simply tugging him along.

"But..." He muttered.

"Wa wa..." I said fake crying looking around the yellow.

"No you are Wa Wa..." He said still pouting.

"Well you are becoming a cry baby..." I said before taking off running.

"Come back Wa!" He cried running after me.

"No! You have to catch me!" I cried behind myself turning through the sunflowers, petals were starting to fall around me and getting caught in my hair.

I decided to hide so now I am looking to where Sirius is in front of me trying to figure out where I had gone, I smiled at his back and stared at him. I think he felt me staring cause he turned around just in time for me to tackle him to the ground. Soon we were wrestling a few flowers falling to the ground as we both got dirty in the damp moist ground. I smacked his hands away and tried to kick him off me as I crawled away. "Noooooooooo" I said dramatically reaching out but to no avail. "Grr,,," I mumbled up at him.

"I win..." He said sitting on me.

"You loser..." I said pouting.

"No I'm a winner..." He replied flicking some sunflower petals off his shirt.

"No you're a loser in my book..." I said defiantly.

"Well your book needs to be checked for errors..."

"Does not."

"Does to."








"I win..."

"Do not..." I said again.

"Do to."

"Na huh..." I said trying to throw him off.

When we both had gotten tired of trying to prove each other wrong...well just Sirius, he had cast a silencing charm on me...we decided to play charades.

" word...two syllables..." Sirius said as I stood.

I nodded my head and picked up one of the fallen flowers.

"Yellow?" He asked.

Wrong. *Shakes head*. Thinks about the word again then holds up three fingers.

"Three syllables?" He asked me.

I nodded again. I pointed to the flower.

"Yellow Flower?"

Wow he is bad at this game. I pointed to the sun then to the flower.

"Burning Flower."

Does he not realize that it was one word three syllables? I shook my head and let out a silent sigh. I then put the flower behind my ear and started to do a little dance, let's call it the sun dance.

"Ah sunflower!" He said clapping his hands.

I clapped too and continued to dance around. Shimmy to the left. Shimmy to the right...I started to silently sing, then I got trapped in a box. I'm serious...I couldn't get out of this invisible box that Sirius had drawn around me. I scowled at him and pointed to my voice box. He took the charm off.


"Nah...I don't see what is in it for me..." He said simply.

"Er...a lolly?" I asked fishing out a lolly from my pocket.

"Nah..." He said shrugging and sitting down.

"LET ME OUTY!" I pleaded with him. "I need to pee..."

"No you don't..." He said simply.

"I do..."

"Do not."

"Do to."

"Do not."

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