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I sat in the Great Hall listening to Dumbledore contently sucking on the lollypop that my mum had packed for me. I twirled my black hair around my finger licking it happily.

"Wa...let me have some..." Sirius whispered and begged to me.

I thought about it for about a minute and shrugged holding it out for him to have a few licks. When I pulled it away he pouted at me, I stuck my red tongue out at him. I then handed him a green lollypop to make him stop pouting at me. When I looked back I saw Daddy Dearest looking at me smiling somewhat. I smiled brightly at him and waved slightly.

"Why are you waving at Professor Hansen?" Sirius whispered at me.

"Why am I not?" I asked him sticking my lollypop back in my mouth.

Sirius shrugged and stuck the lolly in his mouth. I smiled and leaned into Remus getting a sugar crash. Soon I fell asleep against him lollypop hanging out of my mouth. When I awoke they were all eating I looked around for my lollypop but to no avail.

"Ok...who ate my lolly?" I asked.

"No one..." James said sniggering at me.

"I don't believe you.." I said glaring at him. "And I want my lolly..."

"What's that red thing in your hair?" Peter asked me.

"What red thing?" I asked running a hand through my hair and hitting something sticky. "NO MY LOLLY!" I cried out. "MY BELOVED LOLLY!" I said tugging it, but it was stuck in my hair. "IT HAS TURNED TO THE EVIL SIDE!"

"Calm down..." Remus said holding me down as I struggled to get up.

"MMM NO!" I said still struggling. "My lolly is gone...and my hair is getting sticky..." I cried tears starting to brim my eyes. "Where's daddy dearest with my backup lollys..." I had given him about three hundred backup lollys just incase I ran out of them.

"Who is that?" Peter asked me.

"Let me up Remee..." I said trying to get up. "I need backup lollys..."

"Mm...No, you will do something drastic I just know it..." Remus said to me keeping one hand on me and eating.

"Don't make me start crying more..." I said my lip quivering.

"No...don't start crying..." Remus said looking at me concerned. He had weakened his grip, I took this opportunity to leap up.

"You fell for that one again..." James said looking at me to him.

"Shut is Prongs..." Remus snapped at him.

"Daddy Dearest!" I cried running around in a circle.

"Will someone grab her?" I heard him say from the head table.

I felt someone pick me up and I pouted more and started to hit Sirius' back. "Let me down...I want a lolly...I want my lolly out of my hair." He just tightened his grip on me and took his lolly out of his mouth.

"Bring her here..." Daddy Dearest said to Sirius.

"Er...she's not in trouble is she?" Sirius asked as he set me down. I looked up at Daddy Dearest my lip pouting and trying to tug the lolly out of my hair.

"No..." He sighed and waved his wand over my hair causing the lolly to disappear.

"I want my lolly..." I mumbled.

"Here..." He took a back up orange lolly out of his pocket. Yes the right color...I had given him a means I'm I'm I'm on a mission...and so on, so when I need a lolly and I am in a mood he knows which one to give me.

"Thank you!" I said brightly taking it and running down to where I was sitting before hand.

"I want a lolly..." James said.

" Daddy Dearest...not yours..." I said pouting at him.

"Are you sure she's seventeen?" I heard a first year ask someone.

"When you're good to mama... mama good to you..." I started to sing out into my lollypop.

"Take her lollypop away..." Someone said to one of the guys.

"I advise you not to do that..." Sirius said to him.

"You put in for mama...she'll put out for you..." I continued to sing.

"Then make her shut up..." He replied.

"Er...not a good idea either..." James said this time.

"...and I'll boost you up yours...when you're stroking mama...mama stroking you..." I finished the song shortly after. I stuck the lollypop back in my mouth for the remainder of the dinner...

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