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After Harry had snapped out of his memory of Bianca the trio began discussing their schedules for their final year.

Their discussion was interrupted by Headmaster McGonagall

"Hello dears" said McGonagall
"Hello Professor" they replied simultaneously
"Hermione you're needed at the front of the train so that I may speak to you and Mr.Malfoy about your duties as Head Boy and Girl" said McGongall
"Why of course" said Hermione as she began to get up
"I'll be there in a moment I need to have a word with Lupin first" said McGonagall before she walked away

"How cool is it that Lupin gets to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts" Ron said excitedly
"It is really great. I'm happy for him he was finally able to be seen for who he truly is which is a hero. He nearly died saving McGonagall and Tonks." said Harry
"Well I better go meet up with Malfoy" said Hermione
"If the trolley cart comes by would you guys get me some chocolate frogs, flavored beans, and a water?" she added
"Sure" said the guys
"Thanks" said Hermione and she began walking towards the front of the train

Once reaching the compartment at the front of the train she opened the door to find Malfoy sitting in it.

"Beat cha" he joked
"Only cause I let you" answered Hermione
"So how are you?" she asked
"Fine thanks for asking" he said "So I guess you're here because you were made Head Girl unless you like following me around" he added
His last statement surprised both of them. Finally Hermione re-tallied
"If I like following you around I wouldn't be so obvious but instead would be outside your window flying on a broom taking pictures of you" she said
"Now I really have no reason to think you've ever been a stalker" he said

As they were about to laugh the train did a little jerk and somehow Hermione found herself on top of Malfoy
They both nervously and quietly said "Are you o.k?" and "yeah"
Neither would admit to the butterflies that had just multiplied in their stomachs
They both sat on their sides of the compartment just in time for McGonagall to walk in

"Hello Mr.Malfoy and Ms.Granger. Now both of you for individual reasons have been made Head Boy and Girl. You will be responsible for patrolling the halls at night and for taking away points from the houses if they happen to break the rules. Once again Congratulations and I hope you both will make me proud. See you all soon" said McGonagall and just as she was about to walk away Malfoy asked a question
"Umm Professor won't be having our own large room to share?" questioned Malfoy

Oh so Maloy's thinking about our "special living" arrangements too thought Hermione. That's hot....woah where did that come from I couldn't possibly like Malfoy could I thought Hermione
She was awakened from her thoughts by McGonagall's answer
"Oh yes but instead of it being in the left tower you 2 will be staying in the right tower. We have 4 new special students coming to Hogwarts this year and they will be occupying the left tower" said McGonagall "Any other questions?" she added
"No Professor" said Hermione
"Very well see you both at the feast" said McGonagall before she left the compartment
"I wonder if by special she meant..........."said Hermione
"Really ugly" jumped in Malfoy
"I was gonna say really powerful or really retarded" finished Hermione
They both laughed before the awkward silence filled the compartment
"So I guess I'll see you around" said Malfoy and before exiting the compartment he turned around and said "You look good Hermione" he added and then finally he left
Hermione smiled to herself and headed back to Harry and Ron

When Hermione finally made it back to her compartment she found Harry and Ron eating the treats they had bought.
"Did you guys get my stuff?" asked Hermione
"Yeah it's right here" said Ron and he handed Hermione her treats
"Nobody got any popcorn?" questioned Hermione
"They sell popcorn?" asked Harry
"Yeah they do" said Hermione as she left out of the compartment and headed down the train aisle to catch up with the trolley cart

Hermione returned holding a bag of popcorn in her hand
"I really wanted popcorn you would not believe the nasty food my family had at the reunion. There were snails that looked more tasty if you put salt on them and disgusting octopus. I was this close to using a disappearing spell on my dinner plate. I even tried having the dog eat it let me tell you that dog was smart not to take it. Lucky  dog with its damn dog food" said Hermione
"Thanks Hermione you picked the perfect time to start talking about nasty food right when we're eating" said Harry
Ron chuckled
"Here take some popcorn you guys" said Hermione as she poured some popcorn into Ron's and then Harry's hands
"Thanks" said Harry and as he was starring down at the popcorn in his hands he was once again filled with a flashback of her


Over the weeks Harry and Bianca became very close. They both were at first skeptical about opening up to each other. Harry was careful not to tell her too much about the wizarding world and worried that she would think he was a freak with the odd answers he gave her about his school and where his friends were. Bianca didn't mind for Harry didn't know that she too was giving odd answers to Harry's questions. Harry told Bianca about his parents and Bianca told Harry about her big family but how most of the time it was just her and her parents. Both agreed on how they wondered if Dudley would ever find a woman who could replace the feeling he has for his t.v. They both were always sarcastic with each other and they couldn't help but laugh and smile whenever they were together.

"So you ever think about not buying book if they're just gonna sit there all the time" asked Harry
The two were in Bianca's house downstairs in the family's book room
"I told you I can't help but but books every time I got to the book store even though I know I have unread books waiting for me at home" replied Bianca
"See now that's just dumb" said Harry
"Oh and thinking that one plus one is 11 is sooo far from being dumb" said Bianca
"Hey that was in my head after we saw that Ricky Bobby commercial" he said
"Or maybe the producers heard you say it and thought wow we're gonna make Will Ferrel be that stupid" she said
"I'm bored" said Harry
"Here read this" said Bianca and she handed him a key chain
Harry began reading the key chain that said HOW DO YOU KEEP AN IDIOT ENTERTAINED? LOOK ON THE BACK Harry turned the key chain to read the back which said HOW DO YOU KEEP AN IDIOT ENTERTAINED? LOOK ON THE BACK
Harry looked up to find Bianca holding in her laugh
"Oh real funny" said Harry
"Hey I would of thought that you would of already seen that one at the mall" said Bianca
"I never go to the mall" he said
"Don't you ever leave your house?" asked Bianca
"I told you no I'm basically there cause they're my family and they have food and a bathroom" said Harry
"You could live with a bum and say he's your cousin then every Tuesday you guys walk into that chicken place for the family meal and use the bathroom there" said Bianca
"Yeah or I could take your books and eat them and use them to wipe my....." said Harry but he didn't finish his sentence because Barbara had just walked in the room
"Did I hear something about wiping?" questioned Barbara
"Yeah" jumped in Bianca "Harry was saying wiping. Wiping what Harry?" she added
The 2 girls turned to look at Harry
"I was saying that Bianca and I would be happy to wipe the car windows" said Harry with an evil grin "Isn't that right Bianca?" he added turning to look at Bianca
"Yeah he's right mom" Bianca replied calmly
"Oh that'd be wonderful you 2 are such a big help" said Barbara before exiting the room
"HA!" laughed Harry
"Alright fine you're bored let's go somewhere" said Bianca
"Go where?" asked Harry
"You'll see" said Bianca
The 2 headed out the door after Bianca told her parents that she and Harry would be going to buy supplies for wiping car windows

The 2 walked together until they reached a little house
"Don't tell me you dragged me here to carry your book bags asked Harry
"No we're here to see a movie" she said and she began to walk inside the house followed by Harry

The little house was indeed a movie theater but not your normal theater. The living room had been filled with long couches for people to sit on and instead of a big screen there was a projector with a fold up screen. There were only a few people.

"How did you find this place?"asked Harry
"Unlike you I need fresh air" said Bianca
"Let's get some popcorn" said Bianca pointing to a popcorn machine in the corner of the room

After getting the popcorn Bianca said "Where do you wanna sit?"
"How about in the front" suggested Harry
They sat in the front and began to make themselves comfortable as the movie started
"We're not seeing a chick flick are we" asked Harry
"No Ricky Bobby" said Bianca "We're watching Scary Movie 2" she added
Harry's only response was a puzzled face
"It's a comedy where they make fun of past scary movie why is little Harry scared?" she said
"No" he said
Suddenly there was a loud bang as the movie began and Bianca jumped
"But I guess you are" he said

Harry had to admit the movie was pretty funny. He couldn't believe all these summers he had spent his time shacked up in the Dursley's. Then again he always knew it would take someone special to get him out. He turned to admire Bianca's face. He suddenly began feeling new feeling for her something more than just friends. Bianca could sense he was watching her and she turned to look at him
"What?" she whispered
"Nothing you just look so pretty when you smile" he said
"Stop you're gonna make me blush" she said
Harry turned his attention back to the movie
Bianca couldn't believe how quick she had become friends with Harry. He always made her laugh and smile. She could feel her heart beating and knew she was beginning to fall for Harry Potter

After the movie ended they walked home saying that the stores closed early due to the manager's wife going into labor.


Harry remembered that's when he started to fall for Bianca

"Harry" said Ron as he was trying to get back his attention
"Oh sorry" said Harry and he stuffed the popcorn that was in his hand into his mouth "What were we talking about?" he added
"Hermione was telling us about what she discussed in the front of the compartment" he said
"So as I was saying" continued Hermione

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