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It turns out whats-his-face isn't to bad of a dad...though...he needs to do some polishing. And he makes mum happy...and when she is happy...she doesn't bug me to amuse her.'s all good...for now. I have gotten use to him being around the house, though I am going to have to see him everyday...why does he have to be one of the professors that I have to take? Though...perhaps if he loves me he can get me out of a few stuff...

"Bye mum..." I said hugging her, I can't believe how fast this summer went for me.

"You be good you hear?" She said to me smiling and hugging me tightly.

"Yeah don't worry about me...Daddy Dearest shall be there..." I said smirking at her. I then turned to him and gave him a quickie hug. "See you in however long the train takes me..."

He nodded and smiled down at me, I quickly took off to get on the train. Which, mind you is one of the most boring part of the start of the year...I looked at a few first years scaring one in the process...I didn't mean it...When I had made it to the train I quickly went to go find a compartment so that I didn't have to sit with one of the crying littlies. When I had found one I decided that I wanted a cupcake. And I don't know why.

"Wa Wa!" Someone cried at me.

"Siri!" I said smiling up at the guys that had just entered my compartment. "Remey! Jamesey! And Petee!" I added jumping up and hugging them.

"So...what's the mission?" Sirius asked smiling at me.

I smiled back, he always knew when I was out to get something thing. "To find a cupcake..." I said brightly.

"And what does this cupcake look like?" James asked.

"Don't you have to be somewhere?" Peter asked him.

"Oh yea..." He said brightly standing up. "Oh and draw a picture of this mysterious cupcake..." He added.

"Please tell me that he does know what a cupcake is..." I said looking around.

They shook their head. "He refused to try one, he said that they were evil cause their sprinkles were eyes that have lasers attached to once you eat one they will fry your insides..." Remus told me.

I smirked in amusement. "I see him eat candy apples all the time though...and they always have sprinkles on them..."

"Just the cupcakes..." Peter put in.

"Ah..." I said nodding and then starting to dig into my trunk.

"What are you looking for?" Sirius asked me.

"Duh...mission stuff!" I said brightly throwing some stuff out over my head. When I was clad with spy goggles, a utility belt, and all black I looked up. There were the boys...clad in the stuff that I had thrown over my head. "Sirius...why are you wearing my red bra?" I asked him.

"Because it gives me the the support I need!" He said adjusting himself.

" need something bigger for that..." I said smiling. "So...are we ready?" I asked.

"Yeah!" They said together.

So off we went, I in my spy suit, Sirius in my bra, Peter had manage to put on some of my underwear, and Remus in a headband with pigtails. As we crouched down the train we took turns in peeking in each window.

"AH HA!" I screeched as we flew into a compartment full of first years. "Here's a clues to the missing cupcakes!" I said picking up one of the hands that had frosting on it.

"What? I-I-I didn't have any cupcakes...that's a bandaid..." She stuttered out.

I looked more closely at it. "Oh...your right...come on you three..." I said talking to the boys and rolling out of the compartment.

"Aw man I messed up my hair..." I heard Remus mutter.

"Here let me help you..." Sirius said stopping and going to go fix Remus' hair.

"Why thank you..." He replied.

"Now curtsey..." I said to Remus. Remus curtsied to Sirius and then we were off again.

About an hour later we found ourselves at the head compartment. I singled to three then we rolled in. "CUPCAKES!" We yelled as we regained out composure...I looked around at the prefects and James and Lily, Lily giving us a death glare. " cupcakes..." I said backing out of the room.

"What is a cupcake?" James asked. Lily turned her disbelieving glare on him now as we shut the door.

"Finally..." I mumbled as we entered out original compartment all disappointed.

"How does the snack trolly not have cupcakes?" Sirius asked taking off my bra.

I shrugged and started to take off my suit. As we sat there I started to do Remus' hair. "Anyone want a cupcake?" I asked as I reached into my trunk and pulled out the cupcakes that my mum had packed for me.

"Yeah..." They all said eagerly as I handed them around.

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