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AN: Hey everyone, this is Camile! I just wanted to say hey, and thanks for reading my new story, and that this is completely made up by me, all but the people you may read  from J.K. Rowling.  Oh and I must ask you to please read and review :D! All graphics made by me...

As I approached my house with my trunk dragging behind me I put on a scowl. I can not believe that she had forgot me at the train station, so I had to call a cab...that was waiting rather angrily for some muggle money, that I said I would go get. Normally I would've apperated, but NO I couldn't do it with my trunk, or my lousy toad...which I have currently misplaced. Man I should find Frogger...

"MUM!" I screamed as I entered the house.

She appeared in a hurry and looked at me like I was not suppose to be there. "What are you doing home?!" She shrieked. "Did someone die?!"

Typical mom, always assuming that someone died. "No! You forgot me at the station! Now there is a angry man outside wanting his cab money!" I said starting to drag my trunk upstairs.

"That was today?" She asked me in disbelief. 

"YES!" I honestly think that she needs to be on memory meds...

About an hour later I had cooled off and was found in the kitchen trying to find something editable to eat. "Mum...when it is expired you throw it out..." I said to her as she entered the room.

"None of that stuff is expired..." She said disbelieving me.

"Yeah...just about all of it is..." I said looking up from where I was trying not to gag at the school. "What have you been eating?"

"Oh...well...I just got back from America..." She said shyly.

"Oh...well how was your honeymoon?" I asked smirking at her, she I swear can be younger and shyer then me.

"Good..." She said smiling widely. "You just have to meet him..."

"I can't believe that you wouldn't let me come!" I said rolling my eyes.

"Well you wanted to concentrate on school..." She said smiling still.

"Oh yeah..." I said shrugging. "Anyway...I hate wearing heels...and dresses...well I don't mind the dress part just the heels..."

"He should be home from work any moment...he just had one last meeting to attend to..."

"What does he do?"

"He's a Professor..."

"Does he know that we are magical?"


"Where does he teach?"

"Can't tell..."

"Why not? And what do you mean kinda?"

"You'll see...anyway...I'm not sure where he teaches..."

"I know you are lying..."

"Don't tell your mother that!"

"Fine...what's his name?"


"What kinda of name is that?!" I said a crease of concern crossing my face...where are her meds...

"His name!"

"Ew...that sounds so rancid..."



"Don't you dare criticize your stepfather..."

"Fine..." I pouted and took to looking for some new food ending the conversation...

"Gwen..." I heard my mother say as the door open.

"Ah daddy dearest is here..." I said turning around but soon wanting to run out of the room screaming my head off. "Professor?!" I said in disbelief. "What are you doing in my house?" I looked at mum who was holding his hand and looking somewhat worried. "MUM! You said you would never do this!" Yeah I know, me and my mum had a conversation about marrying my Professors...

"Wakanda?" He asked me in disbelief.

"Grr..." I mumbled frowning at my mum.

"SO! Who's hungry?" My mum asked trying to get this awkwardness out of the way.

"There's no food..." I said simply walking off. "WHERE ARE PINK BOOTS?!"

"No not the pink boots..." My mum said coming after me as I started to dig in the closet.

"AH HA!" I said pulling them out and putting them rather forcefully on.

"Please Wa?" She asked me.

" boots are on..."

"Give me the pink boots..."

" talky..."

"Wa Wa?"



"..." I ignored her as I started to stomp around.

"Take of the boots..." She said to me.

I shook my head and started to jump around.

"Don't make me use a spell..."

"CHILD ABUSE!" I screeched pointing at her.

"Wakanda..." She said loosing her patience.

"Mother..." I said in the same tone.

She waved her wand and my pink boots appeared in her hand. "GIVE ME MY PINK BOOTS!"

"No..." she said simply waving her wand once again causing them to appear somewhere else.

"But but..." I said tears starting to well up in my eyes...I'm a rather good crier...

"Don't start the water works..." She warned me.

"I want my comfort shoes...they help me make noise..." I stifled out. My Professor watching from the door way. " took them away..." I pouted plopping down on the floor. She didn't move to go comfort me, she was use to this, I need to find a new weakness for her.

"Once you learn to behave like you are seventeen, you won't get them back..." She said simply.

"What?! am I suppose to stomp out my anger?!" I wailed at her.

"No way...calm down..." She said turning away from me.
"You are a meanie..." I mumbled at her.

"And you are acting three..."










"You forgot eight."



"Your age."

"Are not."

"Are too."





"Ok you two...let's go out to eat..." Daddy dearest said from the door.

"Ok! I'm starved!" I said jumping up and getting my coat.  

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