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(James’ POV-)

Sariah quickly put her head down and walked out. Just then, Sirius came in and started to tease Sare.

“So Kent, I passed a couple of angels today who said its my destiny to get you in a bed with me. So what do you say?”

Uh- oh, he hit a nerve.

(Sariah’s POV-)

He did not just say that. No way in hell did he just say that.

“And did you know that I happen to be the hottest boy in Gryffindor? So, why not? At least you’ll do it with someone hot. You’ll be like an angel in my bed.”

Ok, that’s it. I could feel the ice flowing into my eyes, and my arm growing with strength. So, what did I do? I just pushed past him, walking away. I know, pathetic, but I didn’t want to risk anything. I didn’t know the side effects of the transformation.

I went back up to the Girl’s Dormitory, and used a spell to erase the scratches, Rimda, and went to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“Good morning, class, take out your textbooks and open to page 349.”

The section was on werewolves and Angels.

“So who can tell me the difference between an animagus and a werewolf?” Professor Aggie asked. Lily raised her hand and answered, “An animagus is a wizard who chooses to turn into an animal, a werewolf has no choice. With each full moon, the werewolf transforms, but no longer remembers who he is. He’d kill his best friends if they cross his path.”

“Very good, 10 points to Gryffindor! Now who can tell me the only other creature that cannot be controlled by magic when in transformation.”

I raised my hand and answered, “An angel warrior.”

“Yes, very good. But, who can tell me what an angel warrior is?” Professor Aggie asked.

Remus, all of a sudden looking very angry quickly answered, “An angel warrior, or Angelic Demon is a creature who, on new moons and on full moons, transform into horrible creatures who hurt werewolves and their entire race has sworn to kill off werewolves forever.”

I looked up in shock at Remus. He looked very angry indeed, like he was going to kill someone. Suddenly, I felt all my scratches open up, and a pain in my side. I gasped, and Lily suddenly looked over, eyes wide. Sirius also looked over, with a concerned look in his eyes. When I met his eyes, I felt a flood of emotions, sad, happy, anger, jealousy, and, believe it or not, love. For me. No, no, NO! If I show my emotions, then he knows my weaknesses, and then he’ll use them to hurt me. His eyes drilled into mine, as if he was looking for something. No, no, NO! I am not another one of his weekly flings. As I fell, I felt power go out of me, and into someone.

Sirius’s POV-

“NO, NO, NO!” Sariah was on the floor, grasping her side, screaming. Lily, Tonks and I ran over to her, but none of us dared to touch. Finally, she calmed down a bit, and fell unconscious. Professor Aggie ran over to her. She lifted off the hood she was wearing, which revealed a number of fresh cuts on her face and arms. I saw my punk- ass brother grab her wand, but I was too distracted to hex him like hell.

“Take her to the Hospital Wing, Black. Miss Lily and Tonks, you may go with him if you want to.”

I magicked her onto a stretcher and then Tonks and Lily followed me to the Hospital Wing. Just as we passed the library, though, she woke up, looked around, and sat up.

“Black, why am I on a stretcher?” Sariah asked dangerously.

“Uh, maybe it has to do with the fact that you have cuts all over your face? Or maybe that you were clutching your side and yelling no? Don’t you think so, Lily?”

“What? I’m fine, I was practicing with needles and they sort of went in the wrong direction.”

“Why were you grasping your side then?” Tonks asked. Kent gave her dangerous look, then said, “My side was bothering me, and I was yelling no because, er, Lily was talking to me, and I had too much firewhisky last night.”

‘Well, too bad, you’re going to the Hospital Wing,” Sirius said.

( Sariah’s POV-)

“No, I’m not,” I said, and started to get up. Black, being an idiot, pushed me down, and held his wand against my chest. Smooth move. So, I whipped out my- wait where’s my wand? Oh, shit! Nope, time for improvising. I pushed him away, and started to run. He quickly caught my wrist and pulled me close.

“I don’t bite, you know,” Black said with his idiotic smirk.

“No, go away” I said, and pushed him away. I started to run, and quickly gained speed. Unfortunately, Black caught up with me, and tried to pull me back. Instead, I sped up, racing down the stairs, Black on my tail.

Impedimenta! I heard him shout. Too bad, I blocked it with my angel skills left over, it ricocheted back to him and knocked him off his feet. My hand was turning blue, great. I could feel the stares of Tonks and Sirius. Oh shit, run, run run!!!

So that’s what I did. I seemed to turn invisible when I ran. Why the hell did I do that? Why? Now Black is probably going to go and tell everyone in the freakin world! Shit!

I ran all the way to the center of the Dark forest. Stupid, I know, but the only place I felt safe. I was trying so hard not to cry in fear. Too bad, the tears started to flow freely. I quickly put my head down in shame of crying. Just then, I heard a rustle in the tree in front of me. I didn’t pull my head up until I heard a deep voice say, “Human, why are in our sacred grounds?”

My head snapped up and I came face to face with a dapple grey centaur.

“I am no ordinary human, centaur,” I said, staring straight at him.

“Oh, really? Then what exactly are you?” the centaur asked with a smirk on his face

“An Angel Warrior,” I said simply. The centaur sneered at me.

“Oh really? And I’m the God of Mars,” the centaur sneered. I expected this reaction, I was prepared. I took in a deep breath and started to sing.

When everything goes wrong, and the world turns against me,
I go and hide in the shadows of night
Where nothing can hurt me,
Till I come out

As I sang, the centaur slowly backed away, and then ran for his life, yet I continued to sing.

Yet even when I’m in my haven
I still feel danger
And harm
And this is me, my being as an angel
As an angel

I wont give up
I’ll stand strong
Till the very end
Anglica ray war meh Zahka!
Anglica ray war meh zahka

(Remus POV--)

I was sitting next to Tonks about to eat lunch when I heard singing.

“Do you hear that, Padfoot?” I asked, turning to James. Sirius shook his head.

“I’ll be right back,” I said, and excused myself form the table. I followed the singing to the edge of the Dark Forest. I ran all the way to the center of the dark forest and found a girl, crying.

“Sariah, what are you doing here?” I asked, trying to look into her eyes. She looked away.

“Uh, it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” Sariah said quickly and got up. She started to walk away, but I caught her by the arm.

“Oh really? So nothing would include you not going to the Hospital Wing, running away from Padfoot and tonks, and me finding you here in the Dark Forest?” Remus asked sarcastically.

Sariah looked down and then stared at me.

“I’m just feeling a little strange, that’s all,” Sariah said firmly.

“Okay, are you sure you’re feeling alright?” I asked. Sare nodded and we both left the forest.

“Where have you been?” Wormtail practically shouted at us when we came in.

“Erm, Hagrid’s,” Sariah quickly made up. I nodded in reassurance. Just then, Prongs and Lily came in.


“Well, I think the fact that they exist gives me a right and a reason, Lilyflower.”


Just then, Professor Mc Gonagal came in looking completely flustered.

“Miss Evans, what is with all the shouting?’ she asked sternly.

“Professor, he caused Snape’s hair to turn blue and he made Malfoy and Lestrange to start yelling “Filch and Snape are my sugar-daddies!” Lily exclaimed. Mc Gonagal turned to James.

“Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, I am very disappointed in you, you will serve detention tonight in my office at eight. Oh, and Miss Kent, why weren’t you in any of your morning classes?” Mc Gonagal eyed her suspiciously.

(Sariah’s POV-)

“Umm, I wasn’t feeling too well during DADA,” I stated.


“And now I’m feeling better now,” I said brightly.

“Right, well, you’ll be serving detention with Potter and Black tonight.” Mc Gonagal said, and walked away. Black came in with his stupid smirk, and Potter right behind him.

“So you’ll be joining the big boys tonight, Kent.” Sirius said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“I can’t wait.” I said in a bored tone. Detention with Black? How fun.

Ok, I wanna make a few things clear: 1) This song is MINE! I wrote it, you can use it if you want,  just please give credit! BTW- don't worry, I don't go around singing this; this song is derived from another song that I wrote, I just tweaked the lyrics. 2) If things aren't very clear about her being an angel warrior, don't worry, they'll unfog soon! 3) My songs being posted on here is alright- I checked!

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