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A/N: I own nothing, everything belongs to J.K. Rowling.
A big THANK YOU is going out to my wonderful beta-reader D i a. If I was you I could read some of her stories, her newest “The Proposal” is fantastic and I am not lying!
I hope you will like this story. It is just something I came up with. This story has continuations, though not in the same ‘style’, they are seen from a more humorous view.
I hope you will leave me a little review, since it takes like 30 sec to do so and it will warm my heart.


“…And by the power the dark lord didn’t know of, Harry Potter defeated lord Voldemort. The end.”

A woman with a little girl sitting on her lap closed a book and put it on a table close by the bed. The little girl’s big green eyes followed the book. She took it from the table.

“One more time mommie” she pleaded, even though it was late at night. The book was her all time favourite and by now knew it by heart. The woman laughed and got up from the bed they were sitting on. She placed the little girl on the bed again. The little girl was still pleading, hoping that somehow her mommie would give in and read it again.
The woman took the book from the girl hands and placed the book between other books on the top shelf. It would rest there with books like Narnia, Eragon , the fairytale of H.C. Andersen and other fantasy books. All which have been read millions and millions of times.

“Not tonight. But tomorrow I’ll read the first chapter again” the woman said adding the last sentence after seeing the little girl’s face.

“Oh. okay” the little girl said wishing her mommie would change her mind. The woman walked over to the little pink bed, tucking the little girl under the duvet. The little girl tried to protest, but the woman silenced the little girl by kissing her forehead. The woman stroke the little girl’s black curls, before standing up and walking towards the door.

“Mommie?” the woman turned her head and looked at the little girl lying under the pink duvet.

“Yes what is it?” the woman asked soft, tucking a piece of her brown curls behind her ear.

“Where is Heddy?” the little girl was close of crying. Missing her Heddy would be bad. The woman looked around in the pink painted room. They had painted it and decorated is just 5 days ago. The woman walking over to a basket and took a toy from it, before walking towards the bed. The woman handed a white teddy owl. A little teddy owl who had been given to her on her birth day.

“Here you go” the little girl hugged the teddy owl and held it tight.

“Thank you mommie” the woman walked back to the door.

“Good night” she said and turned off the light and closed the door. The little girl looked at the owl before falling asleep, in hope that her mommie would read to her tomorrow.

The woman began walking towards the master bedroom. The hall was full of pictures. Pictures were moving. Some showed the family, others friends and friends from school, her old headmaster and professors, but most of them were of her daughter. Even though it was dark, the hall was still lighted up by the cream coloured paint and the lamps.
The woman stopped just before master bedroom, wondering if her daughter was happy enough. Reaching for the doorknob her fingers barely touched the doorknob before pulling away. Was everything going to be alright? Would her family be happy here? Even though she knew it was many years ago since Voldemort was defeated, doubt was still in her mind. She opened the door, thinking she wasn’t alone and her dreams would come true someday.
Upon entering she saw her husband lying in their bed already. He was sleeping peacefully after so many years. The woman closed the door and walked towards him. Here he was, lying in their bed; in their bedroom not far from their daughter. They had a house together and more importantly, a life together. Everything they ever wanted, what they always had dreamed and hoped for. A smile crept upon her face. How could she not be happy?
She kissed his forehead before lying beside him in the bed. Slowly an arm came around her waist. She closed her eyes knowing that her husband was there and what more could she ask for? Everything she thought in the hall was now billions of thoughts away.
The man looked at his wife, the most beautiful person in the world. His arm was around her waist. He pulled her closer to him. He knew she felt protected and that made him happy. He could fell her warmth. He kissed her shoulder, before falling asleep.

“MOMMIE! DADDIE!” came shouts from the hall. The woman and the man woke up. The woman turned around facing the man.

“I’ll take her” the woman said and began getting up. A hand touched her arm. Her eyes met her husband’s.

“I’ll take her” he said. The woman shook her head.

“Nah, you sleep. Besides it is properly about Heddy” the woman said kissing her husband, before slipping off the bed. The floor was cold. The woman opened the door to the hall. She walked past the familiar pictures and reached her daughter’s room. She opened the door and saw her daughter sitting in the bed hugging Heddy really close to her.

“MOMMIE!” screamed the little girl. The woman walked over to the little girl. As soon as the woman had sat on the bed, the little girl hugged her and cried. The woman was choked, her daughter never cried, expect when she was really really wrong.

“What is it Lily?” The woman asked looking worried at her daughter. Heddy was a little wet.

“Mommie. Is he okay?” the little girl asked.

“Who is okay honey?” The little girl got out of bed. She walked over to her desk and took a chair and put it by the shelf. She stood on the chair and pulled a book down and put the book on her mother’s lap.

“Him mommie” the little girl said pointing at the book cover. On the book cover there was a picture of Harry Potter. The woman smiled. She pushed the book away and pulled the little girl on her lap. The little girl pulled the book on her lap. Heddy was under her arm.

“Oh him. Well he is perfectly fine” the little girl looked at her mommie, who had a knowing smile on her face.

“How do you know?” the woman laughed. She turned on the night lamp.

“Well. After living with him for now 18 years, I would like to think he is perfectly fine and happy” the little girl looked at her mommie with open mouth.

“Do you know Harry Potter mommie?”

“Yes of course”

“Whoa” the woman laughed. Heddy had fallen down on the floor the minute the woman said she knew Harry Potter. The little girl was enchanted. Her mommie knew Harry Potter.

“Do you know everything about him?” The woman thought for a moment before nodding.

“Almost everything” There was a moment of silence. They still sat in the pink bedroom. The clock said it was 3 in the morning. Heddy was still on the floor. The little girl still had her eyes on the book. The book was red and gold, symbolising Gryffindor. It was a hardback book, and in front of the book, more precisely in the middle was a picture of Harry Potter, taken when he just had defeated Voldemort. The title said: `The real story of Harry Potter – The-Boy-Who-Lived and the person´. The little girl opened the book at page 1. Most books were always written something personal in first, like a thanks or something. Hers was as well. It said:

To my dearest.

Thank you for everything you have given, love as well as comfort. You have always been with me, even though times had been dark. You all don’t know how much it means to me.

To my beautiful baby girl Lily: I love you so much. More than words in it self couldn’t explain. You make me smile everyday. You’re my little miracle, never thought I would love a person other than your mother so much. I am looking forward to teach you how to play quidditch, not just you, but Heddy as well.

To my beautiful wife: You make the sun shine. You have stuck with me though everything and so many years. How? And why? I don’t know. You have given me so much happiness by marrying me, I’ll forget that day. Didn’t believe I could be happier, but you proved me wrong by given me a beautiful daughter and therefore a family, like I always wanted. This is not just my book, but yours as well. You have always had my love and still do including my heart, body and soul. I love you and I’ll never let you or our family go.

Harry James Potter

The little girl did always make her mommie read that to her. That reminded her that Harry Potter did have a family and was very happy.

“Mommie, what’s Harry Potter like? Since you know him very well and all. Heddy and me just wanna know.” The little girl took Heddy up from the floor and sat him beside them.

“Why are you asking me?” the woman pushed her curls out of her face.

“You know him mommie that’s why” The little girl turned around so she could look at her mommie.

“You do as well. Don’t you know Harry Potter is your father?” The woman asked. She hasn’t inherited that much of her brains. The little girl stared at her mommie.

“Harry Potter is daddie?” The woman laughed and nodded. The little girl hugged her mommie so tight and began crying again.

“What’s wrong?” The woman stroked her daughter’s curls.

“He got hurt mommie, he got hurt” The woman now understood what her daughter meant.

“Yes, he did. But he is just fine now” she looked at of the window.
Out in the horizon the sun slowly began rising. It always came up so early in the summer mornings. The flowers had already blossoming, but still looked pretty with all the many colours in the garden. The swings in the backyard swung with little wind there was there. The swimming pool water was calm. From a bench between two large oak trees you could see the woman sitting with the little girl.

“Mommie?” the little girl asked softly.

“What is it my darling?” The woman said, hugging her daughter.

“What is the power Voldemort didn’t know of?” the woman smiled remembering the final day.

The man laid in the bed. Waiting for his wife to join him, but she had not returned from checking up on their daughter. There was a possibility that she had fallen asleep in there. But it was not her character to do so. She had been there for 1 hour and he missed having her by his side. He turned around trying to fall asleep, but it didn’t work. He needed her; it was as simple as that. He loved her so much. She was the reason why he got up everyday. But how could she love him? He, The-Boy-Who-Lived. Who could have been dead so many times and the one who had kept pushing her away, since he wanted nothing to happen to her. She must have been crazy and yet she still was. A smile crept up on his face. Oh yes!, definitely crazy and wild.
He turned around, now it couldn’t take THAT long. Did they read the book again? It wouldn’t surprise him at all if they there. Nothing could really surprise him anymore.
Except, what had happened today. All their friends, old professors, co-workers, her family and his ‘family’ were there. It was the summer party they always hold. Everyone would go around and talk among themselves. They would have this big buffet and a lot of music playing. At one point his wife went over and stopped the music, she got everyone attention. But that wasn’t that hard when you think about how beautiful she looked in that low-cut knee-long red dress. She said she had some surprises and announces to make. First she told that Ginny and Neville was engaged, you can imagine how happy people were. Then she announced Ron had finally asked Luna to marry him, everybody laughed seeing they had been together for now 12 years. All the announces were a surprise in a way, but the best was still to come. She then got a big smile on her face, telling she herself had a surprise. People began looking confused, except Dumbledore. Then she said: “Harry and I are proud to announce that Lily is to be a big sister in 7 months”. The man got the widest smile on his face. He ran up and kissed his wife. People around them were thrilled. Later, when it just was them, she told him that it was going to be a boy. The man laughed, when she said it was the beginning of his own quidditch team.
Yep, she surprised him. The man turned around again. It didn’t help. He just couldn’t sleep without her. If he did the nightmares would come back, and they were not nice. Far from. So if she couldn’t sleep with him, he wouldn’t sleep that night or nights. But tonight couldn’t be one of those nights. The man sat up. Even though the room was decorated and painted in warm colours, gold and red in honour of their old house Gryffindor; it couldn’t warm the room up without his wife. He sighed and got out of bed. He pulled his night pants on and walked out of the room and into the hall. Not so many meters away were Lily’s room. But he stopped at one picture there was hanging on the wall. It was a picture taken on their wedding day. They were so happy, they still were. The love of his life was standing in the most beautiful white dress, with lilies in her hair in honour of his mother. He was of course in a suit and his arm was around her waist. The sun was shining and everybody was there.
He smiled. It had taken him many to realise that he loved her. God, he could be so thick-headed as she always told him. She was always right, still now. And it looked like their daughter was going to be that too.
The man looked at the picture to the left. Lily’s first step. What a day. The pictures was just some of the happy memorises they had had together. In his life there had always been more sad and bad memorises then good and happy; and know it was completely turned around.
The man walked to Lily’s room and stopped just before it. He faintly could hear some talking. They were talking at shit in the morning.
“What’s wrong?” he would hear his wife say.
“He got hurt mommie, he got hurt” his daughter. A little sensible girl. Always concerned about everybody.
“Yes he did, but he is just fine now” true. He was more then just fine. He touched the doorknob. He opened the door a little, when he heard his daughter’s voice asking another question.
“What is the power Voldemort didn’t know of?” AH! The big question. He walked inside the room. He saw his wife sitting on Lily’s bed with Lily on her lap. Lily’s and his wife’s eyes flied from the book to him.

“Well, the power Voldemort didn’t know of was daddie’s love for mommie” he said.

“Really?” Lily asked amazed.

“Yes” he said and took the book at put it away.

“Do you love daddie mommie?” He turned around, seeing his daughter look up at his wife. His wife was looking at him intensely.

“More than he ever will know, more than he ever will know. Now you could get to sleep” the woman said. She put Lily on the bed and kissed her forehead. The man went over to his wife and kissed his daughter’s forehead, before wrapping an arm around his wife’s waist. They said goodnight to Lily and closed her door and turned off the light.

They were again lying in their bed. He still had his arm around her. He looked at her.

“`more than he ever will know´?” he asked. She kissed him.

“Yes, and you know that Harry. You always have had my heart” she said. A little smile crept upon her face.

“Yeah, so you kept telling me Hermione” He said and kissed her.

“Yeah, well, you never listen” he laughed.

“You’re right about that as always” she smiled and crawl closer to him.

“Remember our bet? When I said I was never going to be happy?” He said looking down at her.

“Yeah, I remember. What about it?”

“How should I pay you back? In kisses or hugs?” he said smirking. She laughed.

“Hmm. What about both?” she said also smirking. Damnit. He had had a bad effect on her.

“I think we can manage” he said. They kissed. Slowly they began falling asleep. Tomorrow was a new day, and a new chapter in their own fairy tale.

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