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Harry Potter & the Last Battle.

Chapter: 1 The Beginning

AN: I say this is the first chapter. The whole thing starts off as a flash back so don’t get confused. Readers be a sport and leave some reviews .

“Oh, I say, dash it old girl not now!” , croaked our hero from beneath the blankets.

“Get up Harry” , came Ginny’s sweet but firm voice from somewhere beyond those cozy blankets, “Its ten already”

“Morning or night” , asked Harry, one must ascertain don’t you know?

“Morning now get up” , she seemed flustered.

“What is so special that I should be dragged out of bed so early?” , answer me that.

“You are the minister for magic (just how you got elected I will never know) today’s your birthday love and also the day you defeated Voldemort . The whole magical world is celebrating. Now get up.”

Ah yes, birthday and the of victory all rolled into one fine day for Harry. But half a jiffy, I was forgetting that you don’t have the foggiest idea of how Harry defeated poor old Voldie and how is it that it was his birthday too. It always happens when you start to tell a story you whiz like that from the tracks like that and before you know it the readers are up on their hind legs yelling for footnotes. It starts with our hero was in his room (number 4, Private Drive, Little Winging Surley) refusing meals from the Dursleys(if you called them meals) after Dumbledore’s death, he was just so shaken. It was in his seventeenth birthday that he was sitting on his bed in his room(number 4, Private Drive, Little Winging Surley in case you forgot) that there was a knock on the front door. He paid no attention, he called upon few minutes latter by a Dudley who was white and clearly rattled, this considerably bucked him up somebody who scares his cousin like that cant be all that bad. He went down the stairs followed by a still pale Dudley. He stopped dead on his tracks at what he saw. There was Hermione desperately trying to start a conversation in a kindly voice & there was Ron shooting confused and fascinated looks at Dudley’s playstation. Seeing him Hermione gave a bright smile, she looked ducely pretty, & Ron gave him a weak smile with the air of a man who has been dragged into a place and conversation he did not want to be in and was willing to make a cash settlement. He was told by a very pompous uncle Vernon that they had come to pick him up, to where he was going he had no idea (nor did Harry). Ron took him aside to tell him that work like the wind and that this bally place was giving him the creeps. Harry nipped down the corridor, nipped up the stairs and still nipping reached his room. He threw everything in his trunk which stood gaping at him with a reproachful and embarrassed air in the corner of the room. Little did he realize that he threw Hedwig in too along with her cage come free. It was latter realized that the trunk was not closing because of it, with sharp "blast it" he removed it. He reached the end of the stairs and percieved Ron and Hermione waiting at the door. He went to them and passed through the door without a second glance at the Dursleys

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