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Lily woke you with a happy sigh, she turned over which proved a bad decision as she rolled right off her bed; she landed on the floor with a thump and a shriek.

James sat up suddenly.

“Wha-“ James called out then noticed Lily was missing as were the covers.

He looked over the edge of the bed to see Lily entangled in the duvet on the floor groaning.

“You just can’t help but hurt yourself can you?” James said smirking.

Lily scowled and stood up, the duvet fell to the floor leaving Lily in a pair of pajamas she didn’t recognize.

“Strout lent them to you.” James answered Lily’s unasked question.

“How long?” Lily asked crawling back onto the bed.

“Well it’s the twenty second. So that’s one and a half days.” James said with a nod.

Lily remained silent.

“What?” James asked wearily.

“I can’t remember the ball.” Lily said, James wrapped his arms around her thin body.

“I don’t want you to.” James whispered into her ear. He didn’t want her to remember the attack. Hell he didn’t want to remember it.

Lily smiled and snuggled against James a bit more.

The two were so engrossed with each other they didn’t realize that someone, well a group of people, had joined them.

“Lily!” Marlene screeched. Lily jumped up startled and saw Marlene and her other friends standing there.

The redhead scrambled out of bad and ran to Marlene and engulfed her into a hug, dragging Alice in as well.

“Oh my, what are you all doing here?” Lily asked the group.

“Come to see you.” Dorcas said as if it were the most obvious thing ever.

“Aw guys!” Lily said smiling brightly.

She was a bit surprised at the amount of people who had turned up.

Emmeline Vance and Dorcas Meadowes had come along.

Leah and Kieran were there.

Frank and Alice.


Morgan and Katie.

Nixa Chui, a petite Asian girl, she was extremely pretty with long sleek black hair. She was the Ravenclaw seventh year prefect.

Stephen Stebbins the head boy, he was lanky with a mop of blonde hair on his head and a cheeky grin. He was a Hufflepuff.

Benjy Fenwick the male seventh year Gryffindor prefect, well built, with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Sturgis Podmore, one of the people Lily tutored, short, but funny he was always joking around.

And Amelia Bones, a short girl with curly brown hair and a pretty face, she was very kind and the sixth year Hufflepuff prefect.

Lily nearly cried at the fact they were all here to see her.

“How are you red?” Stephen asked smiling at Lily.

“I’m good thanks, but guys really you should be home. It’s Christmas.” Lily said firmly.

“Hey Evans shut it. We’re here now, we can go home tonight.” Benjy said grinning.

“So erm we didn’t disturb anything did we?” Nixa asked raising an eyebrow at Lily and James.

“Well er…” Lily said then blushed deeply.

“No, you didn’t disturb anything, though I have some news.” James said grinning.

Everyone looked at him expectantly.

“Lily, will you be my girlfriend?” James asked.

“Yes.” Lily said beaming.

“Well there’s the news, me and Lily are together.”

Dorcas, Emmeline, Marlene, Alice, Katie, Morgan, Nixa, Leah and Amelia all rushed towards Lily and gossiped and talked and asked how it happened.

Remus, Sirius, Peter, Benjy, Stephen, Frank, Sturgis and Kieran congratulated James then talked Quidditch.

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