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[A/n: sorry this took quite awhile, been busy LOL anyway please review after reading!! :D it would make me VERY happy. Chapter image will be up as soon as possible, and this chapter should be beta read in a few weeks. ]

Gorgeous chapter pic by padme_alejandra



Her heart was racing as her face was half an inch away from his. He stared at her face intently, not a single one of them moving from their positions. She breathed in his scent, startled, and immediately memories came flooding back to her.


Hermione’s whole body had gone numb. She did not feel the  warm hand on her arm, guiding her somewhere. She didn’t know where, she didn’t know who it was, she didn’t even know if she was awake, asleep or dead. All she knew at that very moment was that she would never be able to feel her father’s arms holding her protectively or her mother’s delicate cheeks damp with tears softly brushing against hers as she leaves for the Hogwarts train every year.


“Miss Granger, we have to apparate from here now…,” a gentle, soothing voice spoke. She didn’t look up. She didn’t even hear a word the woman had said.


“Miss Granger, can you do this on your own? Or should you hold on to me?” she asked her but once again did not get a response from the despaired young girl.


The sharp old lady and two young boys looked at each other before the elder nodded and took Hermione’s hand from the dark-haired wizard, holding on to it very firmly, getting ready to apparate.


Hermione didn’t even notice that everything had gone black until she felt something pressing on every part of her body very hard. Hermione looked from beside her and saw McGonagall’s sad but determined face holding on to her very tightly. She couldn’t breathe at all, but she didn’t care as this was what she had been feeling three hours ago when she found out the most dreadful news.


Before she knew it, she was now standing on her very own front porch, one she had left five months earlier for the train. She heard two loud pops from behind her as so suddenly she was aware of her surroundings. She looked up to the sky and to no ones surprise she saw it. Hanging in the sky on top of her house was a blazing green skull with a serpent tongue.


She was rooted to her spot, not daring open the doors in front of her where she knew what she would find.


A freckled hand grasped the bronze knob and turned it. Ron looked back at Hermione then looked at McGonagall before stepping inside the house.


She didn’t flinch or even dare to breathe, afraid of what would happen if she did. A warm hand pressed onto hers and suddenly she found herself stepping inside the doors.


Harry slowly led her inside and looked around. The place looked as normal as any muggle house. Everything looked as if it was in the right place, but Hermione knew the warmth, laughter and memories were replaced with despair mixed with blood and cold.


“They’re in the dining room,” a voice spoke from the other side of the house.


Harry held her hand and guided her towards the room. Her hands felt cold against Harry’s warm hands as hers were shaking madly. When she first heard the news, she didn’t dare believe it. She thought it was one cruel joke the Slytherins had pulled. She promised herself not to cry, not to shed one tear in front of the Slytherins. Then she was called up to McGonagall’s office, but still she could not believe.


She entered the dining room slowly and carefully. There she saw them; her mother was still on the chair with her body limp and her eyes open, staring blankly and her father on the floor in an extremely awkward position a few meters where her mother sat. She figured her mother had died first, not even realizing it, and her father had ran to her side but was killed before he can even touch his own dead wife.


Hermione’s breathing became ragged as she slowly walked towards her parents’ bodies. Her hands were shaking madly as she enclosed them over her mouth, fighting the sob that was coming. It felt as if her walk went on forever as she became very tired and fell on her knees.


“Hermione!” Harry ran towards her side but she pushed him away.


She crawled towards her father’s body and hugged him tightly. “Nooo…. Daddy please… you’re not dead…you can’t be dead…”


Suddenly, the tears that she had been fighting back for hours came. “Daddy, you have to wake up... Wake up...please, you need to breathe... Daddy please listen to me,” she pleaded as she shook her father’s body. She began pulling her father’s body towards the chair where her mother’s dead body lied.


“Mum… oh god this is all my fault…” She sobbed harder than ever, clutching her parents’ bodies closer to her.


Harry stepped towards her and sat down beside her. “No, it’s not your fault Hermione.”


“If I didn’t… if I just knew sooner… maybe I could have saved them… maybe…”


“Hermione, there’s nothing you could have done,” he told her softly.


“That’s just it... I didn’t do anything... if I just…. If I never came to Hogwarts in the first place... Maybe they wouldn’t...”


“Hermione, stop blaming yourself… it’s not your fault,” he said as he slowly pulled her into an embrace.


“We should have found out sooner!” she sobbed.


“I know” he whispered.


“We should have found out sooner! Harry, you should have found out sooner!” she yelled as she started beating Harry’s chest. “Aren’t you supposed to be the leader of the Order? Why couldn’t you have find out sooner?”


“I’m sorry Hermione,” he soothed her as he tried to calm her down.


“No... This is entirely your fault! You should have had more spies! You—.” Hermione kept trying to push him away as Harry tried harder to pull her closer until she was too tired to fight him that she gave in and sobbed on his chest.


“I’m sorry Hermione… I’m so sorry.” Harry held her, never intending to let her go. “I’m so sorry…”


Hermione clutched his robes tightly as she cried. She breathed in his scent- sun, mint, and old parchment flowed through her nose, that was Harry’s scent mixed with pain and anguish from the aura of the room. This was the exact same mix of scent she smelled at that very instant. The smell she could never forget.


Hermione opened her eyes slowly only to see Tom Riddle on top of her as she laid on the floor with his face near hers and his wand pointing directly at her. She sat up immediately and drew out her wand but dropped it immediately, feeling an immense pain in her head.

“Aaah” she yelped.


“Head rush?” He smirked, standing up and holding out his hand towards her.


Hermione glared at the hand and ignored it, standing up and pointing her wand at him. “What did you do to me?”


He looked at her, filled with amusement and disgust. Not showing the slightest bit of fear at the wand pointed on his nose. “You fainted, you dimwit”


Hermione glared at him and grasped her wand more tightly. This was her chance now, if only the fat lady wasn’t there but she could always burn the portrait down. They stared at each other for the longest time. Hermione knew what he was doing; he was trying to read her mind. Harry had taught most of the students Legimens so she was fully skilled.

She fought hard to close all thoughts in her mind, feeling the vein in the side of her head almost popping out. After a few more second of Tom searching her brain, he could not find one; instead he obtained a slight headache.


“I do not have time for this… we have class tomorrow, we best be off to bed,” he said, as he ignored the throbbing pain in his head, turning around briskly.


“Why were you following me?” she asked sceptically as she slowly put down her wand.


Tom laughed out loud without turning his head. “Follow you? What? You think of me as your stalker?”


“How did you find me here then?”


Tom turned around and smirked. “I shall not explain myself to you. Who are you but a mere weakling, fainting in surprise?” After that, he turned around then stopped. “The password is Sangue Freddo, I do hope you wont get lost,” he said before he walked off without so much as another glance at her.


Hermione glared at his disappearing shadow then started walking at the same direction. She knew exactly where the Slytherin common room was, seeing as how she was after all the head girl. She rubbed the sides of her head, feeling the immense pain pulsing through it. It never hurt like that when she was doing Legimens, even when she had done it to Dumbledore in the infirmary.


Her journey towards the dungeons seemed to have taken forever when finally she saw the hidden wall in a blank stone wall. “Sangue Freddo,” she stated before the wall split up, showing off the dark dungeons of Slytherin. It was exactly as Harry and Ron described to her in their 2nd year. The dungeon was low-ceilinged with green lamps and green chairs.


She heard a soft shuffling from somewhere in the common room. She turned towards the direction of the noise but found nothing.


Hermione looked around more, wishing she was sorted into Gryffindor instead. The dungeons were chilly and nothing felt remotely homey. She hated it.


It was surprising how she found her bed that easy, seeing her fresh new green robes for school tomorrow. She opened her trunk to see it half full. Her basic needs were at least provided. She looked around her room to see three girls sleeping peacefully.


She dropped herself on her bed and in an instant, her eyes gave in.




Tom walked away from her hurriedly, not looking back. He couldn’t understand why he did it. Why in the world he didn’t leave her there when she fainted. Why he followed her in the first place and why he even bothered reviving her.


He could not suppress the feeling of disappointment within him. His first impression of her of course was of someone who needed a hero to save her, finding her near the forest tattered and covered in blood, nothing but a weakling who couldn’t even save herself from perhaps a wild animal but she surprised him when she was sorted into Slytherin, furthermore threatened Goshawk, twice and using a very strong non-verbal magic.


He was disappointed however when he followed her towards the Gryffindor common room only to faint in surprise in seeing him. He was extremely agitated at how she seemed to spark some interest in him towards her when he didn’t even know her.


It was as if this girl was in control of him, made him find her in the forest and save her instead of leaving her there abandoned to die, made him save her again under the rain, made him follow her around to find out the mystery that is Nerissa Felicia Vane.


What made him even more livid was how he remembered her whole name when he can hardly even remember a single name among all the girls who’ve been trying for years to catch his attention let alone the names of some of his Death Eaters. He vowed never to talk to this girl ever again as he tried to shake all thoughts of her out of his head.


He left her there, knowing she would be lost at the tower. He smirked at the thought of her wandering around without any idea where she was going, perhaps even calling out the password to every wall.


He reached the stone wall quickly and spoke the password in a low voice. He took a last glance behind him before stepping inside his common room.


“Tom,” a voice called out before he even had the chance to respire inside the dungeons. Tom glared at Malfoy.


“What do you want?” He asked in a bored tone.


“Tom, where’d you head off to after dinner?” he asked him skeptically.


Tom shot him a look that made Abraxas shiver for just a moment, “Is that really your business?” He knew he was just making small talk in hopes of getting his rank among the Death Eaters higher, more or less, become Tom’s second. He heard small buzzing noises in the room


“No, of course not” he said quickly.


‘Pathetic and weak,’ Tom thought inwardly as he sat down on the green couch nearest to the fire. “What is that noise?”


Abraxas Malfoy sat across him and looked around the common room. There were only five people left, two of them were third year boys who were stealing admiring looks towards Tom and the others were girls from their year who were whispering at each other and giggling, again, watching Tom.


Abraxas smirked at them and looked back at his master. Tom was studying the fire closely as every now and then it would flick playfully; he studied Tom’s eyes as if he could find the answers in them on how he was doing this wandless magic.


The buzzing noises became louder and suddenly Tom began hearing everyone’s thoughts around him. He could hear a boy’s voice complimenting Tom mentally, heard the girls’ silly daydreams about him and Abraxas, their voice filled with admiration.


“Oh I wish I was more like him, I heard he owns a snake or something… I wonder if that’s true… probably just Zach messing around again” he heard one of the boys say.


“Oh my god, I think he just looked my way… how I would very much love to run my hands over his silky brown hair.”

“Urghh, look at Desiree, she so thinks she can get him to ask her to the Christmas dance…as if! He’s going to ask me…love potion should do the trick… I wonder if…”


He couldn’t understand how he heard everyone’s voice in his head without having to use Legimens against them. As much as this was of great use, he did not know where this came from, and it annoyed him greatly. The voices in his head kept overlapping each other as it all seemed just too loud for him.

Stop it,” Tom snapped, loudly enough that the people in the room scrambled out of their feet and left the common room hastily. He didn’t have to take his eyes off the fire to know that the people around them had left. Everything suddenly grew quiet, even the fire looked remarkably still at Tom’s outburst.

Tom waited a few more seconds before standing up. He was never one to control his temper, knowing that if he kept this up, he would either blow up the lamp or the whole couch. He began walking towards his dorm room with Malfoy tailing behind him. He could not hear Abraxas thoughts any longer. He contemplated on what just happened as he walked up the steps.


“That new girl is very intriguing,” Malfoy told him as they climbed the steps.


Tom stopped abruptly and turned around. “And why is that?”


“Well you were there Tom, you saw the way she threatened Dreizi just to have the chance to sit with those freaks.” He spat at his last word, thinking about the ‘Golden Trio’ as Tom began to move again. “Those pathetic people… wonder why that girl opted to sit with them instead of Dreizi; then again, perhaps the girl just wanted the chance to sit next to you.” Abraxas smirked.


“The girl is a pathetic little weakling, and her charade wasn’t at all intriguing. She was obviously trying to acquire a good impression,” he shot back without looking back, glaring at the thought of what the waste of time he spent trying to find out more about the girl when she was nothing at all and no use to him.


“I suppose…” Abraxas replayed the incident earlier in his head. “But we will not know for certain until tomorrow... I have a feeling nevertheless that this girl will become valuable to us someday.”


Tom turned around and started walking in the opposite direction.


“Where are you going” he asked.


“Someplace , anyplace, as long as I will not hear any more of your talk of nonsense.” He walked down the steps briskly.


Abraxas took one step towards him, intending to follow him when Tom turned around and shot him a look that made Abraxas turn on his original route towards his dorm room.


Tom made his way back to the common room. He had to find out how in the world he’d come to hear people’s thoughts without any effort.


As he took his last step he heard the stonewall open. As soon as he saw that herd of wild curls he hid behind the shadows. He watched her as she examined the common room in disgust before finally going up towards the girl’s dorm room.


He waited a few more seconds, expecting another Slytherin who led her there but none came. He walked towards the stone wall, opened it and peeked behind it. If someone told her the directions they would have still been there walking away but there was not a trace, not even a shadow on the long corridor.


He closed the wall in frustration. He hated not being in the know, most of all, hated being intrigued by this mysterious girl after promising himself he wouldn’t care. He walked back towards his dorm room, seething all the way, forgetting all about his moment of telepathy.


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