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Chapter Two: 

Prongs-- I’ll be writing every week or so. Very third-year-girl of me but you know I am desperate for any means of communication with the sane. Seems like there is going to be excitement in my summer for the first time in… well, forever really. Poor daddy got sick and mummy has to take care of him so I’m staying alone at our manor in France. Not alone actually- then I would have invited you over. Regulus and his bimbo girlfriend and here- a Rosier girl, but they don’t really count seeing as I doubt either of our parties has any wish to interact with the other. I haven’t seen them yet even though I’m pretty sure we have both been here for at least three days. This house is huge, maybe if I am lucky I wont bump into them once. I’m not far from some fantastic muggle towns filled with wonderfully dishy French girls that I would gladly converse with, and if we happen to get naked in the process, so be it. How’s the separation anxiety from Evans treating you?


“Can it be? Sirius Black has graced us with his presence,” a silky female accent caught Sirius’s attention and his ears perked. He didn’t recognize the voice, but knew who it was.

“Well my family stayed in London and wherever they are, I’m not,” Sirius smiled and turned around. In front of him was Solene Rosier, even more beautiful than he remembered. She had inherited every stunning feature the Rosiers were famous for. Long, shimmering hair pulled back a sparkling clip and cascading down her narrow back until her waist. Brilliantly blue eyes, shallow and filled with vanity. Soft, pale lips constantly fixed with a cruel smirk of superiority and conceit. Thick eyelashes, long legs, the total package.

Sirius exhaled loudly, “You look good.”

“I know,” Solene smiled.

“And a narcissistic brat, I see,” Sirius remarked and fixed himself a cup of water. It was an agitatingly hot temperature in the kitchen. The corner of Solene’s mouth twitched in irritation but she remained composed.

“How charming,” she responded sarcastically and took a seat beside him at the dining room table. Sirius raised an eyebrow at her, wondering why she was even attempting to carry on a conversation with him.

“Where have you been all these years? I used to ask…” she trailed off at a loss of words.

“But I’m not exactly everyone’s favorite topic of conversation,” he smirked and finished the sentence for her.

“Putting it mildly.”

“Does that mean you’ve missed me,” he said amused and leaned towards her, himself knowing it couldn’t be true. He was surprised she even remembered him, girls like Solene didn’t dabble with matters that didn’t directly benefit them.

“Actually I nearly forgot you existed,” she remarked rudely and slinked over to the cabinets to fetch herself some water as well. The sun was shining through the crystal windows and the effect was a greenhouse of a kitchen. Sirius could feel the tingling sensation that occurred before beads of sweat collected on his forehead.

“Considerate of you.”

“Sirius, don’t pretend I ever crossed your mind, you were too busy being a disappointment.”

Sirius snorted with laughter, she was just as he imagined. Full of herself and discourteous, absolutely unfazed by letting Sirius know just how unwanted he was. She was probably hoping to have her very own love shack with Regulus and it was such an atrocity for Sirius to rain on her glistening parade.

“Only a disappointment among you Pures.”

“Well the opinions of Les Purs are the only ones that matter,” she continued her brainwashed babble and Sirius stood up to place his cup in the sink and return to his room.

He shook his head disenchanted, “You used to like me. It’s a shame this has happened.”

“What do you expect from the way you’re behaving,” she remarked obnoxiously.

Sirius laughed again, he couldn’t barely stand to listen to her, “I shouldn’t have expected more. Believing in all their bullshit.”

Solene shrugged and replied as a robot, “What else can we believe in at these times?”

Sirius shook his head disbelievingly and walked out of the room irritated, his voice carrying from the hallway, “You’re full of it. You never used to be like them.”

“I wasn’t even ten, Sirius,” she said as his shadow disappeared down the hall.

It was a short conversation but they had both managed to leave quite an impression on each other.

Sirius was disgusted by the pompous and vain manner in which Solene swaggered around the kitchen, preaching to him the exact words of Sirius’s own mother. Solene was revolted by how self-righteous Sirius was, he hadn’t seen her in at least six years and there he was, judging her, condemning her and ruffling his hair. Acting like as much of the muggle lover Regulus had promised he was. She was horrified that when he turned around to face her she was thrown by how handsome he had become. How much more mysterious he was than his brother, darker with black hair and haunting gray eyes. Regardless, there was no physical attraction that would ever allow her to be associated with a traitor. Furthermore, a traitor that refused to get a decent haircut.

A/N: Ridiculously short, I know. The next one will be extra long to compensate! I promise. 
Please review, I’m not anywhere near my usual characters so it would really help if you left an opinion. Thanks!

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