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“Draco, we’re home!” Pansy Malfoy cried up the stairs as they all entered the Malfoy Manner.

“Oh, that’s great, honey,” a voice cried down the stairs. Sydie’s mum placed her hands on her hips, rolled her eyes and added, “Millie and her daughter are here!”

Sydie’s father apparated into the front hall with a quiet pop. “Millicent!” he cried as he shook her hand. “Oh, and little Wendy,” he added smiling at the dark haired girl. Wendolin put on a fake smile, “Where shall I leave my trunk?” she asked innocently.

“Polka!” Draco snapped.

“Yes, My Lord,” a small elf asked as she appeared at Draco’s feet.

“We have guests!” he said sharply. The elf bowed slightly and scurried over to Millicent and Wendolin’s baggage after being kicked roughly in the side by Draco.

“We can talk in the Parlor,” Pansy said pointing to her right. They all left the room, leaving Sydie alone.

Sydie quietly started pulling her trunk up the stairs with the others watching her ominously. She stopped abruptly when she heard a quiet pop beside her.

“Oh Merlin,” Sydie shrieked, nearly losing control of her trunk. “Oh, Flit, it’s just you,” she said relieved.

“I can help you with that Miss!” the little elf cried. “Polka told Flit that Master Malfoy ordered her to leave you to do it yourself. But he didn’t order Flit to leave Miss Malfoy!”

“Thank you, Flit, and please call me Sydie.”

“Yes, Miss Sydie!” Flit said as she grabbed Sydie’s trunk and disappeared with it. Sydie walked the rest of the way to her room which was on the fourth floor. Flit had already started unpacking her things and she decided to help.

“Flit is lucky to serve Miss Mal… Miss Sydie! You is a great Mistress to serve!”

Sydie smiled but didn’t respond, she had seen the way her father treated Polka; she had heard the poor tiny elf cry when no one was around. Sydie had promised herself that when Polka had her third elfchild; Sydie would treat it as a normal person.

Once the two had finished unpacking, Sydie sat on the bed and told Flit about school and her friends.

“My mistress’ friends sound very nice. Flit wishes she had friends; all Flit has is Daub, Peon, Biddy and Polka,” the elf said with a small hint of sadness in her voice. Sydie frowned, if only I could free her, she thought sympathetically to herself.

Polka appeared in the room, she quickly bowed to Sydie, “Mistress… Master Malfoy asks for dinner to be served at half past six … Polka hopes Miss Malfoy will not be angry with Polka … but Polka has much to do …” Polka bowed again and was about to go on when Sydie interrupted.

“It’s quite alright Polka; Flit may go and help with dinner … would I be too much of a bother to help as well?”

“Miss Malfoy needs not work in the kitchens,” Flit said simply.

“I have nothing else to do, and I would really appreciate your company!”

“Miss Sydie needs not cook for herself!” Flit exclaimed.

Sydie sighed, knowing that her stubborn House Elf would not give in, “Alright, I won’t cook. But may I still go with you?”

“Miss Malfoy needs not ask a House Elf for permission! If Master Malfoy won’t be angered than I’m sure - ” Polka started but was cut off by Sydie shrieking and hugging the tiny elf.


Irene sat quietly in the magically enlarged back seat. He was talking about her; she knew he was. Four witches. Irene let a single tear fall down her face but she quickly brushed it away. I’m putting my friends in danger! she scolded herself, and my family. I don’t want this! Salazar can keep his power because I don’t need it. Irene quickly covered her face as she felt tears forming in her eyes. She tried desperately to blink them away but it only seemed to bring them faster. Laying her head down on the window she attempted to fall asleep. She wanted to forget everything that had happened – make it a dream.

“Little Malu, we’re home, darling,” Ginny said softly pulling the bright red hair out of her daughter’s face. Irene groaned and sat up. Once in the house, Irene went straight to her bedroom. Though it was quite a bit larger than most houses, Irene could still find her way through the house with her eyes closed – which she did as she scuffled to her room. Flopping on her bed, she fell asleep yet again.

Irene woke with a start. She heard whispering outside of her bedroom door and she quickly made her way across her room. When she opened the door she saw her three friends, her entire family and other random people that she probably would never be able to remember by name. She looked around curiously; they were all glaring at her and whispering harshly to one another.

“What’s going on?” she mumbled. She caught her friends’ eyes and saw fear and sadness.

“Irene we -” one of them started but Irene couldn’t tell which one it was. The sentence was never finished; Sydie fell to the ground screaming while a dark red glow surrounded her. Irene screeched out Sydie’s name and desperately rushed forward to help her but she seemed to be muted and firmly glued to the floor. The red glow faded. Sydie was nowhere to be seen.

“This is your fault,” someone whispered.

“No,” Irene mumbled. Irene saw her sisters staring at her disgusted. Suddenly Melanie and Phoebe were entwined together and rolling on the ground unable to move through the binding ropes. With a loud shriek they both disappeared. Irene fell to her knees shaking her head vigorously. She brought her head up to look at her last friend remaining, but no one was there. Lana was gone. A burning piece of parchment was slowly falling toward her. As an immediate reaction, she snatched it while in mid-air. Instinctively, Irene reached up and snatched it. Most of it was unreadable; only one small line was untouched by fire:

Don’t keep it a secret

Irene dropped the parchment and watched as it coiled on the ground and left a snake of ashes. “No,” she sobbed, though no one could here her. They were all gone and Irene was alone with nothing but the ash snake. “No, No!”

“NO!” she screamed bolting up in her bed. Her body tensed up as the felling of falling overwhelmed her. Gasping she rolled out of her bed. Frantically she ran to the door and threw it open to find an empty hallway. Running down the hall, Irene replayed her dream over and over in her head.

“Mum, Dad!” she practically screamed as she ran into her parents’ room.


“Kaylee!” her mother cried up the stairs. “Come on, we are going to the Burrow in two minutes!”

“Sorry, mum,” Kaylee said as she ran down the stairs, shoving her wand in her back pocket.

“Wow! Nice hair, girly!” Kaylee sighed and changed her hair. “I like it pink!” her mother protested as she changed her own hair to short bubblegum pink.

“I don’t! DARUS!” Kaylee screamed up the stairs. “We are leaving without you!”

“We’re waiting on you two,” Kaylee’s father said, sticking his head through the front door.

“Oh,” Kaylee mumbled as she and her mother walked out of the door. It was December twenty-third and the entire ‘extended’ Weasley family was meeting at the Burrow for Christmas.

“Dad, do we have to drive? Why can’t we use Floo Powder or Apparate? Driving is going to take all day!” Darus protested as he climbed into the back seat with his sister.

“It will only take three hours, Darus! Besides, it’s good to get some fresh air,” his father argued

“What are we supposed to do for three hours?” Kaylee whined.

“Enjoy the landscape!” Remus said seriously receiving a snort from both his wife and children. Their father rolled his eyes and started the car. They drove for an hour in complete silence staring out the window. Remus had eventually gotten bored with driving the car and bewitched it to drive itself.

It was noon before they arrived at the Burrow, and by the looks of it –they were the last to arrive. There were two other cars that were parked awkwardly next to the oddly configured house.


Sydie woke up, breathing heavily and sweating. She could remember perfectly what her dream was about. It wasn’t something she was about to forget…

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