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Chapter Graphic by whocares.

Bloody girls.  Isabelle thought to herself as she dragged her truck behind her, trying to find someone else she could sit with. She passed compartment after compartment until she came to one with Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini, Parkinson, and Malfoy. She paused to look at Draco before finally taking a deep breath and moving on. At the end of the train she came to an almost empty compartment, with only one other person sitting in it, asleep in a corner. She sat down inside and locked the door, so that no one could come in and bug her.

A few minutes before the train rolled into the station, Izzy changed into her robes and stood debating on waking the younger student so they’d have time to get ready. Being a Slytherin won. The young girl remained asleep in her seat as Izzy dragged her belongings out into the now crowded hallway of the train.

Leaving the train, Izzy hurried to find a carriage up to the school. She knew she wouldn’t get one by herself, so she opened the first one she came to and jumped in. She sat down and looked up to see who all she’d joined. Bloody hell.

“You three again?” Izzy sneered. Why am I so touchy?

All three of the girls she’d had the misprivilage to sit with on the train sat around her, blank looks never fading off their faces. Bloody hell once again and bugger. Izzy rolled her eyes and began searching in her little bag for her lip gloss. As she did, a picture fluttered to the ground.

Damn it!

Izzy looked up to see Cora holding a small piece of parchment. It was a picture of Draco Malfoy. Way to give them ammo.

Lori and Coni leaned over to see what the fuss was about. Both of their faces lighted up at the sight of the blonde Sex God.

“What’s a picture of Draco doing in your bag?”

Izzy pursed her lips together. These gits need to mind their own business. “Draco just so happens to like me very much,” she told them, glaring at them in turn. She was making it up, but how would they know.

                The other three looked at each other before laughter filled the carriage.

                “Did you snap this while he wasn’t looking or something?”

Izzy blushed, but fought to keep her cool. They didn’t need to know that she had found it on the common room floor. “He gave it to me,” she said evenly.

You?” Lori sputtered. “Now that’s funny.”

Cora was silently suppressing giggles while still clutching the photograph. Coni wasn’t even trying to hide them. 

Izzy fumed. “And why exactly is that funny? I have a better chance than any of you.”

The laughter died. 

“And why shouldn’t we have a chance with him?” Coni asked. “He’s just as likely to like us as you. House doesn’t matter.”

“Theoretically,” admitted Cora.

Izzy snorted. “Yeah right.”

Lori blushed angrily. “How would you know? Does he share his deepest darkest secrets with you? Because it looks like you’re not having any more luck than I am.”

Izzy flushed bright red. How dare she? Izzy tried to calm herself. She had nothing to worry about, anyway. It was so obvious. How these fools think they had any chance with Draco? With her Draco? 

“If you can get Draco to go out with you, I’ll eat that picture,” she said, indicating the photo Cora still clutched in her hand. Suddenly she was angry.   That filthy mudblood was defiling Draco’s perfect face! Izzy snatched the picture from her. 

“It seems to me,” Cora said, still gazing distantly at the spot where the photo had been. “It seems to me that it would not be in the best interest of neither you nor Lori if you were to eat that picture,” she said evenly. Her eyes finally flickered up and away from the nonexistent photo. “In my experience, money is always a much better incentive.”

What the hell was the mudblood talking about? 

Coni’s eyes lit up. “You mean like a game?” she asked eagerly. 

“I guess you could think of it that way.” Cora shrugged. “More like a bet, though.”

Izzy suddenly felt very nervous, but kept the butterflies in her stomach very carefully guarded. “A bet?” she asked disdainfully.

Lori looked unsure. “A bet on what?”

“Well, on Draco, of course!” Coni said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. It was not the most obvious thing in the world, not by any means. 

Regardless, the nerves in her stomach began to change to excitement. “How much are we talking here?” She could use some money, after all. 

“Twenty five galleons seems fair,” Cora proposed. 

Lori’s eyes widened. “Twenty five?” she gasped. 

“What?” Izzy said scornfully. “Can’t you afford it, or do you just know that I’m going to win?”

Lori eyes narrowed in competition. Now there was something Gryffindors and Slytherins could both understand. “No,” she challenged. “I was just concerned that your sad little heart wouldn’t be able to take the disappointment when Draco declares his love for me.”

Izzy fumed, Lori fumed, Coni looked nervous, and Cora ignored them all. 

“Twenty five galleons each, to be paid to the winner,” Cora said calmly. “Draco must openly say ‘I love you.’ Just like that. Deal?”

Coni eagerly affirmed and Izzy quickly did the same, her eyes still locked in a death match with Lori. A moment passed before the Gryffindor begrudgingly nodded her head. 

“All set then,” Cora said lightly and climbed out of the carriage. Izzy noticed with a jolt that they had arrived at the castle.

“He has to openly admit it to win,” Izzy reminded them before she shouldered her bags and heading up to the lit castle.

Welcome home, Iz.

~ ~ ~


Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter I wouldn’t be writing here now would I?JKR owns it all and she’s fabulous. I do not own anything other than the plot along with whocares, NerouticNut, and bluemoonradiogirl, and my character, Izzy Kessler.

This chapter was written by Off_Her_Hippogriff.

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