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“Juliet, can I talk to you?” I was walking to breakfast with Lily when Kia caught up with me.


“Sure what?”




“O.k.…” I said hesitantly. When she had pulled me into an empty classroom I looked at her quizzically.


“Do you know what you are doing?”


I was standing opposite her folding my hands. What was wrong?




“You are complicating stuff for yourself… do you realize you are falling in love with Sirius?”


I turned bright red. (There I go again!) No way! Was I? I thought about it and decided that I wasn’t. Remus must have put Kia on to this. I didn’t even want to have such a useless conversation.


“Kia I am feeling hungry… if we could talk later…” but trailed off when I saw the look on her face, “Or food can wait!” I said gulping.


“What are you going to do Ju?” she asked me.


“Listen Kia, I know what I am doing and please I don’t want to talk about it.”


“Do you love him?”


“Of course not! He is a good friend and that is about it.”


“You sure he will remain feeling that way about you?”


“Ya!” I said. But a doubt formed in my head. Was I too sure? I didn’t know.


Kia left it at that. She knew she had put doubts in my head. Sirius did not think of me that way. Well, actually he could not because James will kill him, but he does not. I know he doesn’t. I’m his best friend.




“There comes my girlfriend. Here I saved you a seat Juliet!” said Sirius holding out his hand to welcome me. I placed my hand in his and he made me sit next to him. I looked opposite me where James was sitting next to Lily. Remus and Kia were sitting next to Lily.


“Want to know who I fixed James up with?”


“Who?” I asked curious.




“What? Jamesie Poo and Isa?” I spluttered. James frowned at me as I chocked on the food.


“She is actually quite nice and has thankfully stopped calling me that!”


“Yea and James has finally observed that her earlobes seemed different because the earrings she was wearing were of different lengths.


“So you guys are set?” I asked him.


“Yea… pretty much.”


“Its just one date right?” asked Lily.


“Let’s see where it goes!” said James. Lily remained quiet and ate her food.


“Ju…” whispered Sirius in my ear. I turned to face him, “wanna go somewhere today?” he whispered.


“Where?” I whispered back.


“Spying on James?”




“There goes greaseball!” said Sirius as we passed Snape.


“Watch it!” snarled Snape as he turned to face us.


“Watch who you are threatening!” said James. Snape pulled out his wand in a flash of a second Lily was thrown backwards. It was a non-verbal spell and it made her faint.


“Lily!” I screamed as I ran to get her. I barely missed a flash of light and James and Sirius were engaged in a non-verbal battle with Snape and Snape had gotten really good. A streak of yellow light hit Sirius and he fell over, blood coming out of his nose. James was still battling Snape but Remus and I rushed to Sirius. Between the two of us we lifted him up. Fortunately Kirk had come by and stopped further fights. Snape smiled victoriously and left. James glared at him and rushed to Lily. Between him and Kia they lifted her and we carried the two to the hospital wing.




“Are you ok?” I asked Sirius as he drank down the potion given to him.


“Yes I am fine.” he said pulling a face as the liquid went down his throat. I looked over at James. He was holding Lily’s hand and whispering to her. Sirius shook his head at him.


“What is wrong with your brother?” he asked me. Lily was still unconscious.


“He is in love!” I replied quietly, not taking my gaze off them. Sirius walked over to James.


“Is she up yet?” he asked looking at Lily and sitting next to James.


“No…” replied James, “it will take her half an hour for the potion to actually start working and she will be up” he looked back at her and stroked her cheek with his hand, “I really love her Sirius… I love Lily.” And I decided then that whatever happens, LAJO had to succeed, whether or not it affected me.

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