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Disclaimer: Everything is JKRs. Lyrics by Halifax.

Chapter Six
Murder, I Wrote

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Listen to me cause I'm not faking
This time it's real and I can't take it
Hold me gently cause I might fall apart
There were no bullets so stop searching
The cause is you and all your making
Stop pretending that you're innocent

Cause now I remember that...

I saw you with the murder weapon
You see me as an enemy
Choke on your tongue as you pray that this is all just a dream
And fall before me

--Halifax "Muder, I Wrote"


I had followed Tristan, Libby, and Remus to the train station. From there, I waited until everything pretty much cleared before I slipped through the barrier myself. I don’t know how I managed, but I snuck past almost everyone without being seen or noticed. I then jumped onto the train.

I found a good place to hide in an extra baggage car. I slipped underneath some trunks and boxes and settled down for the train ride. It felt odd to be going to Hogwarts again. But I knew it was necessary. I had already spotted Peter with the Weasleys. I remember them. Of course, they didn’t have their youngest or only daughter when I had known them, but I did know them. They were good people. Much to go for Peter to be hanging around with.

My blood boiled with anger at the thought. Me, the innocent one, losing the love of my life and getting locked up in Azkaban while everyone that knew about the prophecy somehow doesn’t anymore. While Peter, the traitor, gets to roam free under the care of loving people getting fat and lazy! Well, Peter was always fat and lazy but that does not matter right now.

The beginning of the train ride was nice, I had fallen into a much needed sleep and was able to fully relax. Out on the streets I had to keep an eye out for three things; the dementors, loving dog people that would want to take a cute, adorable stray like me in, and dog-hating people that want to send me to the pound. On the train, I was able to lay back and just relax.

However, I soon grew hungry. Hungrier then I already was. There was no food in the car I had taken refuge in. I thought about sneaking to where the kids are and stealing from the Snack Trolley, but then I felt guilty and began to search the area around me for something–-anything.

I found nothing but ink and parchment. This upset me and I returned to my spot with a scowl. My stomach grumbled, though it was used to this lack of food thing. I was thinking of Libby and Tristan, distracting myself from hunger, when the train began to slow. My head snapped up, sensing something was not right.

It was too early to have arrived at the school. Well, not really early, but we still should have a few more minutes on the train. And icy coldness filled the air around me. I shivered at the familiar feeling. I backed deeper into my spot, my heart pounding. I tried to picture Libby and Tristan. But all I did was remember Libby’s tears when she saw me in Azkaban. And how horrible it must have been for Tristan to grow up without a father figure.

The dementors did not enter my part of the train thankfully. I heard a few screams, but mostly everything was silent. Dead silent. I barely heard my own breath and it took a moment before I realized that it was because I was holding it. I let it out, only to suck it back in and shut my eyes, willing the dementors to just leave already.

They searched for ten minutes before the air got warmer again. Then, slowly, the train began moving again, rocking everything back and forth. The Dementors had searched the train. . .which means they probably are searching Hogwarts too. But would Dumbledore honestly allow Dementors on the grounds? Unless Dumbledore was no longer Headmaster. No. He should be. It’s only been twelve years.

The train slowed again no more then fifteen minutes later. I waited for a long time as kids got off the train. I could hear their laughter and chatter from where I hid. Once things began to get quieter, I slipped out, jumping from the train just as it started moving again. I could see the last of the carriages pull away and I slipped silently into the shadows heading into the opposite direction to Hogsmeade. I already knew where I was going to stay.

The ground was wet and the rain was heavy, but I trudged through the mud relieved to have gotten to Hogwarts safely. I could see dementors floating around, heading towards the school. Scowling as much as a dog can, I headed up a hill where the Shrieking Shack was located on.

No one should go up there but tourists. And I knew the only two possible ways in. One, by the Whomping Willow on the Hogwarts grounds, and the other through a loose piece of wood in the back of the house behind numerous bushes. I went straight there only to find the board had been fix and was shut tightly. I whined loudly and then looked around. It was cold, but the only way to get back into the Shrieking Shack now was to go up to the school and into the tunnel.

The walk was far, but I did not pause. I hurried, hoping and praying the dementors would not sense me, even if it’s harder to sense animals. I slipped past them onto the ground.

I eyed th castle wearily. It still looked the same. Amazingly the same. I almost went up to the doors and went in, but resisted the urge. I would be going in soon. Just not tonight. I don’t think I would be able to handle it if I did. I ran towards the Whomping Willow and hesitated. Then, as fast as I could, I ran right into the entrance to the tunnel. I heard the branches snap as I just bare avoided the tree’s attack. I heard the trunk and branches groan as it straightened.

Then looked down at the ground, panting. In the dim light, and thanks to my dog vision, I could see a very vague outline of a hoof in the ground. It was barely visible and I thought it was my imagination for a minute. But whether it was or not, I cannot say. I had to look away.

I hurried down the tunnel. It was a long tunnel and was a few minutes before I arrived at the entrance to the Shrieking Shack. I pushed it open with my head, which hurt, and climbed out.

It looked the same, but different. The furniture was still broken in pieces on the floors, marks on the wall where Remus, in his werewolf form, had scratched was still there, bloodstains were still visible on the walls and floor from when Remus had bitten or hurt himself, or accidentally hurt James or me. The place was covered in dust, however. As I walked around, small clouds of it erupted around my feet. I headed up the stairs and found where the bed was. I jumped on it, coughing as dust filled my lungs, and laid down.

This was my home until I could get Peter.


The office was strangely quiet. Rarely was everything so silenced in the Auror’s quarters. Especially lately with Sirius being on the loose. However, today, as I sat at my desk writing a report and Tonks sat behind me at her smaller desk studying notes on other cases, I realized everything was quiet.

As soon as the train left with Tristan, I headed right to work. There was a lot to be done and now that Tristan was at school, I had nothing better to do but focus all my attention on catching Sirius. The team was set up, and I was Kingsley’s right hand assistant. I was surprised by this, but agreed immediately. It was better this way. Tonks, of course, would be helping too since she is my trainee.

I laid down my quill and spun my swivel chair around to face Tonks. Her hair was platinum blond today and went down to her mid-back. Her eyes were an electric blue. She felt my gaze on her and looked up.

“Is it quiet in here?” I asked. Tonks frowned and listened.

“It is very quiet now that you mention it,” Tonks nodded, “Wonder why that is.”

“Was there a call we missed?” I wondered aloud. This instantly struck me as stupid because if there was a call, it would be impossible to miss. Aurors running to get to the scene or to their desks to receive orders was chaotic.

“Doubt it,” Tonks shrugged.

I poked my head outside the cubicle only to see that other Aurors were at their desks working on reports, reading them, or doing some other work. A few looked up and smiled at me. I nodded my head back and then sat back down. Rarely did we have a quiet hour. And when we did, we found it odd. I sighed, sitting back in my desk. Desk work was boring. The worst part of being an Auror.

I picked up my quill again and began to write once more. The report was also boring, I realized. There were no signs of Sirius and no clues leading to where he had been! The report was pointless. Once again, I put my quill down and turned to face Tonks again. She hadn’t gone back to her work, but was spinning slowly in her swivel chair with a bored expression on her face.

Without looking at me she asked, “How old is Remus?”

“Remus?” I repeated, thrown off guard, “He’s thirty-three. Why?”

“Just wondering. . .” Tonks said, then I heard her muttered, “Only fourteen years older. . .” I eyed her suspiciously then laughed.

“Do you like Remus?” I asked, feeling like a sixteen year old again.

“What?” Tonks gasped, “Oh, no. Not in that way of course!”

“Tonks. . .” I said, smirking.

“Okay, he’s attractive, but that’s all I think,” she said in hushed tones then, turning slightly pink. I laughed again.

“What’s funny?” a deep voice said and I turned to see Kingsley, smiling.

“Tonks here,” I said simply, “Can we help you?”

“You can,” Kingsley grinned, “Unfortunately one of the Aurors that were stationed in Hogsmeade, to watch the dementors and to just be there, has gotten ill. He will probably be out of work for the next few months and we need another Auror down there. Do you think you and Tonks can take on another assignment?”

I looked at Tonks and she gave a curt nod.

“We’ll be happy to,” I said, standing. There was papers and contracts to sign now. I inwardly groaned. More paper work. . .

“Good. I have the paper work in my office. I’ll give you the rest of today and tomorrow to pack. There’s already a room checked out for you both at the Three Broomsticks. They only hold the room for three days, though, so you’ll want to get there soon.” Kingsley said in his formal work voice. I nodded and then followed him to his office where I got the paper work for both me and Tonks.

Once I had gotten the paper work filled out and turned into Kingsley, we packed up out reports and stacked everything neatly. I said goodbye to Tonks and then Apperated away.

My house was quieter then the office, but that was normal. Even with Tristan home the house was quiet. It was much too big for two people. Even for three. But I had never been able to sell it once Dumbledore suggested I don’t.

I greeted my house elf, who presented me with a cup of tea. I thanked Pinky and started up the stairs. It was best to pack now then later. My suitcase, however, was not in my room. I searched and then remember that Tristan wanted it. Why? I don’t know. I headed towards his room and pushed the door open, switching on the light. I stood in the door way for a minute, thinking.

Tristan was always neat. His bed was made perfectly and his floor was clear. The books on his book shelf were in perfect order and looked brand new. His closet was open just a few inches. There were pictures on his wall of Quidditch teams and a calender by his desk which was straightened up in a way that I never could get. I entered and smiled. I then opened his closet and found that he did not put my suitcase in there. So I checked under his bed.

I had to pull an old shoe box out from underneath before I could pull out my suitcase. And just as I did so, my elbow knocked the box onto it’s side, the contents spilling out. Cursing silently under my breath, I picked it up and reached for the stuff. Then I stopped.

The first thing that I picked up was something I bought for Sirius for Christmas. A silver necklace in the shape of a dog bone, his name inscribed on it. The chain was worn and I remember him constantly reminding me he would be needing a new on soon. He had been thrilled to receive it. I remembered.

Then there were photos. I flipped through them. Sirius and me at Quidditch practice. Darcy Smith, one of the beaters, had taken it before our first game. Sirius and I were not dating then, but we were friends. And as we laughed with one another in the picture, I had to smile. The next picture was my birthday, I was dancing with him, thrilled to not looking like a fool as he twirled me. He had thrown that party for me. The next was of us with Lily, James, and Remus. Lily was sitting by James, holding hands and smiling at him. Remus was sitting against an oak tree reading while Sirius watched me do my homework. I didn’t remember when or how the picture was taken.

So many pictures, half of which I couldn’t remember, but each one showing the strong bond that had stood between Sirius and me. My cheeks were wet and I hadn’t even noticed I had been crying. I put the pictures in the box along with the necklace and all the other small trinkets that Sirius had loved. Then I realized I had forgotten a photo and reached for it, gasping when I saw it.

It was the last picture I could remember being taken. It was of Sirius and Tristan, Lily, James, and Harry in the background playing. Tristan was bundled up to protect him from the fall air and Sirius looked handsome in his jeans and jacket. He was sitting on an old swing that had hung from the tree outside in our yard. It had just recently fallen down. He was smiling down at Tristan, looking incredibly happy and at peace as he teased Tristan with the tip of his finger. Tristan was smiling and giggling. I could still hear his little baby laugh. . .I could still remember that day.

“Libby, you bully, let me hold Tristan!” Sirius whined. I looked up at him, confused, and laughed.

“Did you just call me a bully?” I asked.

“No,” Sirius said, “Now give me Tristan. You’re always holding him.”

“Every time you hold him he ends up crying. And then you give him to me,” I said, but handed the small two month old to Sirius. He looked incredibly thrilled as he supported Tristan’s head and pulled him close to his chest in a protective manner.

“Oh wow!” Lily said coming out of the house. James followed, holding Harry up and playing ‘Broomstick’, also known as airplane. Harry giggle and shrieked with laughed.

“What?” Sirius asked, bouncing Tristan up and down slightly.

“Libby actually put Tristan down!” Lily laughed. I slapped her arm lightly and glared at her. Lily laughed again and then hurried after James, telling him not to hold Harry like that. I smiled as I watched James hold Harry properly and set him down, pouting as Lily scolded him.

I turned back to Sirius when I heard Tristan’s familiar cry. For a moment, Sirius looked lost and then glanced up at me to see me smirking. Then a determined look came into his eye and he turned his back to me, gently rocking Tristan and whispering softly to him. I watched as he went down the porch steps, sitting down on the old swing and rocking himself, still whispering to Tristan who was slowly beginning to stop crying. It was then that I turned into the house to grab the camera.

I took the picture quickly, knowing that Sirius loved getting his picture taken and would end up doing some ridiculous pose when I wanted the pose he was in right now. Hearing the click and seeing the flash, he looked up surprised. I lowered the camera and set it on the table.

“I couldn’t resist,” I said, moving towards him, “It was too cute.”

“Aw, I know I am,” Sirius said and I laughed. He stood up and turned to face James who was now chasing Harry, telling the one year old to put down the frog and come to daddy. Lily watched helplessly.

“We’re never teaching Tristan to walk,” I said shaking my head.

“Aw, that’s not fair. You said he can’t fly until he can walk!” Sirius whined. I looked up and laughed, standing on my tip-toes to kiss Sirius. He leaned down and met my lips with his for me and I smiled against his lips. Tristan’s giggle echoing in my ears.

Tears filled my eyes again as I remember that was only a week before James and Lily died. A week before Sirius betrayed them and me. He had been so convincing. And I had loved him so much. I almost ripped the picture in two, but something stopped me as I prepared to.

Obviously, the things in the box meant something to Tristan. Enough to take them out of the attic and hide them. I set them back in the box and put the lid over, wondering why Tristan hadn’t taken them to Hogwarts with him, but then figuring that it would not look good if someone had found them.

I sighed, standing and pulling my suitcase with me.


I’ve been back at Hogwarts for a week and I already want to go home. I want to be at home where other kids can’t come. Where Slytherins can’t make fun of me and people can’t be rude. For me, Hogwarts had always been tough. But it was never nothing that I wanted to get away from.

From the feast to the last five minutes before I go to bed, I get these looks. They are filled with suspicion, hates, and fear. Even the seventh years, who were old enough to remember small parts of Voldemort’s reign, were scared of me. Slytherins mocked me in the halls and a few even come forward asking me how my father was doing. People hated me. I think even teachers hated me. And why? Because my father did something that I could not even remember? Because he decided to betray my mum when I was no more then two months old?

In the common rooms at night, I would feel the eyes of my house mates on me. Eating breakfast, the Slytherins watched me. During class, the teachers watched me. Muggleborns, Half-Bloods, and a few Purebloods knew my dad had killed thirteen people with one curse. Only me and a few Slytherins knew he betrayed his friends. But even then, I wanted to scream more then half the time. To run away and get away from the eyes of the school.

Ginny understood, I think. She knew it was hard for me, but did not talk about it. People had talked about her towards the end of last year. How she had been possessed by Voldemort and opened the Chamber of Secrets. . .but really, she didn’t really know what I was feeling. She hadn’t been hates or feared, just pitied and looked upon as some silly little girl. Those looks will go away soon. They will go away. . .my looks won’t. Not for a long time.

Yet, out of all the people that stared and whispered, one had the decency to come up to me more then once. Lyra Smith had always been like that.

It was Saturday afternoon. Ginny and I had decided to go outside and do our homework. I honestly did not want to do homework on a Saturday afternoon, but I didn’t have much of a choice. So, Ginny and I sat under a tree by the lake with out books around us. The only sound between us was the scratching of our quills.

“Harry smiled at me this morning,” Ginny said suddenly. I didn’t look up.

“That’s good. Do you think he’s interested?” I asked.

“No,” Ginny sounded sad. I could not make her feel better either. She needed to girl to talk to this stuff about. I had no interest.

Silence came between us again. This time it was broken only by my quill scratching against the parchment. Ginny hadn’t started writing again. I looked up, curious to what was wrong. She was watching me.

“Are you okay?” she asked. I shrugged.


“Are you sure?”

“No,” I admitted, “I hate how people judge me just by who my father is. Not who I am or what I am like. My dad was a murdering psycho, so now I am too. I was able to sneak into Azkaban at eleven years old and free my dad! Honestly. . .”

“I’m sorry, Tristan,” Ginny said, sounding sad again, “It’ll pass.”

“Will it?” I asked, sounding harsh. Ginny said nothing as she ducked her head. I sighed, “Sorry. I don’t mean to sound so bitter.”

“I know,” Ginny replied.

I looked up at the school just to see Lyra walking towards us. Her black hair was loose around her face and her blue eyes sparkling. She was smiling slightly as she stopped infront of Ginny and me. We stared at her. Curious. Usually we barely talked. I knew she probably had something important to say if she was coming right up. Or important to her. Usually, her statements were not interesting to anyone else.

“Hello!” she said brightly, sitting down and crossing her legs.

“Hi,” Ginny and I mumbled shyly.

“How are you all today?” she asked.

“Okay. . .”

“Good, good,” Lyra grinned. We just sat there, curiously staring at one another. Lyra eyed me for a moment and then looked at Ginny. Then she smiled again.

“Do you want something?” I asked as politely as I could.

“Oh, no, I just wanted to come and join you!” she said brightly, “You know, Tristan, since we are potion partners, we should really get to know one another. I heard Snape has a project for us soon.”

“That’s for the seventh years,” Ginny said. Lyra looked at her and didn’t flush.

“I know!” she smiled, “Anyways, Tristan, yeah, I think we should be friends.”

“Why?” I asked, then hearing how rude it sounded added, “I mean, why do you want to be my friend. Not only am I Gryffindor, but I’m, well, me!”

“And I am me!” Lyra grinned, “Just because half the school thinks you’re a twisted, evil little boy doesn’t mean everyone does!” I started at her for a minute.

“Little?” I finally asked.

“But we’re Gryffindors,” Ginny said.

“So? Not all Slytherins are bad, you know. And you guys seem nice. A lot nicer then the people in my house, anyways. That Draco Malfoy totally hexed me yesterday,” Lyra grumbled for a moment and then looked at us again, “So what do you say? Can we be friends?”

“Uh. . .” I said, “Sure. Why not?”

“Of course!” Ginny smiled. Lyra grinned too.

“We should befriend Luna Lovegood too. She’s teased and made fun of a lot, too. And it’s sad because she just has a lot of superstitions,” Lyra explained. I stared at Lyra for a moment

“Loony?” I repeated. Lyra’s eyes flashed as she snapped her head towards me. I almost recoiled, but refrained from doing so.

“How do you feel, Tristan, when people talk about you behind your back?” she snapped. I hesitated.

“Not good,” I finally said.

“How would you feel if they said horrible things about you behind your back?” she then asked, her voice deadly calm.

“Worse,” I hung my head.

“Then do not call other people names. Luna is actually very bright. I’ve spoken to her a few times,” Lyra spoke as if that settled the matter.

We were silent and Ginny and me exchanged look. Lyra was odd and mysterious. She told you all her secrets and everything that was on her mind, but behind all those secrets was a huge one that you could never figure out unless she wanted you too. And then she did something like sticking up for people she barely knows or scolding someone she barely knows. She decided things suddenly and does them, even if they are ridiculous.

In fact, I bet anything that Lyra suddenly had the urge to come and befriend Ginny and me and went looking for us. It was the way Lyra was.


That night, I woke up to my stomach grumbling loudly. I had skipped dinner, not wanting to listen to whispers, and now I was regretting it. For a long time, I tried to ignore my hunger and listened to the snores of my fellow second years. But I could not doze off again. So I decided to go down to the kitchens for something to eat.

I was one of the few that knew where the kitchens were. Ginny and I had followed the Weasley twins to them last year. It was one of the first things we had done together as friends. I could still remember the nervous excitement I felt when we snuck after the twins after hours. To know Filch could catch us at any moment was nerve racking and exciting. It was so thrilling.

I slipped on my shoes and left the dormitory. The fire in the common room was dying and the light was dim. I exited the portrait and started down the corridor. Though I hated doing it, I didn’t mind breaking rules anymore. I could usually talk my way out of trouble, but that was really because I was rarely caught and seen as the good kid. Huh. I was an evil good kid. Go figure.

The corridors were deserted and silent. I slowly made my way to the kitchens. And then, as I passed a window, I saw something in the corner of my eye. I paused and stepped towards the window, peeking out. I gasped.

Walking along the edge of the Forbidden Forest was the dog. The dog I saw at my birthday and the dog that had followed us to King’s Cross. It was a stray and I wondered why it was following us. For a moment, I hesitated, and then headed to the kitchen, thoughts of the dog soon leaving my mind.

A/N: So sorry this chapter took so long. Really. Forgive me? Hopefully the next chapter won't take so long. ^_^

Hmm. . . there isn't much for me to say. I thought this chapter was a bit boring, but it gets more exciting as things progress. You know, Sirius has a couple of break ins and Tristan does something very stupid later on. . .huh. Yeah. Hopefully that got you all curious. haha. ^_^

Things to look forward to in chp Seven:

-Sirius and Crookshanks
-Libby talks with Dumbledore.
-Tristanhas trouble sleeping. . .huh. I wasn't really specific with that. *starts fixing my notes*

Welll. . . hopefully you all like the chapter. ^_^
Please review.
love you all!

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