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~>Draco’s POV<~

I couldn't believe that Pansy was so bold to quit her job! Before, she had had a hard time sticking up for herself and voicing her opinion, especially in Hogwarts. She let everyone push her around. So, I liked this new Pansy who stuck up for herself. She seemed to hold herself with more pride and conduct herself with more self-esteem then when I saw her last. Pansy Parkinson had changed, finally, for the better.

I was brought back to reality by the sound of her voice. I had asked how she had been doing, and was being rude by not listening to the answer.

“Bailey paid me about ten galleons a week, minus the occasional tips I got from my favorite customers. If you can believe it, those blockheads Crabbe and Goyle used to come in every day!” said Pansy as she walked side by side with me, Granger staying a short distance behind us. “They stopped coming a few months ago and I heard that they were finally found for what they were…”

She trailed off. I could guess what she was thinking about.


“Draco, how could you?” Pansy wailed as we met at the Malfoy manor in the summer between our fifth and sixth years.

I fumed as I hastily rolled down my left sleeve and buttoned up the cuff on my long-sleeved black shirt. “I thought that you, of all people, would understand this, Pansy!”

She put her head in her hands as she sat on the bench next to me as I stood over her like a shadow, the moon glimmering above us.

“I…I don’t know what to think, Draco!” she moaned. She reminded me much of my mother just then, hunched over under my shadow. Oh, how much I felt like my father just then. “How am I supposed to react when my best friend has the dark mark at sixteen? You’ve given up your childhood, Draco! You still had five years before you would be old enough and wise enough to decide for yourself!”

“What are you saying, Parkinson?” I whispered threateningly.

Her eyes glistened. She hated when I called her by her last name (for the same reasons that I now hate mine; the disgrace of our father’s bearing the same name.)

“I’m saying that, no matter what you think, your father chose this fate for you!”

“Quiet, woman!” I screamed. I slapped her across the face hard enough to knock her off of the bench, holding a white hand to where I struck her. She looked up at me, a single shining tear on her cheek.

Memories of my father striking my mother in the same way made me freeze in my tracks. Hadn’t I just been imagining that I was my father and she my mother?

I opened and shut my mouth like a fish out of water, going down on one knee to hold her in my arms. I apologized over and over, until I felt her push me away.

“I was right,” she whispered as she stood, leaving me on the ground. “You’ve turned into your father.” She put a cold and shaking hand on my cheek for a moment then kissed where she had put her hand. “Goodbye, Draco Malfoy. I hope that you find what you’re looking for.”

Then she walked away, out of my life forever.



I could tell by the quickening of her heartbeat that she had a few guesses of her own, especially with Granger blurting it out that we were vampires. I could feel Granger rolling her eyes behind us. She had noticed her heartbeat as well, apparently.

“Oh, just this and that,” I replied, smiling to myself at the thought of Granger’s face just then; exasperated that Pansy would immediately jump to conclusions like that. “Nothing too momentous.”

“But I heard that your father was found dead in some muggle alley in London about a month ago,” she said. “Did you read about that?”

“No,” I said plainly, no emotion in my voice.

“I’m sorry,” said Pansy. “I know how much you…revered him.”

I let out and cold and bitter laugh, my voice callous and devoid of any emotion except an evil triumph. “I’m the one who killed him.”

Pansy did a double-take and I felt Granger do the same behind us and I could hear that her footsteps had stopped, but I kept walking with Pansy who looked as if she was happy but didn’t know what to say.

“What did you say?” Granger asked; her voice low and husky. I stopped and turned around to look at her. Her hands were limp at her sides and her eyes were wide with surprise.

“I said ‘I’m the one who killed him.’ Do you need me to clean your ears?” I said scathingly.

Her mouth, which had been open a bit, snapped shut and she folded her arms across her bloodstained chest. 

“So you actually stood up for yourself?” Granger said. Her face fell almost immediately and she put a hand to her mouth. “I…I’m so…I’m so sorry Draco. That did not come out the way it was supposed to.”

I knew that if I had blood, my blood pressure would be blasting through the roof, but my chest showed how I felt as it was heaving up and down as she mocked me. My cheeks started to burn with anger and I raised my wand, pointed it at her. Her face turned white but otherwise she held her ground, shoving her own hand into her pocket. Her face became tinged with green and she began to pat her pockets nervously in everything from her coat and ruined jeans to her sleeves of her blouse. I suddenly became aware of another wand in the pocket of my own coat and forced down a smirk. I had waited a long time for the moment when Granger stood wandless before me and I had every motive in the world to hex her.

Granger looked at me and saw the faint smile pulling at my lips and nearly fainted when she realized what was happening. I raised my wand higher and relaxed myself to further unnerve her. I chuckled evilly and I could almost see her keel over, her knees nearly giving out under her.

“Do you realize how long I’ve wished that this exact thing would happen, Granger? You wandless and at my mercy?”

Nervously, she shook her head.

“A very long time. Years in fact,” I continued.

“Draco?” whispered Pansy, but I ignored her, shrugging off the hand she had put on my wand arm.

“But do you know what I’m about to do?”

Again, she shook her head, her hair whipping around. “N-no.”

“I’m going to walk away from this.”

I heard Pansy give a huge sigh of relief beside me as I lowered my wand, pocketing it. I fumbled in my coat pockets for a moment, then extracted Granger’s wand and threw it to the ground in front of her. She collapsed in front of it and put a hand to her white and clammy forehead as she stared at the ground. Pansy ran over to her, heels clicking on the cobblestones and took Granger’s shoulders and helped her up.

She made sure that Granger could stand and walk by herself before going back to walk with me, leading us to her home. She was unnaturally cold towards me for the rest of the walk until a small apartment building on the edge of town came into view. No one spoke before we got there. Pansy muttered an incantation that was the key and the door unlocked itself and she opened it. We went up the stairs and took the first door on the right. Again, she muttered a spell and there was a barely audible click as the door was unlocked.

We walked into her small flat and saw a small living area and a kitchen opposite us, across the small dining area. A small hallway led away from the living area which I supposed led to the bedroom and bathroom. Pansy threw her coat onto a chair near the door and slipped her shoes off and put on a pair of flats and walked over to the wireless. As soon as it clicked on, she turned to glance at us, her guests, and, seeing our blank looks, shrugged.

“Old habits die hard,” she said, almost apologetically. “Come in; just take off your shoes first.”

Yeah, I thought as I glanced at Granger as she unlaced her tennis shoes, me dragging mine off, not bothering to unlace them. Old habits…and feelings…do die hard.

“I’ll be right back. Stay here and make yourselves comfortable,” Pansy said as she disappeared down the hallway I thought her bedroom was down.

We spent a few awkward moments standing in the living room and taking our turns clearing our throats nervously. Granger wouldn’t meet my eyes and I wouldn’t meet hers, but I tried. We seemed to miss each other’s gaze. I heard her take a breath as if she was about to speak so I turned to her.

I had never noticed before that her eyes were purple and by the look in her eyes she had never noticed mine were either. I had seen that mine were a light shade of purple when we had stopped in a restaurant to wash ourselves up as best we could after its closing hours, the night of her attack. The alarm went off unexpectedly so we had to leave quickly, without the much wanted and needed showers. We would have shut the alarm off with magic, but the owners apparently lived upstairs and we heard them coming down.

She squirmed and I realized that I was staring at her. Promptly, I looked away and put my hands in my pockets just as Pansy came back in the room, changed from her work clothes of a short black dress that vaguely resembled a French maid’s outfit to a pair of jeans that were dark and rode low on her hips and a long-sleeve dark purple shirt that was skintight and went well above her midriff, about two-inches below her bust. Her hair was up and it looked as if she charmed it because it looked a different color than when I last saw it, or perhaps it was the light that made it look different. I was surprised that I wasn’t turned-on by seeing her so provocatively clad. Maybe I had lost the ability to be after my transformation, but I don’t know.

She came in carrying an armload of clothes, all dark colors, except I chanced a glimpse at something white near the bottom of the pile. There were a lot of green, black and other colors; I noticed that gold and red were nowhere near each other; let alone on the same garment. Good old Slytherin Pansy.

Dropping the pile unceremoniously onto the table in the middle of the room she heaved a sigh and put a loose hair behind her ear and began rifling through the stack and gave us each a pile of clothes, both Granger and I holding them, caught off guard by the brusqueness of which she handed us the garments.

Putting that hair behind her ear again as she stood straight up again, she said, “Draco, you can use my bathroom which is through my bedroom, the single wood door and Granger, you can use my bedroom to change. It’s the door on the right. I’ve already charmed all the windows back there for you so don’t worry about the sun rising or anything; while you’re in there I’ll fix the rest of the windows in my apartment. If you want you can shower and get that…gunk off of you. Go on, scoot; hop to it.” She waved her hands at us as if she was impatient.

We followed her orders like obedient little dogs, getting handed our half of the pile and going into the short hallway and into the door we found on the right. I saw the crest of Slytherin immediately upon entering on her black silk bedspread. The room was totally Pansy. Spiderweb nets to hold her favorite stuffed animals high in the corners of her room, consisting of a bear I gave her in third year, a snake that draped out as if it was preparing to spring and a few other ghastly toys any child would cry over. The walls were black and on the bedside table, along with a clock with the planets, Pluto missing since recent research, and other heavenly bodies, was a picture of the two of us in the snow a few months before Hogwarts started and a more solemn photo of the two of us in fifth year. I sighed as I saw the younger, happier memory was in front of the more recent. Another showed her and some dark male I didn’t recognize.

I strode into the black tile bathroom and proceeded to turn on the shower so I could try on the clothes she had given me without dirtying them.

*^*Hermione’s POV*^* & slight FLASHBACK to living room

I’m in Pansy’s apartment. Let me let that sink in for a moment.

So here I am, in her living area, not bound and gagged, hexed or close to death or any other similar circumstance I thought I would be under to go into the home of one of my enemies. Freaky.

She just left us, Draco and I that is, to ourselves in her living room, waiting for her to return. We stood in silence, not bothering to lock eyes. I felt very uncomfortable, considering that he had just been given the chance to kill me on a golden platter. I could feel him looking at me every few seconds. I thought about breaking the ice a few times, but the notion never made it very far because I didn’t know what to say. Finally, I decided to ask him about his father, and took a deep breath to stop the shaking that was sure to be in my voice.

He looked at me the same instant that I turned to him and I felt my eyes lock onto his. His eyes glassed over slightly, as if he was thinking in another time and place then where we were. When I tried to move my gaze, I couldn’t, feeling as if he had cast a spell over me, though I was pretty sure that he didn’t know that he was doing it.

His eyes cleared and he shook his head as if to clear it, looking away from me and putting his hands in his pockets, examining Pansy’s living room. After a few moments, I heard the soft padding of Pansy’s shoes as she returned with an armload of clothes. I glanced down at them and saw that the majority was black, though I caught a glimpse of some white at the bottom and felt my ears turn pink.

When she dumped them, I saw the outfit that she was wearing and silently raised an eyebrow but kept my mouth shut and shrugged to myself; I had no control over what she wore, but there was this clenching feeling in my stomach that felt an awful lot like a little green monster by the name of jealousy getting ready to throw a temper tantrum, and that I didn’t understand either.

She put a few of her pageboy-short hairs behind her ear and stood up, folding her arms across her chest, then looking to us.

“Draco, you can use my bathroom which is through my bedroom, the single wood door and Granger, you can use my bedroom to change. It’s the door on the right. I’ve already charmed all the windows back there for you so don’t worry about the sun rising or anything; while you’re in there I’ll fix the rest of the windows in my apartment. If you want you can shower and get that…gunk off of you. Go on, scoot; hop to it.” She waved her hands at us as if she was impatient.

We filed out orderly, each taking the half of the pile she handed us to put on; Draco the top half and myself the bottom, Draco going first. Pansy stopped me for a moment and slipped the white and slightly lacy “items” that I had seen before into the middle of my pile and then gave me a light push to get me going again.

Once in the room I couldn’t help but smile at how Pansy it was with the Slytherin bedspread and black walls. As Draco slipped into the door that led to the bathroom, I saw the three pictures that were on her nightstand and giggled despite myself at the sight of a Draco Malfoy that couldn’t be much more than ten years old, cheeks pink with cold and happiness and a Pansy that was his dark-haired feminine twin, despite the dark hair. I sighed as I saw the much gloomier photo behind it, Draco and Pansy looking tense and under stress. She must not like that picture much, as it was behind the younger one. Pansy must have kept it because it was the last photo she had of her and him together before…well, before he went to join the Dark Lord. The last had her and some unknown man with dark hair at some kind of carnival having the time of their lives. The occupants of the snow picture and the carnival photograph waved amiably at me, while the ones in the other one with Draco stood stock-still, their faces solemn.

I heard the shower running and shrugged, wishing that I could perform magic and do a simple cleaning charm on myself. Malfoy came out about ten minutes later, his hair dry and new clothes on. He wore a nylon gym bag on his back stuffed with what I supposed were his other clothes. I nodded to him as he went out and into the living room with Pansy and I went in and slipped out of my dirty clothes and into the shower.

It felt so good to be under the hot water, using a bit of Pansy’s shampoo to wash my hair. It smelled of water lilies and ginger ale, two of my favorite scents, thinking it odd that we would both like something as unimportant as a scent. After drying myself off with a towel found in a cupboard, I dried my hair, wrapping a towel around myself and knotting my hair up in one. I didn’t bother clearing off the steamed mirror, knowing I wouldn’t see myself anyways. As soon as I was completely dry, back length hair and all, I went back into the bedroom, my bare feet feeling good in the plush carpet.

Being the neat freak that I was, I quickly sorted out the clothes into piles of pants, shirts, and skirts, putting the rest in another pile. I picked up the first shirt off the pile, seeing that it was a nice and deep burgundy color long-sleeve tee with no decoration whatsoever that was a spandex type of material and clung to me like a second skin. I slipped it on and put on a pair of flare dark indigo blue jeans with gold patterns that rode lower on my hips than I would like, but kept them on anyway. The rest of the shirts consisted of two identical black long-sleeve spandex tees, exactly like the burgundy one, a heather gray one, again of the same material, and a button down, pinstriped black dress shirt with thin red stripes. There were a few other pairs of pants; one other pair of jeans, this time a bit lighter, but not much, and a pair of pants that looked as if she had taken it right out of a gothic vampire movie, or the Muggle store Hot Topic, just not so flared, and dressy black pants. She had really gone all out with the black and red theme.

There was a black, thigh-length trench coat on the bottom and when I tried it on, it fit so perfectly, it was if it had been tailored for me. I was pleased that it had pockets on the inside and out and had red stitching throughout. On one of the inside pockets were patches that I could sew on it, or the jeans; a Hogwarts crest, a Gryffindor crest, and a few other random patches that I thought were wild, in a good way, like a purple flame and a caricature of a fire salamander.

On the bed I saw a black pair of boots that had a note stuck to them. Removing the slip of paper, I read the note that was scrawled in Pansy’s handwriting.

These shoes were made for me in Diagon Alley at the shoe shop by the owner. She charmed them so whenever you think about a certain pair of shoes, that’s what they’ll be. I bought three pairs, and have never bought any shoes since. They automatically repair themselves, too, and if your feet grow or shrink, so will the shoes. This pairs is for you, Granger. Draco also gets a pair.

A bit skeptical, I slipped on one of them, knowing that Pansy’s shoe size would be a bit smaller than my own. I felt a little tightness at first, but then it expanded so that my foot fit in it perfectly. I had to admit that they were the best shoes that I had ever worn, comfort wise.

Folding up the clothes that I wouldn’t take from her, like one of the black tees identical to the burgundy one, and the Hot Topic pants, I folded them neatly on the bedspread. Noticing a nylon bag similar to Draco’s but with a Gryffindor crest instead of his Slytherin, I put the other items in that, including the boots and trenchcoat. It seemed that it was a charmed bag because if it was not, half of the stuff that was in there wouldn’t fit.

Walking back out into the living room, setting the bag down next to my shoes I turned to where Pansy and Draco were having breakfast. They both stopped and looked at me funnily, staring at my head as I stood there awkwardly.

“What?” I asked, feeling worried. “Is something wrong?”

“Your hair,” Draco croaked out, his bite of cereal forgotten as his hand hug midway between mouth and bowl.

Pansy looked about ready to burst into giggles. “You didn’t use my shampoo, did you?”

“Was I not supposed to?”

Pansy merely smiled, still suppressing giggles as she pointed to the mirror above the mantle in the living room and cast a spell on it so that I could see my reflection. I gasped and ran a hand through my hair, something I hadn’t done after my hair had dried.

It was smooth and no longer looked snarled and bushy but shiny and wavy…and it was black. It was the same color as Pansy’s hair; black with natural looking red highlights. My skin looked a bit lighter than it did when I last saw it three days ago, but that was only because of the dark hair I now sported.

“I charm my shampoo so that whatever color hair matches me at the time, it is.” She giggled again, then said, “One morning, I was so tired and sick, my hair turned a greenish gray color sort of like puce before I charmed it back.”

“Interesting,” I said. “Very interesting.”

“I like the look on you,” she said. I raised an eyebrow at her to ask if she was serious. “No, it’s looks good, seriously. You being…well, you know, you being a vampire and all.”

“Yes,” I laughed hollowly, dragging my fingers through my hair without catching a single snarl. "Yes it does.”


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