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Harry Potter had grown up a lot even more after the defeat of Voldemort. Emotionally he had become a lot stronger and wiser. Looks wise he had grown taller, he had his black hair and green eyes. He was starring out the window of the Hogwarts Express heading to school for his final year. He could finally enjoy a year of school not worrying about Voldemort which of course left other things such as girls, school, and friends to be worried about but somehow he'd be able to manage. Just then his 2 support systems walked in.

"Hey Harry" said Hermione as she took a seat across from him. She had done her fair share of growing up too. She now had curves and brown beautiful hair which earned her constant stares from the guys.

"Hey Harry" said Ron as he sat next to Harry. He had grown and became a lot cuter. 

"So Hermione word on the moving bus is that you've been made Head Girl?" questioned Harry.

Hermione chuckled and then said "Yeah I have you wouldn't believe how proud my parents were when they found out. They literally wanted to buy me a 2 story house with a matching car on the side".

Ron and Harry both laughed. "Well congratulations Hermione. Have you found out who Head Boy is?" asked Ron

"Yes.........and if you could have seen my face when I found out you would of wanted to frame it and give it to the most depressed person in order to make them smile" joked Hermione.

"No" said Ron. "You don't mean......" added Harry
"'s Malfoy" said Hermione. "He did change sides when it came to the final battle" she added

Malfoy had changed sides during the final battle in order get him and his mom away from his dad. Malfoy finally had to end the hold Lucius had on his mom and him by finishing him off himself. Hermione had seen his face when it happened and could see that he was going to change. She hadn't seen him since but she knew when it came to Malfoy things were going to be quite different.

"So change of was your summer Ron?" asked Hermione

"Good Fleur and Bill are having a baby, Ginny can't seem to keep a guy longer than Snape could keep a smile.....thank god he's gone.....and I praciced quite a bit on my quidditch skills" said Ron

"How about you Hermione?" asked Ron

"Well I read my long list of books that I had been meaning to get to........big suprise there and I had a nice family reunion oh and just between you and me I go to an all girls school in Florida" whispered Hermione.

The trio burst out laughing

"So Harry how was your summer?" asked Hermione.
"Yeah I forgot to ask how did it feel knowing that you wouldn't have to be with the Dursleys anymore"? added Ron

"My was good" Harry said in a low tone. Harry's mind was suddenly filled with a flashback of his summer with her...........


Harry was sitting in his bedroom reading an old textbook when suddenly he heard Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon chattering away downstairs. He couldn't quite make out what they were saying only getting in the words "movers", "introduction", and "new family". Harry then heard a truck outside his window. He looked out to find a movers truck across the street. 

So a new family's moving in uh? Harry thought to himself. He could see a woman with brown curly hair and brown eyes wearing a black skirt with a purple top and a man with black gray hair wearing jeans with a gray shirt.

Great another couple for Petunia and Vernon to competer with for the best tv's, china plates, and authentic animal figures that are really made in China thought Harry
Just as he was about to continue his reading a girl his age stepped out of the car. In one of her ears was a hearing piece to an ipod. He couldn't see her face for he back was facing Harry, but she did have brown hair that was an inch past her shoulders. Harry was dying to see her face and just when he thought she was going to turn around she walked into her newly bought house.

"Dammit!!" Harry said aloud. "Doesn't she have to turn around to see the other houses surrounding hers i mean what kind of person doesn't do that when they first move in?"
he added to his ramblings. He then turned around and headed downstairs.

Aunt Petunia was making some muffins while Uncle Vernon was reading the newspaeper and Dudley was starring at the tv as if it were the answer to all his questions.

Harry scurried up to Uncle Dudley "Aren't you gonna introduce yourself to the new family next door?" asked Harry
"No why should we we've seen the car they came in it's obvious they don't have that new plasma tv so what's the need to take them cupcakes?" replied Vernon
"Don't you want them to think that you're absolutely a perfect normal family? I mean i can be weird at times and by introducing ourselves we'll give them no reason to think we're nuts or any other word in that category?" begged Harry before going over to Petunia to convince her.
"What if they spent all their money on that new elephant statue made from the world famous sculptor in Italy?" added Harry
"My god you're right Harry!!!! Vernon.....Dudley hurry up let's go over there and introduce ourselves at once" yelded Petunian. "Vernon grab those muffins and put them in a basket at once" demanded Petunian
"But Petunian dear i thought those were mine???" wined Vernon
"Vernon the future of a possibe elephant statue depends on those muffins!!!!!" yelded Petunia.....a vein at the center of her head was beginning to appear.
Frightened Vernon quickly grabbed the muffins and they all headed out the door

Petunia, Vernon, Harry and Dudley made their way across the street. 
"I want you to be the chatter box while I look to see if I can find the elephant, and Dudley you smile and Harry you act as normal as possible try hard Harry" said Petunia. Harry hoped that the girl he saw  would answer it but instead the man and woman that Harry saw did.

"Hello there" said the woman.
"Hello we're the Dursleys and we wanted to come over here and personally welcome you to the neighborhood" said Vernon
"No elephant" whispered Petunia
"Well we are the Aqua's.....I am Barbara and this is my husband Estevan" said the woman as her husband walked by. "My daughter Bianca is upstairs at the moment"
Harry was about to question her more about Bianca but then.
"Bit of an odd last name figures they couldn't afford an elephant sculpture" said Petunia
"I was just about to say the same thing about your last name" replied Barbara. "Are those muffins for us?" asked Barbara.
"Not if you think our last name is weird" snapped Petunia
"Then I guess you better keep them" Barbara replied calmly
"Well fine we will and incase you were wondering I'm Petunia, this is my husband Vernon, my son Dudley and my nephew Harry"  replied Petunia
"I wasn't really but thanks  anyways" said Barbara.
Both Petunia's and Venron's mouths were wide open "Well my looks like we won't be talking anytime soon" snapped Petunia
"This day just keeps getting better and better" Barbara calmly replied once again
Grunts and puffs were the only sounds that Vernon and Petunia made as they truned their backs on Barbara and headed home with Dudley running back, figures he's do excersise just to get back to his precious tv.

Harry stayed behind and said to Barbara "I'm sorry my relatives were rude to you I'd like to personally apologize for their behavior by offering to cut your grass for you" he was dying to see Bianca's face and it was obvious that using his family was not the right approach.
"Well you do see different than them" said Barbara
"Oh way different i mean more like........." he was trying to think of more synonms of different....."yeah let's go with different but in a good way of course" Harry said.
Barbara smiled and said "Don't worry I get it you're different from them if you could start now I'd greatly appreciate it. The lawn mower is on the side of the house"
"Thank you" Harry said and scurried to the side of the house as he was trying to figure out how he was going to get inside the house. He could lie and say he had to use the restroom and that his uncle and cousin just ate chocolate which can go bad with their stomachs and that it might be hours before the stench died down.Or he could work up a sweat and ask for a drink but before he could come up with more ideas he heard a radio being played above his head and then he saw her.

Bianca had beautiful brown eyes and a lovely face, but before he could take in her stunning looks she turned away.
Harry looked to left and saw a ladder he placed it so that he could reach her window. As he thinks about it now he was lucky she didn't have her parents call the cops on him. Harry climbed up the ladder and took a peak into her room. He couldn't believe that the movers had moved everything in so quickly.
Her walls were painted gray blue and she had tons of books in her room and a table with a light on it and posters of dogs but before Harry could look around more...

"HEY!!!!!" shouted someone
Harry was startled and began falling backwards when he was pulled forward by Bianca.
"What have you suddenly decided to become my personal stalker??" she asked
She was even more beautiful up close Harry thought
"Hello in there?" Bianca said
"Oh yeah sorry my name's Harry....." he said
"Yeah I didn't ask for your name that's what the police do stalker" she said still holding onto him by his shirt......their faces were just inches apart.
"Do the police also hold people by their shirts?" questioned Harry
"The good ones do" said Bianca still not letting go "You still haven't answered my question".
"Oh right you see my aunt and uncle introduced themselves in their usual we-don't-see-an-expesive-elephant-statue-in-your-house-so-we're-gonna-be-rude-way so I decided to make it up to your mom by offering to cut the grass" he replied
"So you automatically assumed that there would be grass in my room?" said Bianca
"No" he said. "You're really enjoying holding onto my shirt aren't you? added Harry
"No but you really enjoy looking for grass in my room don't you?" replied Bianca and she finally let go which saddened Harry and strangley Bianca found herself saddened by this too.
"So you like to read uh?" asked Harry
"Yeah I do" she said "You know I'm not sure that stalkers and their stalkies talk much isn't there usually like a silent weird connection??" Bianca added
"Well how about new friends? Do they talk?" asked Harry 
At first she didn't respond and there was a short pause.
"Yeah they do" Bianca replied
They both smiled knowing that this was the start of something great.


Harry missed her so much the way they used to talk the way even their silence had a way of speaking to eachother but mainly he missed the sound of her laugh.

"Hey Harry you ok?" asked Ron when he saw that Harry missed one of the muggle jokes that he had just told from a book his Dad brought him.
"Yeah I hope so" he whispered "What did I miss?" he asked
Ron and Hermione shared a look of worry but decide to let him come to them and then Ron began to fill him in on the knock knock joke

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