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Here's a nice long one, sorry for the wait.

"Bloody Hell…" I muttered painfully. My head was pounding. One word. Hangover. I didn't even know where I was. I looked around, bleary eyed and recognized the walls to be that of one of our rooms in our tent. 'At least I know I'm in our tent…' I thought to myself. I sudden draft made me shiver involuntarily, which I didn't expect, so I looked down… 

My chest was completely bare. No shirt, no nothing. The alcohol in my system was seriously slowing me down. I moved the covers a bit to realize I was completely naked…'Why?…' I thought to myself. That's when suddenly all my sense seemed to come back. That or I was finally awake. 

First I pulled the sheets up to cover my chest, then looked around the room, and upon realizing where I was, I felt complete shock. I looked over to the other bed in the room and saw Braeden and a blonde headed girl. 'Damn… that means I'm in their room.' I looked to my right, already half way noticing what I was going to find. 

There beside me in bed lay an unclothed Oliver, sleeping completely unaware of the events that had occurred the previous night in the very bed in which we lay. 

'Damn…' Was my final thought before lying back down in bed with my back to Oliver. I fell asleep and whilst I slept, and he too was asleep, Oliver arm snaked around mine, and that was how we were found an hour later, wrapped in each others arms, by… 


"Oi, Fallon, wake up," Braeden ordered in a stern whisper. I opened my eyes slowly. Luckily, Braeden had the brains to get dressed first. For the record, yes, I do know for a fact I slept with Oliver. I won't explain how, but lets say I was virgin before and I'm in a bit of pain. That is all I'm going into though. 

"What Braeden?" I asked tiredly. 

"Look around you," Braeden ordered. 

"Braeden, I already know where I am," I yawned. 

"What the hell?" Braeden asked. 

"I woke up really early this morning and saw myself, Oliver, you, and that blonde, and I realized it was too early and I had a hangover, so I went back to sleep," I explained calmly. 

"In the same bed as Oliver?" Braeden asked incredulously. 

"Okay, I wasn't, and still aren't dressed, and I had a hangover. Besides, we obviously did a lot more than sleep last night anyway," I replied with a sigh. 

"Bloody Hell…" Braeden shook his head. 

"Look, you know our parents and half of this these camp grounds have hangovers right now. Go take a shower, then I will, then we'll wake this two up. Calm down though, alright?" 

"Alright…but Fallon, do you know who that girl is?" Braeden asked. 

"No, I assumed you did? Don't tell me you don't…" 

"I was piss drunk," Braeden replied. 

"Yeah. At least I know the name of who I slept with," I tried to lighten the mood. 

Braeden turned, and gave me a sad smile then kept walking. I lied down again with a heavy sigh. Today was not going to be easy…

About ten minutes later, Braeden came back and tapped me on the shoulder. I had closed my eyes again in his absence. 

"You're turn Fallon. I'm going to see if I can figure out who that girl is," Braeden ordered and told. 

I nodded tiredly. Oliver and the girl were still asleep. Oliver was completely drunk last night, that's why he was still asleep, but I didn't know about the girl. I grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom. I took a short cold shower to wake myself up. After I dressed, I explored the rooms of the tent to discover that indeed our parents had yet to wake up. 

I walked back to Oliver and Braeden's room to find Braeden just sitting in a chair staring at his bed. 

"Braeden?" I asked cautiously. 

"I know who she is Fallon," He murmured. 

"Who?" I asked carefully. 

"Do you remember when we younger we would visit some of Oliver's relatives near Dublin?" Braeden asked. (Dublin is in Ireland for those of you don't know. 

"Yeah, but I don-" I cut myself off. 

"You don't mean this is little Emilia we used to play with do you?" I asked 

"Yea, look at her face and you'll know for yourself," Braeden replied. I did as he said and looked at the girl's face. It was older than it once was, but I could tell he was right, this was Emilia. Her bright blonde hair, rosy skin, there was no doubt looking at her now. 

"How did she get here though?" I asked. 

"I don't know. I guess she and her parents were down here for the cup and came over here right as everyone became too drunk to remember anything," Braeden guessed. 

"Well, no one is up, I checked, so lets wake these two up, get them in the bathrooms. They won't wake anyone up, so one can use the hall bathroom and the other one can use the bathroom for this room." 

"Alright, but who do we wake up first?" Braeden asked. I thought for a moment before answering. 

"Emilia. I'd rather not have to explain that plus everything else to Oliver when he wakes up," I replied, also thinking how Oliver was probably going to be mad when he found out about it. 

"Alright," Braeden started to walk over to the bed before I stopped him. 

"Let me Braeden. You don't realize how terrifying it is for a girl to wake up in some bed that's not hers and she doesn't remember why," I explained. At least I recognized the room when I woke up. She wouldn't know a thing. 

I sat on the bed beside her and said quietly:
"Emilia, Emmy, wake up," I used the old nickname we gave her. Not surprising she didn't respond. 

I shook her shoulder a bit, which woke her. 

"What? Where am I?" She said drowsily. Then her eyes caught me. 

"Fallon!" She screeched," Its great to see you! Even if I don't quite know where I am." 

"Nice to see you too Emilia," I began. "You're in our tent, mine, Braeden's, and Oliver's. You, er, got drunk last night like the rest of us and ended up in bed with Braeden," I stated as calmly as I could. 

"You don't mean I 'slept' with him do you?" Emilia asked cautiously, putting emphasis on the slept, so it was obvious she did not mean falling asleep together. 

I nodded slowly and said, "We think you did… You were a virgin right?" I asked. Emilia nodded slowly. 

"Move around a bit and see what happens," I replied. She did while remaining covered, and the minute she moved her lower half she winced as a wave of slight pain hit. Meaning… 

"Bloody Hell," Emilia murmured and put her face in her hands. 

"Its alright Emmy, we're going to take care of everything. You're not alone. In the mean time, you can go and take a shower, and I'll loan you some clothes. We're gonna take care of this," I murmured comfortingly. 

"Alright, where's the bathroom?" Emilia said with a bit of strength 

"The doors right there," I pointed to the door next to the closet. She started to get up, but I pushed her back down gently. 

"Wait just a second," I explained and showed her with my eyes that Braeden was still here. Emilia's face flushed red, and she waited for me to return with a robe. Braeden looked away as Emilia wrapped it around herself and hurried to the bathroom. I heard the water start and I began to gather some clothes for Emilia. 

"That could have gone a lot worse," I commented to Braeden 

"Yeah, I guess," He replied. I put the clothes in the bathroom for Emilia, and then returned to the bedroom. 

"One more person," I commented 

"Yeah, a person who's not going to take it badly," Braeden thought aloud. I chose not to reply to that comment. Braeden then got up and went somewhere else, but didn't say where. 

I sat on the bed next to Oliver and shook his shoulder. He woke without much fight. 

"Morning Oliver," I greeted with a smile. 

"Morning Fal," Oliver greeted sleepily. "Man, I've got a horrible-" I cut him off 

"Hangover, I know. Look Oliver, I'll explain everything to you once your awake, but in the mean time go take a shower. 

"Mmm? What?" Oliver murmured. I rolled my eyes thinking of the best and quickest way to wake him up. 

"Oliver you need to go take a shower because while we were both completely drunk, we slept together, so I don't imagine you're horribly clean," I said calmly. It took a moment to sink in, but when it did… 

"WHAT?!?" Oliver shot up, to be sitting up. 

"Last night, we got drunk and accidentally slept together," I repeated. 

"Bloody hell," Oliver muttered. 

"Exactly, now go take a shower. Hall bathroom, someone's already in the one in here. Don't worry, everyone else is still asleep, other than Braeden," I explained. I got up to grab a towel or something for Oliver. Just as I was turning around with the towel, I saw that Oliver wasn't in bed. 

"Eww! Oliver, you couldn't have waited five seconds?" I turned around hurriedly. 

He came up behind me and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, "Its not like you have seen me before." Then burst out laughing. 

"Yeah Oliver, but I was drunk, now put the towel on," I ordered. I kept my back turned until I was sure he was covered. 

"Thank you," I said with an attitude. Oliver just rolled his eyes and gave me a peck on the check. As he left, I raised a hand to my face where Oliver's lips had just been. Maybe, just maybe, I was right. Maybe Oliver was beginning to see me for more. 

I went and found Braeden who was picking up the outer rooms. I already knew he was thinking. If the tent were clean, our parents would feel better when they woke up. Or they would take a hangover potion. Either way it would work. 

"So, what did you tell Oliver?" Braeden asked. 

"Well, he wouldn't wake up, so I blurted out that we slept together and he bolted right-" I was cut off by two screams. 'Oliver and Emilia, damn it!' 

"C'mon," I ordered and hurried back to the bedroom 

"BLOODY HELL OLIVER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Emilia yelled in surprise.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Oliver yelled back. 

"Both of you quiet. And sit down," I commanded. They sat on the edge of Braeden's bed. "Emilia, remember when I told you that you weren't alone? Well, I meant it. See, I ended up in bed with Oliver when you ended up in bed with Braeden," I explained slowly. 

"WHAT?!?!?" Oliver and Emilia yelled at the same time. 

"You slept with my cousin?" Oliver yelled. 

"You slept with my sister!" Braeden retorted. I rolled my eyes and replied to both of them by saying: 

"Shut up the lot of you. Emilia and I accidentally slept with relatives of both of you. Got it? Moving on. Now that most of the tent is cleaned up, we need to strip down the beds. The sheets need to be washed, as well as the blankets, and any other bedding. Got it? Good." They followed the commands wordlessly and we took the linens plus the clothes we'd been wearing the night before and put them in the washer. Then we ate lunch and the parents appeared, looking refreshed. Two words: hangover potion. 

"Hello children. I suspect your morning was rather unpleasant. Sorry for not bringing extra hangover potion," My mother greeted cheerily. 

Over lunch Oliver, Braeden, Emilia and I decided we needed to have a word with our parents as soon as possible. 

"G' afternoon kids," My father greeted. The Woods came out a bit later, and we told everyone that Emilia was here, which lead to the question we'd wanted to hear: 

"So Emma," Ms. Wood began, "it’s a pleasure to see you of course, but if you don't mind my asking, well, why are you here exactly."

"About that…" Emilia began. 

"Um, Mum, Ms. Wood, could we have a word in private with you?" I recovered. 

"Of course darlings," They replied. We followed them to the master bedroom, which was now clean, and we sat on the bed. 

"So what is it?" My mother asked. 

"Well, you know we all got really drunk last night right?" I asked 

"Yeah…" My mother said cautiously 

"Well, we sort of," Emilia began 

"Ended up in bed with some guys," I finished, praying the understood. From the now grave look on their faces, they did. 

"Well, who?" Ms. Wood asked shortly. 

"Well er…" I began. Emilia just looked helpless. I knew I'd need to go first. "I woke up next to…Oliver," I said quietly. 

"Braeden," Emilia added equally quiet. The two women just shook their heads. 

"Well, are you sure?" Ms. Wood finally asked. 

"Yeah. See…" Emilia began and broke off. 

"We were both virgins, and you know how it can hurt, and if we didn't both take painkillers it would hurt to move now," I finished. 

"Luckily we have a spell for this," Ms. Wood sighed. 

"Also lucky, we know Braeden and Oliver are like you," My mother added, referring to the virginity thing. This brought very small smiles to our faces. 

"Okay, you need to lay on the bed, and pull your shirts up to show your stomachs," My mother ordered. We did so, pulling our shirts up to just below our chests.
Mother stood over me, and Ms. Wood over Emilia, at the same time they muttered the word, "Fecundity." And pressed their wands to our stomach. After about a minute, a tingle was felt on our stomachs and some words appeared. They were upside down to us, but our mothers read them, and my mother took on a grave expression. 

"Not pregnant," Ms. Wood gave a reassuring smile to Emilia. 

"Hunny, your pregnant," My mother whispered comfortingly and gave me a hug. 

I hugged her back, but I refused to cry. I took a deep breath and gathered my strength. 

"Mother, Ms. Wood, I would like it if we could not tell Oliver this." 

"Dear, he has a right to know," My mother commented 

"Yes, but if he were to know, he would feel guilty. He won't try for the professional Quidditch leagues, and I'd never forgive myself. That is where he belongs." 

"You do too though Fallon. We'll help take care of the baby when you need the help, but you can't give up on your dreams," pushed Ms. Wood. 

"Okay, but I still want to wait to tell Oliver until things are right between us. Right now we are hovering somewhere between friends, and something new. If he finds out, he'll probably propose right on the spot, but I want things to happen naturally." 

"Okay Fallon, you can wait, but you're going to have to tell him," Ms. Wood said firmly. 

"Of course." We walked out to the room where the men were. From the looks on the faces, my father wanting to strangle Oliver (in looks) it was obvious the boys had told everything. That meant they would know what we'd been doing. 

I gave a face smile and lied, "Neither of us are pregnant." 

A look of relief spread across the room. I only wish I could share in it. I put on a false face of relief. A lie. I lied a lie that would eventually change Oliver's life and mine forever. 'Great…Way to go Fallon. You're starting the little scrap of something you call a relationship with Oliver a lie. Perfect, just perfect.'

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