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Thanks to Redemption for the awesome pic!! Beta'd by MegElemental

.:Chapter 3:.

Lily fixed the button of her suit as she walked into the kitchen. As she stepped over the threshold, she looked over towards to find James staring quietly out of it at the dark gray sky, not noticing that his wife was right behind him. Lily looked down at the neat-cut black suit he was wearing along with newly polished black shoes.

Lily pulled out a chair, and when its feet rubbed against the floor, James snapped out of his long and quiet trance. He turned around to her, showing her a small depressed-looking smile.

Lily didn’t know what made her notice, probably the fact that everything seemed like a play but for the first time ever, the ‘Palace’ had a dead silence about it that was unknown to the usual buzzing and happy house.

Lily looked down at the folded up 'Morning Prophet’ in front of her on the table, she could just make out half of Neville’s face on the front page, the rest of the toddler was folded up underneath…

Alice and Lily clung onto each others arms, as the congregation followed the two small wooden white boxes through the black iron gates and into the graveyard, one of the boxes was being carried between James and Sirius, the other one was carried by Frank and Lupin.

James could be seen shaking his head slightly, while muttering something to himself tears streaming down his face.

Some of the men that turned up to the funeral, walked up beside him and offered to carry the coffin for him, but he would just reply with a simple ‘no’. Lily had a feeling that if James let go of the coffin and stopped carrying his son for the last trip, he would completely shatter into a million pieces- he did everything with Harry and he wasn’t going to stop until it was time to say the final goodbye.

Everyone was silent as they walked past tombstone after tombstone, their shoes making small splashing noises as they hit off the wet tarmac.

When the crowd arrived at the back of the graveyard, they walked up beside two small but deeply dug ditches. Lily sat down on one of the black chairs on the front row of seats, beside the graves and Alice sat down beside her, not letting go of her arm.

Lily watched as James and Sirius stood on either side of the coffin and slowly started to lower the coffin into the dark earth of one of the pits, both of them crying in unison, making their eyes red and puffy.

Lily stared at the tears that ran down her husband’s face, and her body started shaking as she tried her best to hold in the tears, but it was no use, her face and everywhere else was hurting too much from crying and she had no energy to fight, the tears ran smoothly down her cheeks.

After James stared at the coffin for a second, he sat down beside Lily and wrapped his muscular arm around her. Lily moved closer to him and leaned her head on his shoulder.

The priest began to say the mass but to Lily, it was just a mumble of sound as she sat in silence, staring down at the ditch and listening to her husband’s deep voice as he answered the prayers, and she thought to herself…

No mother should have to bury their child…

Lily shook hands with the number of people who were given their condolences, placing a forced smile on her face and responding to them with a ‘thank you’.

James was never far off from where Lily was in the restaurant and whenever she would sit down he was over in a second, asking if she wanted anything to drink. Lily, even though she sounded irritated when she answered him, was very grateful for this, as she didn’t want to feel like she was left out.

Sirius was in the toilets for most of the time, Lily only seeing him three times over the course of a couple of hours. Lupin had to go in once or twice to check up on him and the news that Sirius was repeatedly regurgitating down the smelly opening of a toilet spread around the crowd- and it wasn’t from food poison.


Lily looked up from her gazing of her hands, just to see the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge walk up to her, a brown bag in his hand.

“I’m really sorry,” he said sadly and he kissed Lily softly on each cheek. “Here, it’s just something small,” he said handing over the bag.

“Thanks,” Lily said weakly taking the bag out off the minister’s grip and placing it down on the ground beside her feet, not even bothering to look inside it to see what it was. Fudge gave her a sad smile, before turning around and walking off and disappearing into the crowd.

Lily sighed and watched as her husband walked her way, two glasses in his hands.

“Here,” he said, placing one of the tall glasses on the circular wooden table in front of Lily, and he sat down beside her.

Lily watched as Lupin walked out from where the toilets were, supporting a ghostly coloured Sirius, who was barely able to walk.

“He was never any good when it came to funerals,” James explained, and Lily gave him a small but sad smile. “I was surprised when he carried the coffin, I had a feeling he was going to faint,” he placed his rough, masculine hand on top Lily’s, making her look up into his eyes.

“I got you something,” he said. Lily turned to watch as he reached into the pocket of his suit and pulled out a red-velvet box. He handed it over to her. Lily gently took it of him and prized the box open.

Inside was a silver heart-shaped locket, with ‘HP’ decoratively engraved into its smooth face.

Lily lifted it out and clicked it open, inside was a small picture of her baby, and when the picture of Harry started giggling at something that could not be seen, the laughs echoed out softly. Tears filled up the bottom of Lily’s eyes and ran down her cheeks as the giggles reached her ears.

“Thanks honey. I love it,” she whispered, rubbing the tears away with her thumb.

Lily looked around at James to find tears running down his cheeks as he stared at her and he didn’t rub them away as he kissed her on the cheek…

After the pub, Lily was up in the bedroom, brushing her long red hair as she stared at herself in the mirror. When she got her hair knot-free, she placed the brush onto her dresser and climbed into bed.

James was currently downstairs fixing himself a ‘James Potter Sandwich’ which consisted of two sandwiches squashed together, with anything and everything James could find in the kitchen.

Lily pulled the blankets higher over her and tucked the end of it under her chin, she fumbled for a minute before pulling her hand out from underneath the blanket, the locket in the middle of her fist, she looked at it and something caught her eye, and she twisted it around to see a small sentence that she hadn’t notice before engraved into the back of the heart-

[i]Don’t cry mummy, I’m only gone for a little while-
[/i] Harry.

Lily rubbed away the tear, which fell from her eye. She placed the locket beside her ear, and gently opened it.

The laughter was the sweetest lullaby she had ever heard and it made her whole body feel relaxed as she fell asleep…

“Harry!” Lily said panic-stricken, she looked around her, and saw that she was back in the kitchen. James was standing in front of her, his face twisted in confusion as to why his wife had just said their son’s name.

Lily didn’t have to think as she pushed James aside and ran towards the front door. She pushed the door open and as expected she saw Harry standing in the middle of the garden his back turned to her. Lily could see a dark figure hovering just inside the large gate to the Palace.

“No!!” Lily bellowed, and without hesitation she jumped down the steps and sprinted forward, towards her son. She grabbed hold of him and twirled around, blocking him from the figure.

“Avada Kedavra!” was bellowed and the green light which followed, blinded Lily, as she covered her son, her body feeling like it was repeatedly getting sliced into pieces, she let an agonizing scream escape her lips.

She watched from the sidelines as she fell like a doll onto the stone-covered path. Harry screaming as he untangled himself form his mummy.

“Lily!” James’s voice reached her ears and Lily turned to see her husband run down the steps and fall to his knees beside her lifeless form, he picked her head up in his hands.

“Lily!! Lily, please no!” he begged, tears streaming down his face as he cuddled her head against his chest.

Lily watched, her heart up in her throat as Harry waddled over on his small legs and hugged his daddy’s arm…

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